Friday, March 11, 2011

Diagnosis - tonsillitis and bronchitis

V and I took the babies to the doctor yesterday.

They were crazy kids, crying and wailing when she tried to examine them, poor things.

The doc and her 5th year medical student assistant (this girl looked about 16 and so I realised that I'm getting old!) were amazed at how much K & C are talking.

I never quite know what to say in response to these things and I don't want to discount their talking by being dismissive, so I just say, "er, yes, they do talk quite a bit".

They must have been comfortable with the doctor because they're usually a bit quiet when they meet people for the first time.

We got their prescriptions and I took them all straight home (all 400 m down the road - literally! I checked my odometer) because the babies were getting cranky and needed to nap.

Here's the part where I think I'm oh-so-clever.

I checked the medicine in the fridge against the prescription and saw that we had 3 of the 6 things they needed!

Yay - and enough to last them through this whole bout of illness.

D has a really selective memory and I always freak out when he buys duplicate bottles of medicine because

a) I hate wasting money
b) you can't return medicine
c) I hate finding place to store unnecessary things

He does this regularly for his own stuff and has done the same with the babies, at least twice.

Don't you think it's a good idea to keep an inventory of medicines with you? I think it's a fantastic idea!

So I only spent R475 on medicines.

(I say only to cheer myself up.)

Here's the part that relates to the shopping.

I needed to get back to work for 3 back-to-back meetings (in the end, I skipped the first to prepare a presentation for the 2nd one) so I faxed through the prescription and went to collect it after work.

Big mistake.

Next time I'll just go in the middle of the day.

People are so rude, the shops are so full and it is just Not Fun.

Since I was there, I took all the cans of Nutren Jr on the shelf, all 8 of them. R5 off per can since last time. Don't sneeze at that - we go through a can every 2 - 2.5 days so that's almost an extra can (free) for the month.

Last night Kendra vomited twice before 9 pm (and she calls ME to come see to her!) because she had a high temperature again (38.6!).

Today they're looking better but the noses are still pouring.


And you know how I hate cancelling appointments but I'm afraid I will have to cancel a lunch date with good friends of ours. I can't very well welcome them into The House of Sick as D has also succumbed to the illness.

On the bright side, maybe I can escape for an hour or so tomorrow to do some errands.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

P.S. This is the post I had to retype that blogger lost yesterday. I hope I learn from my mistake and copy before hitting publish post!


  1. Oh no! Seems as though there are laods of illnesses going around. My boy had gastro :( Hope K & C feel better real soon - must suck to have 2 sick ones at once...

    Your medical inventory is such a great idea! I have duplicate bottles of everything on the counter and in the fridge... Must remember this for next time :)

  2. Good Luck with your sick children. It's never ever "lekker" when they are sick.
    Plans for our weekend: Just rest after a series of 7 days of sick people. Just rest.

  3. Shame man. I hope the babies are on the mend and that they will be back to their old selves very soon.
    I also make the mistake of buying medicine that I already have more than enough of. My paed is really good though and asks if I still have some xy or z medicine. My GP never does this.
    I have no real plans this weekend except to go and weigh tomorrow and to go to the post office and to pnp. This will all be happening nice and early so I can rest. I have loads of admin and reading to catch up with so I'll probably spend the rest of the weekend doing this. Oh, and I have to help my Tween study. He is writing exams for the whole of next week.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. My only plan is to survive. Aaron's away for the weekend with work.

    We don't pay for meds, they are covered through our insurance so I never think twice about it. And I'm also super glad because the shots Ryan got daily for a week or so after each round of chemo were supposedly like $1200 each!

  5. Hi sweetie! Sorry I've been absent for so long. You'd be so proud of me though!!! We've been having lots of fun and working on our goals. I have my first piano recital tomorrow. I'm playing Jingle Bells!!! With two hands.

    I hope the babies feel better soon!!!

  6. So sorry your babes are sick! I know how difficult that makes life for the whole family. I truly hope they get well soon.
    I also hate to cancel appointments, but had to do so last month when I came down with walking pneumonia.

  7. My son has tonsillitis too! I was at Walgreens filling his meds, it took me two hours! While it was nice to sit down and read a magazine, we didn't eat dinner until 8 pm because I spent so much time at the store.
    I hope your kiddos feel better soon!

  8. I hate when Blogger eats my posts...I freak out!

    So sorry you guys are's the worst, but kudos on the meds!

    Yes, the general public is Not're absolutely right.


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