Friday, March 04, 2011

Happy pills

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The other day one of my colleagues asked me if I have any happy pills for her.

I laughed and said, "I'm high on life".

Seriously though, there are things that make me so happy naturally, like my beloved grey skies but really, any skies.

And music.

Do you remember Ally McBeal and how she used to do that thing with her shoulders to the Barry White song?

Since then I always think of her in the car if I start dancing to a song.

Like this morning.

I have a Michael Buble CD playing at the moment and Sway just does it for me.

Oooh la la.

Instant good mood like with "You can't hurry love" by Phil Collins.

I like to think of it as taking a time out for me in the car when I just let go and sing my heart out.

Aside from that, how else am I getting my groove back?

I told MandyE a few weeks ago I feel a bit guilty participating in this blog carnival because I automatically take very good care of myself. About 95% of the time.

This week's self-care include:
  • two fabulous sessions with my personal trainer (best money I'm spending at the moment)
  • a wonderful massage (she got a CD with thunder on it just for me!)
  • intentionally carving out time for reading (because of my self-imposed reading challenge)
  • sending out an email I needed to do. You might think, "an email"? Well, it was occupying head space and I now feel like I'm taking care of my needs too.
Rachel, she gives us very good rates at work (50% off) because she comes here and has about 1500 people to market to, all in one spot.

So, how are you getting your groove back?


  1. All your song references have me in a good mood already! And I so miss Ally...

    As for my groove, this year my husband and I decided that we need to be much less kid-centric. Of course, I am still nursing an infant so this is easier said than done but we are making strides. He is in Asia on a 15 day business trip (but back tomorrow!!!) so, as a reward to myself for solo parenting, I am going on a mini shopping spree to Sephora - do they have that in SA? I am in desperate need of new makeup. I alwasy look like I just woke up and I feel like my age is showing when it never used to. Not that I'm old but my 30th birthday is looming and I would at least like to still look like I'm in my twenties :)

  2. Nicole, it made me smile thinking of you in a good mood.

    I don't think we have Sephora but I have heard of it. Enjoy the shopping :)

  3. That all sounds awesome! I think a massage while listening to Thunder sounds like heaven!
    Thank you for linking up!

  4. I misplaced my groove so long ago, back when I was pregnant with my oldest... so it's been 15 years. I temporarily got it back when I was dating Aaron... but it's gone again. I need to figure out what happened to it and rekindle it. I have no idea where to start though.

  5. So glad you're linking up, Marcia! I think it's great that you take good care of yourself...we should all do that! And for me, it's often about "acknowledging" the little things I do for myself during the week that are just as important as the things themselves. :)

  6. I am SO GLAD you take good care of yourself! THANKS for sharing your things with us! I hope you continue with this challenge....and keep modeling good habits! I love the title of your post, it definitely gets your attention!!! Music is powerful stuff!!!

  7. LOL...I am actually on happy pills for my chemical imbalance but I do work hard at making myself happy too.
    Music always puts me in a good mood. I also love Michael Buble. I also love Mika and a lot of those 80s bands that my DH likes listening - so much feel good music. I am loving my walking in the mornings and can't believe I didn't start doing it ages ago. I am loving dancing with my boys in the evenings. I am loving sitting in the sun some lunch times when it is not too hot. Gosh, I could actually do a whole post on things I'm loving on at the moment.
    ps...I also have a love affair with grey skies. There is nothing more beautiful.x

  8. I want nothing more than to sleep with a thunderstorm now...


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