Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting my craft on - elastic books

these elastic books are inspired by Aimee

What you need

  • Postcards or other project board (I liked the idea of finally using postcards I've been keeping)
  • Blank or lined paper
  • Elastic band (I happened to have coloured ones so I co-ordinated the colours with the postcards

How to make them

  • Fold the postcard in half
  • Choose about 5 - 10 sheets of paper per book. Fold in half and make sure the paper will fit neatly inside the postcard.
  • Use your fingers (I don't have fancy "tools") and rub the folds in.
  • Place inside the folded postcard.
  • Stretch an elastic band along the spine and fold close.
  • Ta da - as easy as that you are done.

this postcard is from a penpal I had AGES ago, from Slovenia

I'd bought a pack of index CARDS and when I opened the pack, the CARDS were actually paper. Faxed them a complaint and of course, they didn't respond. This is me "letting go" and using the paper for something else.

How to use them

  • I gave some to our PA to take all the coffee orders in meetings :)
  • I keep one in the car to make notes while driving (well, at the traffic lights)
  • One lives in my handbag
  • One lives in the kitchen so we can make quick notes
  • Give them to your kids (Kendra loves to also have a "book" like Mummy)

When you've finished writing on all the paper, if your postcard is still looking good (my first one looked well-used), you should just add more paper.

Very green of me, don't you think? :)

There was a thing going around some South African blogs (BTW, people reading my blog are about 3:1 American: South African. There are also Russians!) at the start of the year where each person would send 5 handmade items to the first 5 commenters, and those 5 would in turn give to 5 commenters each.

Of course, I'm not crafty so I didn't comment on anyone's blog.

But... when I reach 100 followers, I promise to send some things to 5 commenters. These cute little books plus a couple of other things (I need to still discover and figure out how to make other stuff). I do make bookmarks, keyrings and handbag charms.

I think my main muse is paper... when I was tiny (5 or 6), I used to say I wanted to work in a paper factory. I still love paper and notebooks today. In fact, I have serious issues.

Who else is in love with paper?

Let's just imagine, shall we? What would you handmake and pass along?


  1. Impressive. I am quite a fan of paper too. Have loads. And whenever I go and buy stationery and craft stuff for projects then I buy more. Paper, notebooks, pens. Those are my vices.
    Love that you are getting your craft on.xx

  2. Those are cute!

    Today, I'm thinking of passing along the children that I've made.

  3. So cute!! There is almost nothing in this world that I love more than a blank sheet of paper and a good pen.

    (Love Jayme's comment too...ha!)

  4. Love these. I had a cleaning out session and threw out all my old postcards I had collected... darn.

  5. Oh these are super cool! Great stuff.

  6. I love paper and pencils and fancy pens ... but my crafting and art ability is practically nonexistent. My kindergarten church group routinely say, "Well, I can draw that!" and giggle "But that looks more like a dog than a cow."


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