Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A quick vent

This morning I walked into the office, dump my bags (yes, I have two - normal handbag and work bag with food, etc.) on my desk and walked into the pause area to get my water and cereal bowl.

What do I see?

Piles of dishes from yesterday.


The dishes get done on an hourly basis here (there are tons of us on this floor so the coffee mugs pile up quickly) so clearly haven't been done for ages.

When I peeked into the sink, I saw my cereal bowl from yesterday.


I storm back into the office and ask them (nicely), "does anyone know why the dishes haven't been done since yesterday?"

Someone mutters that Lizzy is off sick (our usual cleaning lady) which then means they get someone else to attend to the dishes.

Just thinking about the germs makes me twitch!

When I checked if anyone had logged a call, they look at me like I'm crazy.

So I did it.

My company makes is SO easy to get things sorted here. We only need to fire off an email to Helpdesk and everything under the sun will get taken care of - IT, building stuff, catering stuff, everything. If you don't like emailing, you can phone an EASY, 4-digit extension number. It's a one-stop shop.

How hard is it to write a one-liner to the helpdesk?!

Yesterday I sent another email for the table in our boardroom - leg is broken.

Blackhuff posted last week about how people don't take the initiative to report things that aren't working and keep relying on others like her.

Well, here's my comment:

I am that person who has to do the notifying.

But I have decided ENOUGH. At work yesterday a guy asked me, is our aircon working? I said it is but not properly (it’s set a bit too high). He says, “aren’t you the one who usually gets these things fixed?” I said, “yes, but there’s nothing stopping any of you from picking up the phone and reporting it (they make it SO easy here at work and yet………) because I’ve decided I’m going to stop doing things for everyone” SILENCE!

Really, this nonsense (laziness) gets me mad!!!

And it's not just my team. The other day when I took the stairs to the basement where I park, I noticed the light was out in the little area just before the stairs.

For TWO whole days.

Until I used my cell phone right there and then to phone and report it.

I mean, really!

Anyway, thanks for reading my vent.

What do you want to vent about this morning?


  1. Thanks for linking my blog post :)
    I so understand your frustration regarding people who do not do their part in our society. We are a small company, so I don't have lazy colleagues. If something need to be done, everyone is there to help.
    But you do have a point regarding people who do not report or do their bit. Such a frustration.

  2. Oh that is most frustrating. Our company also makes it very easy to report stuff but people are just lazy and want to whine all day.
    I want to vent about the fact that I need to see my Dr (I'm having flu-like symptoms and my chest is messed up) and he can only see me tomorrow as he is fully booked. I have been his patient all 32 years of my life and he tells ME to come tomorrow. What kind of Dr tells a patient to come the next day? What if I was busy dying or something?
    Needless to say, I WILL take my business elsewhere. Sorry for him...

  3. LOL Julia, I love when you vent. Get well soon.

  4. I'm amazed that a.) you can file complaints about such minor things b.) your company personally takes care of and hires people to do such things and c.) that you don't do your own dishes!

    We don't report stuff other than word of mouth for totally broken, unusable, affecting sales type problems. I don't get new light bulbs till I go get them and put them in or the crew comes by to do lights for the whole building. I have to live without the over for two weeks and now I am using it-half broken-till parts come!

    I am also surprised that you can just freely eat and have someone else do your dishes. We bring our own, are responsible for them, and can only truly sit and eat when clocked out. I am the evil one who throws people's food and belongings away if they sit to long.

    I think I really should move to SA!

  5. Mandy, LOL

    The thinking is that they pay us to get work done, not do dishes :) It works very well in theory!

    I personally don't mind but they discourage it so don't even provide dishwashing liquid or sponges/ cloths to wash.

    Yes, I eat in front of my computer while reading boring business cases or blogs (lunch time).

  6. I need to look this up officially, as it seems like I cite it regularly...I remember in psychology class, an example about a lady who was murdered in a busy apartment building. Upon investigation, the authorities found that multiple people heard her screams for help, but each assumed that "everyone else" must have heard her, too, so *surely* someone else had called the authorities.

    That's a really extreme example (and a morbid one, too...sorry!), but there is a psychological principle behind it.

    Now what's the psychological condition by which folks like us feel like we have to take up the slack for the universe? :)

  7. Yes really, very frustrating.

  8. I love reading the comments from fellow Americans...we thrive on mediocrity apparently! How do you have so many American followers, anyway?

    I hate laziness and having to do everything. People sometimes look at me like I'm nuts when I tell them that I actually went to the preschool administration to talk to them about the crap fund raiser that I was sick of complaining about. I'd rather do something than endlessly complain. I hate complainers...I hate people who do nothing even more.

  9. About the only thing I have to vent about is traffic, and it's like death and taxes - no point really.

  10. LOL! If I was in a corporate I think I would be venting about the same stuff. I'm off my soapbox for now - nothing to vent about. But I do listen a lot to 702 to keep me entertained while bfeeding, and today they were venting about school kids in Soweto voluntarily missing school to march or rally behind useless teachers who should be at school teaching... can't remember what the reason was the teachers had for missing school (again). This type of stuff gets my blood boiling when I hear it. Why do parents just stand by and allow!!!


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