Monday, March 14, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring

It's currently 15 degrees here in Johannesburg with an expected high of 24.

I'm very happy except for all the crazies on the roads.

There are accidents galore.

I live a mere 9.78 km from work (just for you, Mandy) and I encountered 3 accidents on my way. And I don't even travel on any highways.

Fortunately I leave very late (due to screaming, still sick kids) so the worst of the accidents had been cleared away from the oncoming traffic.

It's apparently the case all over Jhb.

Our PA stays in the south, left home at 6.30 and got to work at 9.00.

Yip, 2.5 hours to travel about 25 kms.

Another colleague just popped by my desk.

Another 2.5 hour commute this time from the north (Bryanston).

I've decided to stop talking about the House of Sick because it's depressing me but let's just say my yogisip trick didn't work this morning!

Hope you're having a fabulous day :)


  1. It is scary how people can't drive when it is raining. I sometimes wonder if the rain is a distraction to some drivers?
    I too live just a mere 5km from my work and it took me 10 min longer to get to work. We also had a lot of colleagues which was late, extremely late.

  2. I do hope the kidlets are better and Hunter drove a full 2 hours to work this morning.

  3. Tell me about it!
    It took me 3 hours, 45 minutes to get to work this morning...crazy!

  4. :) Google tells me I live 3.54 kms away from work and that it should take 10 minutes but I usually do it in 6. I often wonder how people willing take such commutes, especially at the price of gas!

    I do hope you come home to well babies, sick babies are the pits! Enjoy the rain and warm weather! I am jealous. We are overcast and currently at 3C with a high of 12C, so maybe I will get something done outside today.

  5. we just got rid of our House of Sick -- my daughter was out of school ALL last week! i unexpectedly discovered a tip to help her take her medicine -- she refused to take the grape ibuprofen, so i bought the bubble gum ibuprofen thinking maybe it would taste better, but it was actually much worse, so by comparison, the grape didn't seem so bad anymore and she started taking it!

  6. The weather here is cold and rainy. There was a big wind storm last night that caused lots of debris on the road and some damage to people's houses. I love the storms, but the affects like the power outages, traffic, and damage are a pain to deal with!

  7. At least you know he isn't stupid and can't be easily fooled!!!! One day you will be glad about that.


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