Saturday, March 12, 2011

Frustration with meds and eating, and ME time while camera shopping

I was standing near the end of the queue when God was handing out patience and so I have already had enough of sick, crabby kids.

Yes, already.

They cry at the slightest thing which normally doesn't bother me but they are also not eating.

And that is freaking me out.

All the medication says "with food" so as a result, today Connor got his morning meds at ..............11:20!

Speaking of Connor, he has now decided that he does not like to take medicine.

We have to administer it two by two, one person holding him and another forcing his mouth open and squeezing the syringe.

As a result, K is doing much better and is eating a tiny bit again although my fridge is full of half-eaten meals (no, I don't just throw it out - I try again).

Because of this no-eating thing, we have broken all our rules:
  • I caught myself bribing Connor earlier (I'll take you in the car if you'll finish your food - he was not swayed one bit)
  • D gave him a Provita in his cot (a big no-no)
  • Offering everything under the sun (about 6 different choices) just in case something appeals. Apparently only raisins, peas and pasta cooked but with no sauces on it will do.
Hopefully it will not be hard to get back to normal when they're well.

Do you have kids who hate taking medicine? How do you do it? Seriously - I need tips!

As a result of that, I had to escape the madness after lunch when they had a nap.

(Hey, that's one good thing - they go to sleep easily, even during the day)


This week, I did a couple of things for my own self-care:

1) put the kids in children's church last weekend (I need to post on that) and went to big church
2) cancelled a supper with a friend so I could finish my work and take care of myself (I had some sniffles but I needed to be 100% well the next day for the work function)
3) spent some time last night organising my desk and doing some paper crafts
4) today I went to do grocery shopping by myself (D normally does it but is sick). While I was at the mall, I picked up some paint swatches (I am in love with the idea of painted furniture after reading one too many home and decor blogs - I want the chest of drawers in my bedroom painted a lovely light olive green and another piece a bright turquoise... let's see if I'm brave enough) and went to look at some cameras.

Talking more about the cameras...

I've decided that cameras are very expensive and it's even more difficult to choose what to get. So I'm stuck between getting a bridge camera (had never heard of these before today) and an SLR.

I like the Samsung NX10 and the Canon 500 D (both R6300 and they come with an assortment of things - either lenses, memory card, bag, whatnot).

Any tips on camera shopping?

P.S. Wherever I go, I will not go to the one store because the girl was VERY condescending. That's another post because I've had some shocking customer service experiences lately.


  1. LOL and that's what you call grocery shopping ;)
    As for the camera, if you're going to get a DSLR then Canon is great. Just bear in mind that the lenses are a bottomless pit of money ;) also, make sure that the lens that it comes with is not just the standard 18-55 or else you'll be wanting another lens within a month.
    As far as bridge cameras go... did you look at the Sony, Nikon or Canon?

  2. several good ME times this week!!

  3. I'm fortunate thus far in dealing with medicine. They haven't really been sick, had a prescription, and I rarely give OTC. When I do they are ALL ABOUT IT!!

    As for the camera shopping, if you buy the Canon and change your mind I'll gladly take it off your hands!! I'm desperate for a DSLR but can't justify the expense for just myself to use and enjoy.

  4. Hope K & C are feeling better soon! We have all been sick as well... colds and a stomach virus that has now been through every one of us, including my mom, aunt, and cousin. M is having a bit of trouble with her medicine this time too...usually they love it, but I am totally having to bribe her this time. ("Take your medicine and we can watch the choo-choo show...") : )

    I will be very jealous of your new camera, but can't wait to see pictures when/if you get it!

  5. Ryan's not a good medicine taker. We have to hold him down and force it in. And he spits it back at us half the time.

    As for cameras, pick up the samples at the store see what feels best in your hands. I thought I'd prefer one brand when I was DSLR shopping because I love my point and shoot that is that brand, but another one felt more right.

  6. Ava does not do medicine either, so its always a wresting match, one of us has to hold her down while the other one squirts the medicine in. Good luck with that, hope your little ones recover soon.

    As for the camera shopping, I recently got a Canon Power Shot SZ30IS and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I wouldn't buy the Samsung if I was you for one reason only, their is only one company that does after sales service and they are shocking!! Shocking!! Shocking!!

  7. No advice with meds, mine both absolutely LOVE medicine and get upset if one of them gets and the other doesn't!!! I do remember that when Zoe was little we used to use a syringe and she just hated it, we then tried a spoon and have never had a problem at all since then. They are both particularly fond of calpol so often if there's one that doesn't taste as nice I mix it all together with Calpol. Ponstel is also very yummy and mine call Rinex/Mucospect lolly medicine because they say it tastes like a lolly! Those 3 are about all the medicine we ever use so that also helps. Hope your two are better soon. Mine haven't been sick for months so I'm waiting with bated breath as this is too good to be true. Chris had a terrible tummy bug on Friday/Saturday and neither of mine have ever had one so I seriously hope they haven't caught it.
    Chris bought a Nikon D3100 a little while ago and he's thrilled with it. I'm sure it cost something similar to the price you mentioned. It came with a free photography course which he went on a few weeks ago (8-12 on a Sat morning and he learnt a lot).In my opinion one should wait until you can buy what you really want.

  8. I've got nothing for you on the medicine side of things - mine love taking medicine and we have issues here when only one needs it and the other two are whining for it!

    As far as cameras go, I adore my Nikon D3000 - it's the cheapest of the Nikon DSLRs and if you learn how to actually use it beyond just setting it on auto, you can take fantastic pictures!

  9. Reading your comment about giving medicine two by two. I don't know how Single parents do it without a parent in a case like this.
    Sorry to hear about your sick children. Hope that they are better today :(

  10. Sweetie, I have A cannon 500D and I know you like my pics. Buy it! You try to stick with Cannon or Nikon.


  12. I am a Canon girl...would love to upgrade to the 500D.


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