Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Monday musings

First off, thank you SO MUCH to all of you for commenting on the infertility group post. Seriously - you guys are fabulous and thanks to you, my talk is now 3 hours long instead of 1 hour :)


I was thinking about my friend from Rhodes that we had lunch with on Saturday and remembering why we get along so well.

Back in the Rhodes days, D used to call us a "bless me, bless you" club as he says the two of us are always telling each other nice things.

On Saturday, she told me in the first 15 minutes how lovely my skin is looking (even better than normal, she said!), and how much weight I've lost because look at how trim my tummy is :) LOVE HER!

Seriously, I can finally feel my jeans are loose, so much so that I turned over the waistband to keep it up properly. And these are a 34.... :)


I went to the photography workshop today. It deserves its own post so I will tell you more during the week.

The plan initially (when D said, "yes, go!" because I was conflicted leaving the kids for 5 whole hours plus a talk in the evening) was for D and the kids to drop me, go spend quality time with his mom and then collect me.

MIL said she's busy with D's sister in Pretoria so I said I'd obviously drive myself.

I phoned about half way through to check on the babies and............ he tells me he decided to go to Pretoria for a visit.

I freaked.

I don't like the idea of my children all over the place if I'm not with them.

Irrational, I know, but hey, baby steps!

However, the workshop ended early, I chatted a bit and then drove home.

I was here at 4:20 (expected to only be here at about 5:40) and have now spent 1.5 glorious hours ALONE in my house.

It has been divine.

I had a hot cup of tea with caramel marie biscuits (can you imagine how much faster I'd reach my goals if I never cheated?!) without nagging babies wanting some too.

I'm all caught up on my emails and the house is reasonably tidy - I gave myself 10 minutes and that was that.

D phoned at 5:47 to say they're just about to leave which means I won't see the babies before I have to leave at 6:20 so I said hello to them again.

Now I'm going to watch the Bold and the Beautiful (!) while I pack my bag, eat and then go talk to a group about organising your children.

Can't wait!

Tell me about your "bless me, bless you" friend or about your Monday.


  1. Judging by the tweets going around it sounds like the Moms with Cameras workshop was a lot of fun. Is that the one that you went to?
    My Monday was busy and relaxing at the same time. Went out for breakfast, did grocery shopping, came home to make lunch/dinner and then relaxed with a book. Am currently tending to a sick Tweenie with a messed up tummy.
    Mmmmm....I am usually the Bless You friend. Need to think about who is my Bless Me friend (besides my DH of course.
    Have a good time tonight.x

  2. My Monday is blah, so far. I have been way behind at work, so this morning was spent catching up. More of the same this afternoon! We are all healthy for the moment too, after a relapse of last week's virus for A on Thursday night.

  3. Oh, Alone Time in the house sounds GLORIOUS!!! I have only been alone in my house for about 15 minutes since the girls were born. My BIL and SIL were here from Germany and we'd all gone for a walk in the neighborhood. I cut home early to get supper started. The girls were about 9 months old then, and I realized even at the time how WONDERFUL it was! One day maybe it will happen again... :)

    I love the idea of a Bless you, Bless me friend! I have three friends that I call my "best" friends, and they all make me feel good...but one, in particular - interestingly, the one without children - probably makes me feel the best. She will compliment me on having it together, on how I handle things with the girls, and she asks my advice for things going on in her non-kiddo-related world. My other friends appreciate me, certainly, but there's a different vibe of sorts with K that just makes me feel great. :)

  4. That sounds lovely! I love being alone in my house!!!!

    I think most of my friends are blessing friends...aren't I lucky?

    I want to go to a photography workshop...gotta check up on that!


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