Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few things and Weigh-Less

1. The night before last, our land-line rang at about 12.30 - 1 AM (so D tells me because I was kind of sleepwalking at the time). Apparently I jumped out of bed, lifted the phone without putting it to my ear, slammed it down and then took it off the hook. I then jumped back into bed.

I'm only slightly embarrassed that I didn't even bother to find out if it was a real call. But then again, I was totally unaware of even doing all that.

2. I have 3 back-to-back meetings later, a total of 5 hours of listening to people talk. I'm going to have to create toilet breaks to stay awake. Or do what I usually do, which is write lists of things to blog about. If I'm not actively participating (I prefer running them, actually), I get verrrrry bored.

3. Kyle (personal trainer) has resigned. I think there are issues there because the PTs keep getting switched around which is messing with MY goals. I feel like I lose a week every time I switch trainers because So I've emailed the manager.

4. I don't think I've lost a single gram over the last month and am seriously thinking of joining Weigh-Less. Scrap that - I've just phoned up the group leader in my area and I will be there on Saturday morning (eek!) for my first weigh-in. Again, paying money just kills me but I know the stuff and am not doing it .... sadly, I need to pay for accountability.

5. I'm going to do a blogging challenge, not on this one (it's already far too easy to post here daily), but on the organising blog, for the month of April. It's going to be interesting.... I'll post tomorrow on that blog but part of the blogging will be 19 random acts of kindness in honour of my friend's son who was murdered.

Can you believe we're 1/4 of the way through the year? My word, it's frightening!

So what's on your mind today? Tell me what you're wearing. Tell me something!

P.S. I'm wearing black pants, black sandals, a black & white shirt and my signature red leather bag.


  1. Good luck with your first weigh-in on Saturday morning. Good for you by joining again.
    What's on my mind today? Hubby is starting a new work tomorrow - trying to think about how the new morning routine is going to be.
    I'm wearing a purple shirt, white trousers and denim material shoes :)

  2. Great minds....met with a dietician this week, cost me a fortune! Good luck!

  3. Grey casual pants and a blue vest top, no shoes. Very mommy :)

  4. I am wearing a blue trousers, floral-ish top, and shoes with laces (ALWAYS comfort before style for me...). Had to put a jacket on as our building is cold... brrrr

  5. On my mind...gotta dig up my goals for the year and see how I'm tracking...seeing as we're 1/4 way through the year! How did we get here so quickly?! :)

    I'm sure you just gasped at me not having my goals out in front of me somewhere...I know, I know...but we'll see how we're tracking...and if I *need* to have them out in front of me somewhere for the balanace of the year. HA!

  6. Jeans and a long sleeve tee. It snowed a little last night and has been very cold and wet out today. Luckily it makes for good napping weather!!

    I really don't know how you justify paying all this money to lose a few pound. I do envy your determination. I think I have just settled myself with the weight issue. I'll probably change my tune when I start swimsuit shopping but for now I'm just too frazzled to worry about that too!

  7. I love weigh-less! As soon as baba pops out I am going back! Its the only thing that works for me!!

    I had on all black today!

  8. Yes, good luck on the weigh-in. I'm wearing black with cream/white pinstripe pants, cream turtleneck + cream cardigan that matches, and my black ballet flat shoes.

    Rough day today. Posting on blog.

  9. Unfortunately I also need to pay for accountability. And I have accepted that this is a part of my life now.
    Can't wait for your blogging challenge...

  10. On my mind...birthday party this weekend and possibly starting to seriously job search (eeek!).

    Wearing: Long-sleeve black shirt with office logo and khaki pants. It's casual day and it's only 45 degrees.

    Have a good evening!

  11. On my mind: balancing a to-do list with a wish-list. Get more sleep features on both of them, so I'm going with that for now.

    I'm wearing what sort of goes for PJs round here. Tracksuit pants (brown), and an old stretchy jersey (blue).

  12. Thank you very much for your post! I am very interested in your points.

  13. I need to pay for accountability as well.

    I'm wearing a tank top, undies, and a bathrobe. Haven't dressed yet.


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