Sunday, March 13, 2011

House of Sick & Sunday senses

These are the mosaics I mentioned this week.

Today was much like yesterday.

Connor did his normal wailing and thrashing and not taking his medicine. I don't see the point - it seems like half of it (at least) ends up spit out.

I eventually left and went to a shopping centre up the road to get some sandals for Connor (his feet have very suddenly grown and he has only one pair that now fits properly - he had 4).

No sandals in his size but I got some backpacks for them and some storage containers which I used to organise my desk drawers while they had their afternoon nap.

I also had a bright idea while out.

I needed to get some Yogi-Sips! They are filling and easy to drink so even if they (Connor) didn't eat, that would help to settle the stomach for the medicine.

When I got home I had an even brighter idea which I tested and worked perfectly. At least for today.

I put his meds in the yogisip and he slurped it all down!


We did the same at supper and he only left about 25 ml with cough syrup in it. So at least he has 99% of what he needs inside him.

Kendra was sweet as pie. She does that "good twin" thing so well when Connor is acting up. Woke up 40 minutes before Connor and played with me in the study all that time - too sweet. She

Mmmm, Sunday senses.

Bin full of decluttered paper (love it!), messy desk where a container I've made pretty with scrapbook paper is drying, notebooks, photo frames, etc. I will tidy up as soon as I post this. Oh and TONS of paint swatches.

Chicken, kidney beans pasta salad - yum! And a lovely mug of tea.

Glue - see "sight"

Keyboard (obviously), open windows (yes, it's STILL hot - yesterday was 30 degrees! I seriously can't wait for the cold weather.)

Blessed silence (the babies are in bed!) punctuated by neighbour noises (we have new neighbours who seem to be "entertainers" - oh the joys - I hope these socials will not be happening every weekend!

The hecticness that is my life should start slowing down after the 21st. Can't wait.

Until then I have the following to look forward to: 2 workouts with Kyle, a photography workshop, a Love Languages workshop, an organising talk (which I still need to prepare) and lots of good times with (hopefully) healthy babies.

What are you looking forward to this week?

P.S. I just realised that I did 16 of the 19 things on my list for this weekend. That's the one positive part of being stuck inside with sick kids :)


  1. have quite a hectic time ahead of you. I don't have that much planned for this week except for some pesky admin that I am just not getting to.
    So clever of you give his meds in the yogisip.
    Hope they'll be super healthy very soon.

  2. Those yogisips sound like they did the trick!

    Congrats for getting through so much of your list...that's awesome. After we all wore up late this morning, we realized the day was a complete bust!

    I don't know how I feel about new always want to like them, but it's hard not to be wary!

  3. I love how we're always dreaming of the opposite weather! Silly hemispheres...

    Glad things are on the mend at the House of Sick. This week I am hoping for warmer weather. I plan to take the window sills off and treat for ANTS-GASP! And while they are off I plan to re-seal the window and sand and repaint the frame. All of which needs to be done outside, hence the desire for nice weather!

  4. I hear you on the colder weather! At least this weekend was slightly cooler for us, because last weekend for our family wedding it was 37 degrees - crazy weather I tell ya!

    Guess I am lucky - I have no problem with meds, for some reason my boy gets excited when he sees the medicine sppon/syringe/dropper!

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