Sunday, April 03, 2011

Getting my craft on: no-sew handbag

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love handbags.

Kendra is already the same.

She loves dragging my handbag around (I only sometimes let her) but basically any bag is fair game.

When I recently cut a pair of their jeans into shorts (yes, nothing goes to waste here), I was about to toss the ends into the bin when I thought, "hmmm".

This is what happened in all of 5 minutes:

and here is Kendra modelling her bag. As you can see, she wouldn't even take it off her arm to build her puzzle.

I haven't sewn anything but hems and buttons for the last... oh, 25 years.

But I dream (dream!) of sewing cute things when I browse my "inspiration" blogs and see all the cuteness.

When I was decluttering the other day, I actually came across a pencil bag and ruler cover I made in the sewing years. Not great but by no means shabby. Maybe there's potential for me?

What if I bought a sewing machine and then lose interest after a month or two? I wish there were sewing machines to rent somewhere or maybe I should buy a really cheap one secondhand and practise on it?

These are the things I ponder, but maybe it's something I should put on my 37 things list :)

Do you sew? What kind of things do you make?

P.S. She keeps that cap on as much as she can. She absolutely LOVES it and even wants to nap with it.

P.S. I'd be a strictly straight-edge kind of girl if I had to sew.


  1. Very cool idea!
    I don't sew anything except hems (if I REALLY have to) and I buy those buttons that you can stick onto shirts. I wish I could sew though and am rather jealous of people who can do this. If I could sew I would make my own clothing instead of buying it. Well done. That sewing glue is a fabulous idea. Going to buy it.

  2. Very impressive! I would have never thought to do something like that, but wait I wouldn't even of had the stuff to attempt something like that!! I love crafts.....I just wish I had the patience to learn how to do them! Have a great week!

  3. Cool! And a lifetime love of handbags begins...

    I think I have a sewing machine up in the attic with years of dust on it. When I began teaching, um... 6 years ago, I tried to make pillows and wound up having my friend come over and finish it for me, because I messed up.
    So no, I don't sew. :) I don't think I have the patience.

  4. I can't sew a button...everytime I say that, Husband looks at me like I'm nuts.

    I give you mucho credit for this project!

  5. I think you need to find yourself a yard sale sewing machine!

    I love sewing and only wish I had more time! I have some canvas to make a new beach bag that will *hopefully* hold all of our gear. I've made everything from curtains to a ball gown. Recently I've done mostly baby clothes so I'm looking forward to branching out of the baby department a bit.

  6. What an adorable bag (pictured with an adorable little girl, of course!)! And way to go, Marcia, in making something so crafty (again!)!

    I've been meaning to look for a little purse for our girls, about that size. I know they'd have a blast with it. :)

  7. So cute! I used to quilt. Now I make curtains and I need to sew Phoebe a laundry bag to keep in her room. I'm a straight line kind of sewer too.

  8. So cute!

    I dont sew - my mom does though - proper so I got lazy and just got her to do it all but now that she is in CT I am considering learning!

  9. My mom owned a fabric store and was a seamstress for a while before she decided to go back to college and become a math teacher.

    I can sew. I have two machines and a serger.

    I just don't have the space- once I get it all out, I like to leave it out until I'm done. I really need a room dedicated to sewing and crafts.

    My favorite thing to sew is skirts for the girls, so simple and cute.

  10. I don't sew, I staple. :-) And it will stay that way until someone takes pity on me and offers to do it for me - usually my mom.

    I have hand made some laundry bags yonks ago, but I love sewing so much that I even switched to metal and wood work in school to avoid it!

  11. I sew quite a lot, my mom taught me when I was little and it is something that has kind of stuck with me. I do go through stages though and thought I would make a lot of baby clothes but it works out cheaper and a hell of a lot easier to buy them.
    I do like the accomplishment of having mades something - but it does not need to be sewn.


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