Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The post I should have written yesterday

Aren't you proud of my self-control and discipline? :)

I actually didn't blog yesterday because........... I finished the 5 love languages, my 5th book for Feb.

It was outstanding.... and I will have to write a separate post, but add it to your Kindles or fancy e-reader gadgets - it is good.

BTW, am I the only one who doesn't have a Kindle?

What made you buy yours?


Then, my friend took me up on my offer (I was SO happy to hear from her!) and asked me to mail some of her clients and attend to some group coaching commitments.

Of course, I got right on it and it was such a pleasure to be able to do that for her.

Yesterday I told my fabulous team in the office (I really work with the best people in the world!) about the email and how I wanted to send a card but didn't think there was a point as the card would arrive in 3 weeks when she probably just wanted to move on, right?

And my one colleague said, "No. Do it!" (She was rather insistent, I might add!)

I'd forgotten that her sister was also murdered about 7 years ago and she said my friend would cry when she got it but it was still good to do. It is lovely to know someone took the time to write a card and post it when you are grieving.

So I did.... and as usual, I wrote far too much in the card but it is winging its way to the US as we speak.

Today I'm looking forward to typing out my goals for March and doing my budgeting for the month (10 days late and you can see it by the state of my phone - my bank sends a text for each transaction and I save them until I can do the budget).

I've also got this bee in my bonnet about being able to live on one salary so I'm going to play with the Excel spreadsheet and see how we can make that happen. Notice I use the word how. That's one of my tricks - to simply assume that anything can be done and I just have to figure out the how.

Another one of my tricks is writing blog posts like I'm writing an email to a friend :)

What are your favourite tricks for life?


  1. You are not the only one who doesn't have a Kindle and this is something I so want :(
    I think it is a great thing you did by sending a card to your friend. I'm sure she is going to feel grateful that you are thinking about her in this awful time she is going through.

  2. Yes you are the only person without a kindle, just kidding!!! Basically there are two things about books and reading: If you love books and can never part with them get books... but if you love reading and only keep the books you adore get a kindle ASAP... I use my amazon affiliate vouchers to keep our kindle stocked and don't have to pay for international shipping!!! It takes 30 seconds to download... If I see a book I like I can get it and read it straightaway. And I can pack it with heaps of books and all sorts of genres so their is always a bookshelf of books in my bag and something I am in the mood to read...

    Otherwise... I am so sorry about your friend and her son...really the pain of something just so awful is hard to comprehend. In three weeks when she receives your card she will still hardly be able to breathe let alone be moving on. Keep writing to her, keep emailing her she needs the support, she will not think how odd is this person who is just going on...at all... she will be grateful for someone who supports her pain. Hang in there... it is a long long road to support a friend but so worth it.

    Now save up and get a Kindle already!!!!

  3. :) se7en! the minimalism factor does appeal to me... a lot!

  4. Oh I want a Kindle too - less books to clutter is a good enough reason I think.

    My life had a turnabout this morning - I will blog, but L was at last diagnosed, and yes, there is "something" wrong with him.But we have great hope. If I can ask for your prayers so long, my friend.

  5. No kindle here, and no desire to have one. I don't think my eyes can handle it, the computer kills them enough. I also think that since I could do other things with it, I would end up doing less reading and more online stuff, which totally defeats the purpose. You can't replace the smell and feel of the pages.

    I do have a desire to build some new bookshelves though. So they match and fit the house better. Even after cleaning out and donating, we still have books everywhere and a stack starting on the floor.
    **Hangs head in shame**

  6. I have yet to get a Kindle. I just love the feel of a book, the smell of the pages...I like being able to hold it and flip through the pages. I'm totally old-school that way.

  7. I have not even considered getting a Kindle as yet but my husband wants one. He has offered to get me one first as he is afraid that I am going to love his one too much to give him a chance to read.
    I think that sending a card to your friend was really sweet.

  8. You know I love my Kindle... largely for the convenience factor, I think. I still read a lot of paper books and from the library, but I enjoy being able to take my Kindle everywhere and always have what I am reading with me. (On that note...Mandy--the Kindle is very different from a computer screen and should not strain your eyes any more than a regular book. Also, the internet features are still experimental and not user-friendly, so you would pretty much want to use it for reading.) Do I sound like a salesperson? : )

    Glad your friend took you up on your offer for help. When you mentioned the letter, it reminded me that I received the new bookmark over the weekend. Thank you so much!! I love it!! (And it seemed to be relatively quick shipping, so maybe your card will reach your friend sooner rather than later...)

  9. I am so sorry about your friend's loss. I can't even begin to imagine her pain.

    I don't have a Kindle, but then again, I also don't have a smart phone, so I'm not one to compare yourself to!

  10. I read the 5 Love Languages awhile back- I believe the first time Aaron deployed- the base chaplain recommended it. I need to pull it out again. I'd bought Aaron the husband version to take with him- I wonder if he ever read his?

    I love my kindle. I actually won it. Aaron had tried to buy me one for some holiday when they first came out and I told him not to waste the money, because I loved being able to turn pages. I've definitely changed my tune, and really don't like reading 'real' books any more.

    I agree that sending the card was a great thing to do. I know when I was grieving, it seemed like everyone was there for me the first days but after that, nothing. I think about a month out is the worst time- everyone has gone back to normal and expects you to and your loss is really hitting you then.


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