Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kyle, coaching and sick babies

So I have yet ANOTHER personal trainer.

My beloved Sara has been moved to Pretoria (would anyone like to hire her to whip you into shape?) and I have to start again with a new guy.

When I heard his name was Kyle, my first question to Sara was, "is he hot?" and then we both collapsed into giggles.

Oh, the joys of having a female PT!

But yes, he is hot (not my type though) so I expect his diary will be filling up quickly.

The girls at my work always bemoan the fact that this place never employs any good eye candy for women.

Tee hee.

There have been 2 hotties employed over the last couple of months though - both unavailable, I'm told by my more connected work buddies.

So Kyle just about killed me yesterday. We worked on my upper body, including the muscles that support the b**bs. I'll let you know if I see any improvement in the perkiness arena.

I honestly think these people think I'm joking but I can barely move my arms today. I tried to slide open a credenza (do you call them that in the US?) and oh! the PAIN!

I do like the fact that he doesn't take my "nonsense" and pushes me way beyond what I think I'm capable of.

If I wasn't before, I now am thoroughly convinced - I need to pay someone to make me work out properly otherwise it just won't get done.


Then I've had the pleasure of coaching two delightful women recently. It's this type of person who makes me feel slightly guilty that I get paid for having so much fun.

One was a tester session that I'm very happy with as I can see she is determined, very strong and ready to take massive action in her life.

I LOVE this type of person. She reads this blog too :)

The other client session happened last night - a first session with a new client and I already love her.

We honestly had a fantastic time setting out her goals and action plans and how she's going to move forward in this next stage of her life.

Here's the strange thing - at one part of the conversation, she said everything that I've been feeling for a long time.

Very weird to have your own feelings echoed back to you, in a Canadian accent :)

I love when I'm coached through my coaching.

Chasing chickens (I wish I were joking)

Kendra and me

water fun

I think my babies picked up something at the party on Sat.

Well, Kendra, to be precise.

But now she's given it to Connor and a bit to me (I can't wait to get home at 10 tonight - have a work thing to go to out in the sticks (Chartwell) first, and then take my beloved Degoran).

We told them, "no kissing!" but they don't listen.

So they're running around with runny noses (gross! but K can at least blow her own nose), coughing and signing, "sore! sore" while pointing to their throats (I love baby sign language) and not eating much food.

Last night they woke at about midnight, I gave them some medicine and then they were up and wanted to play. They were so cute I almost couldn't stand it but I resisted, was good and put the light out and told them to go sleep.

They chatted for awhile and then quietened down.

So cute (like BIG KIDS!).

There are 3 of you who read this blog who have sick kids besides mine. What is going on? Change of season?

What do you envision when you hear "Kyle, Personal trainer"? :)

P.S. New posts on the Crazy Love blog - follow along if you're interested in God-type posts :)

P.P.S. Pray I don't get lost tonight!


  1. Ooh I actually would love a personal trainer but just does not have the time (or the bucks at present)

  2. I love a "good" sore after a work-out. I jogged last week for the first time in a couple of months, and it was fantastic to feel all those muscles in my legs. :)

    So sorry Kendra is sick...and now Connor...and you. We've been staying really close to home the past month or so, so we've managed to avoid a lot of the "ick" since January. It's just so hard on everyone when you have one, or more, sick. :(

    And yes, we use the word "credenza" in the US, too. :)

  3. So this Mandy is disagreeing with that Mandy, credenza is a bit of a dated word. I think we use sideboard and buffet more. I technically have a credenza as a dresser(yes I salvaged it and am going to revitialize it!). But the item in my dining room I call a sideboard. My mother uses the term buffet.

    I'm sorry everyone is getting sick. I am hoping spring hurries up and we can leave the bad weather behind here. I think the fact that we rarely go out helps us avoid illness but it makes me worry for when they start school!

    I feel you on the burn! I almost dropped a baby today I am still so sore from putting up a stair case! I have been trying to stay moving because whenever I sit I tighten up and it is so much harder to get going again. The name Kyle leaves an unpleasant image. I have a boy at work, named Kyle, who is the most useless boy ever. It doesn't help that he still lives at home and his mother STILL provides for him! When do people finally become adults nowadays?! I'm glad you're reaching for your goals though!

    We really need to get on the planning bandwagon, July will be here before you know it! I am at a total loss at the moment. I have no one idea and I am not even sure of the venue.

  4. This post made me smile...

    I think that the sick kids thing is due to change of season. Mine has finally fallen asleep. I could NOT get him to nap all day - I think those meds were hyping him up. He is doing much better though.

    I would LOVE a PT. I'm hoping that I'll be able to pull this off next year. And all the Kyle's that I know are so gay. I'm thinking that your PT is very pretty with some fine muscles. He is a PT after all...

    Enjoy your work function in the STICKS. Why do they call it that?

  5. Mandy X2, we generally call those office cupboards credenzas, not the ones in our houses. At least I don't think so?

    We also call the one in the diningroom a sideboard :)

    Julia, you're right - Kyle is very "pretty" with muscles. I'd take a pic of him but he already thinks I'm weird because of how I interrogate him.

    Oh, I don't know if this is a Jhb thing? but I call anywhere that is in the middle of nowhere "the sticks" :)

    Home safe now and very glad to be on my side of the world.

  6. I've been sick for like 3 weeks now. I'm so over it. I should probably go to the doctor.

    I would guess it's the seasons changing, but who knows. Also I drove the 12 hours back and forth putting me in a different area, where it's colder than here, and I'm sure that threw me off.

  7. Hey Marsh!
    When I heard his name was Kyle, the first thing that came to mind was: "is he gay?" Not sure why exactly!

    Ava has been sick for sometime now but we moved Dr's and I think we've gotten to the bottom of the problem - a bacterial sinus infection compounded by allergies and since starting and now finishing his treatment her nose is clear for the first time in months! Long may it last!

  8. I think it's change of season. I, my hubby and daughter had the stomach flu in the past 7 days. Good luck with your sick child.
    When I hear Kyle, PT, I think of a strong build guy in his 20's with blond hair - hehehe :)

  9. I could use a little Kyle in my life. I'm working out, but I need that pain that follows...yes, I'm a masochist!

    Sorry those little buggers are sick, but it's still cute that they love to kiss each other! Mine have taken to turning every single hug into a wrestling move!

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