Saturday, March 19, 2011

I fired a client & me time

Despite one or two emotional things (like Mondo), I had a great week...after Monday.
  • The babies are healthy again - gosh, is there anything better?
  • Two recruitment agents contacted me about applying for jobs and the best? I happily declined because I'm already earning far more per month than what those companies are willing to pay. Even without the salary thing, this does WONDERS for my self-confidence!


Some of the things I did for me:
  • I went to the fantastic Love Languages workshop
  • I had my hair done on Thursday
  • Today my tank is full as we went to visit an old friend for lunch (she and I stood next to each other in Chem Lab 19 years ago and that's how we became friends. today, neither of us is doing anything to do with chemistry, unless you count mixing bottles of formula :))
  • I fired a client
Okay, more on the client thing.

this is not this particular client - this is an old pic I found on this computer - in fact, this lady was a GEM to work with

My intention is to work with people who value my expertise and respect my time and energy. This person clearly didn't (she's been 10 and 15 minutes late for telephone sessions) and stood me up twice, the second time without texting or emailing.

My policy is to reschedule if more than 24 hours' notice has been given, or if the reason is valid like sickness, etc. but if no cancellation, then no refund or rescheduling.

I'm very reasonable and so to be 100% fair, I have offered to do 20 mins of her 45-min session but if she is not prompt, then that's it.

There is just something about boundaries that's good for you and good for other people and by tiptoeing around it, I'm not doing me or her any favours :)

So that's what I did for me.

What did you do for yourself this week? Or what are you doing for yourself this weekend?

P.S. It's a public holiday in SA on Monday (Human Rights Day) so we have a long weekend but I have TONS to do. After I hit publish, I have to prepare my talk for Monday night and then assemble 4 travel journal kits.


  1. Good going on getting recognising the value of your time and service and subsequently getting rid of that pesky client.
    This week I rested my body and allowed her to heal. I took long baths. I slept a lot. I did some dreaming. And today (even though my stomach was acting up - I think it's all that medication I've been on) I spent some time with my DH and we went for a beach walk. Tomorrow we are going to take the kids for a walk and a swim and for now there is still nothing planned for Monday.
    What is a travel journal kit?

  2. So glad your babies ate feeling better!!! Who would have thought eating lunch with dear friends would mean so much?!?! Probably less then 5 years ago I would have thought it sounded crazy, but after having kids I realize how nice that ME time really is! Haircuts are the best! Glad you stood your ground with the inconsiderate client! Good for you!

  3. Having well babies is really the best thing. I'm glad your week went so well, everything you did sounds fabulous!

  4. I second what Dolli-Mama said! My little one was sick for the whole month of November and it was hard on all of us.

    Good for you for setting boundaries with your clients. I admire that!

  5. I love writing - and have been doing a bit of it this weekend, especially on Facebook with my mom doing some team stories - those are so much fun!

  6. The more I read about the boundaries you set, the more I want to do it too. And I am going to :)
    Good for you that you fired that client. Maybe it did suck or was difficult to do but it was good for you and that is important.
    What am I doing this weekend for myself? Having 3 hours just now to do whatever I want to do without any disruptions from anyone :)

  7. Today, for me, I lounged in bed half the day, alternately napping and reading. Bliss. I am hoping the surplus of sleep helps me finally kick whatever cold I've had for almost a month now.

  8. What wonderful things you did for you!! Setting boundaries is hard stuff! Good for you!


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