Thursday, March 03, 2011

Rethinking those lofty travel plans

You guys know how much I love to travel.

In fact, right now, I'm stalking studiously following a blog where they're in Italy for 3 months. Just because they can.

That's my crazy dream.

Not Italy, but to live in another English-speaking country for two years.

In the meantime, I collect travel brochures and dream of using my passport again.

Now here's the thing - I generally am not very "soft" where the kids are concerned BUT...

Yesterday I had to go to a management session at a conference facility near D's work so we travelled together to go easy on the environment.

Well, that plus saving petrol of all... quality time to talk without all the chirping from the back seat.

So because of the car-pooling, we left at 7 am (my usual time is around 8:40 - ish) and got home at about 5:45.

I gave the babies lots of kisses and said, "did you miss me today?"

V pipes up, "yes, they did".


So I asked her what happened.

She says, "after her bath, Kendra said, "Mummy where?" so V had to say I was still at work.

Kendra asks where things are by saying the word first and then where, like, "shoes where" and "ball where".

Oh, my heart melted.

But now I'm thinking... I have plans to travel internationally with D alone this year but what if they freak out???

And they can talk so it's easier to pile on the guilt.

I do recognise that a large part of this is a control freak thing - what if we get back and they're monsters, eating sugar and "wrong" foods, not napping, being naughty, etc?

Should I stop being a wimp and just do it?

Or maybe do a local, parents-only trip first?

P.S. I am quite proud of myself - I have just booked and paid for a photo workshop with my photographer. This is typical me - jumping feet first and then thinking afterwards........I am quite nervous - I am SOOOOOOOOO non-technical, except for insurance (hahaha).


  1. I vote local, but only because my husband doesn't have a passport and I loathe that we can't travel internationally!

    I still can't believe you're willing to leave them! I wish I had the courage. I am considering bringing my parents on vacation to get a night out alone, how sad!

  2.'s a tough one. I would totally do it. But then again my kids are older than yours.
    Truth is, they will be fine and you will definitely miss them more than they will miss you.
    How long are you planning to be away for? Maybe you should do a local trip first. See it as a trial run of sorts.

  3. I am at home with Ava and so she's used to seeing me a lot and yet, we went away for 10 days and she didn't ask for me once. She speaks a lot now and does comment during the morning "Zoe school", "Daddy work." but it's just an observation, not that she's upset that they're not around. It all depends on who'll look after them I suppose. My two are very used to my parents, spend a lot of time at their house, have spent many nights there already and my mom knows our routines and sticks to them.

  4. Normal mommy worries you have. Do the trip thing with your hubby alone. Yes, the children will miss you but it will do the world's good for you two as well.

  5. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Hey M, well i must say you need to go for it and go and have D and you time. I know like you say C and K are talking a little now so it is harder.

    Brad and I go overseas for 8 days in April and we leave the boys and so many people say "shame, poor C he is so small" well i need time out and time with my husband because hell there ain't time at home, in the car or at work so we do what we need to do... I know by day 2 i will be crying for them and I am positive they will not be thinking about us let alone crying for us. So just go for it and do what your heart really desires for at this moment....

    chat soon.

  6. Do it!!! : ) Really, maybe a short weekend trip would be best first, so you can assure yourself that they (and you) will survive and they will still love you when you get home. I have had to make myself learn that even if someone else does things differently, A & M know what to expect from me and we can get back on track fairly quickly.

    It also helps that my girls are with my family so often and are comfortable with J's mom too. Everyone knows how we do things and what the "rules" are...even if his mom doesn't follow them as well as we would like! (I kid...she does as we ask most of the time, and it is getting easier to let go on some things as they get older.)

  7. Go for alone with your hubby. You will have a blast and your little ones will be fine. There is nothing that can't be fixed again when you get back.


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