Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts on Mondo Beyondo

So Mondo Beyondo finished about a month ago.

After that first burst of enthusiasm, I hit a wall on a particular day and couldn't seem to move past that until about two weeks later when I spoke to a coach friend who had also done Mondo last year and got stuck in that exact same place.


Anyway, I then got moving again, caught up and kind of stayed with it for the rest of the course.

I do feel I lost out during my "hitting a wall" period as everyone was all lovey-dovey and supportive on the forums and I was................stuck.

I finished the course about a week later but it was rushed just to finish and tick it off the list rather than a true engagement with the process.

Then again, I'm bad at letting things sit... unless I haven't quite figured something out. Then I happily sit with the issue.

The weird thing is going from these literally 50 updates a day (from people posting on the forum) to nothing is quite the shock and then suddenly you forget you ever did Mondo.

When we did our lists earlier in the course we were told to write it out and seal it in an envelope.

I quite liked this idea and I honoured my dreams by putting it in a gorgeous, bright blue envelope with the date on it.

The following week we were to open the envelope, spot trends, and start taking small action steps.

That was when I was stuck so I didn't bother but I did a quick scan of my list (which I'd typed) and noticed it was 1/3 travel, 1/3 achievement and 1/3 quality of life (live simpler, etc.) stuff.

They had said when we wrote our lists that if we do nothing else, we are half way there.

I know this to be true because I've even written an article about how when you just write down your goals, you're half way there.

It's the intention, you see. And intention brings focus.

Just yesterday I got to work and there was a post on the forum!

From someone who said they were WEEKS behind and was anyone in the same place.

When I clicked over, I saw pages and pages of similar comments.


So this has stirred up the Mondo in me.

I must tell you something else too - one of the last exercises was to reach out to people and meet fellow dreamers face-to-face.

I breathed deeply and put out a note on Facebook.

Not one person even said anything encouraging, let alone that they were a dreamer.

(I know, my issues)

If I'd read that on someone's status, I would have said something like, "well, I haven't done MB but YES, let's do some dreaming and goal-getting together".

But nothing.

So yes, I'm disillusioned.

I sometimes feel cursed by the way that I am in a world that is SO not like me.

And then I remember that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made.

Then I go back again to feeling very sorry for myself :)

And then I remember that people who think and do things differently are 1 in 10.

And so on and so on.

I'm not quite sure what the point of this post is - I suppose I just wanted to journal a bit.

But... if by any chance, there is someone out there reading this who wants to do some MB dreaming together even if you didn't do the official MB, will you comment or email me?

I do feel like I need to put myself out there and be vulnerable just one more time before I cross this off my list.

I really am okay if there is no-one of like mind because my bright blue envelope winks at me when I reach into my file organiser thing on my desk and I'm reminded, very gently, that there are dreams in there that will come to pass if I'm open to the opportunities around me.


  1. I almost joined MB but couldn't bring myself to pay that much after all the christmas shopping I had done. I know, silly reason but I have a painfully frugal side, sometim es verging on cheap.

    Anyway, I liked the idea but wasn't really sure if it was for me. I'm not really the touchy-feely sort and these thinsg often make me feel self-indulgent. Self-indulgence is something I really dislike - probably too much for my own good. So, maybe that should be one of my dreams - to indulge a bit more?

  2. we are so alike! I paid for mine on a 50% off when they ran some sort of special (can't remember for what)

    can I share something a coach once shared with me? Sometimes it's good to go there where we don't want to (self-indulgent - I call it introspective :)) because things might turn up that are good to learn.

    I'm trying to balance myself by exploring different sides of me now and again. Trust me, I'm still 90% on the old Marcia side but now and again it's nice to indulge :)

  3. I didn't see your facebook post... I generally read facebook from my iphone and facebook mobile is notoriously sucky.

    Anyway I found with Mondo that I made a couple of connections (3, to be exact) but that I needed to share my dreams with my before-support system to really make things happen. Email me back bc I have a lot to say about some crazy things that happened after I shared my Mondo that I NEVER could have planned.

  4. I looked at Mondo - but the cost was ... way too much.

    I use to dream - but life sometimes has a way of pulling you down, and sometimes you forget to stand back up.

    I do FB - love getting to know family that I barely knew or didn't even know existed.

    Focus is something I am desperately working on.

    But perhaps it is my young Kendra who really needs somebody to reach out and help her focus. She still has that glow of adventure and life - and I don't want to stop her. Still, she needs help focusing on what she needs to do - and not just on what she wants to do.

    At the beginning of the month I said I wanted to do 4 things (on FB). So far I didn't get to go to the library book sale. I've gone for a walk twice - not everyday like I wanted - but still - I went outside. Saturday is the next garage sale - don't know if I'll get to go. And not likely I'll get to the daffodil farm either to take pictures - since Tim's heart attack and my Dad is going on vacation.

    But - I enjoy seeing and reading your goals - makes me want to stand up again and try again.

  5. Laura, I will email you! My current support is non-existent except for D.

    I would have to pay a coach for support - I have no problem with this and probably will do so - but the lesson as you know was about reaching out to the people you know :)

    Rachel, Kendra is VERY welcome to email me anytime to dream and get help with focus :) I would love to do that for her.

  6. I remember the FB posting which you speak of but didn't respond because you mentioned wanting to meet up with others in the Joburg area doing the course. I don't know much about MB - will do some reading on it. Maybe we could have a virtual coffee date?

  7. I like this idea but it is not something I have the time nor energy for now. Maybe in the near future, but not now. Sorry.

  8. I'm afraid my scientific analytical roots run too deep and this is just so completely not my sort of thing.

  9. Is Mondo Beyondo a SA thing? I've never even heard of it except through you! (But then, I kinda live under a rock...)

  10. I guess I also live under a rock...have never heard about MB...but I DO dream...a lot in fact.


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