Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Yes, I'm terrible at accepting blog awards

I always love getting some blog love in the form of these awards but I must confess, I'm terrible at the whole accepting and passing them on thing.

I don't like choosing people to give it to unless certain bloggers clearly spring to mind.

And I can't really think about things to say that you don't already know - is my life not an open book?

Also, I don't have a system (!) so I forget until I make the rounds and see the other people "accepting" their awards and then I remember.


Anyway, here goes:

I got this trendy award from Rebecca in *blush* January, nearly two months ago.

And then a stylish blogger award from Mandy just last week :)

Thank you so much for the blog love - it's like virtual hugs on the internet.

So, let's see... 7 more things about work

  1. My cupboards at work are filled with kitchen things - mugs, tea, coffee, sweetener, biscuits (Salticrax for my low blood pressure) and cup-a-soup (tomato flavour if you're interested) - and not a single box of staples or officey thing.
  2. I'm a pen snob. I only write with my beloved Pilot 0.7 gel pens. Try them and see...
  3. I regularly talk to myself and tell myself how well I'm doing, like this. "M, you worked SO well today." First time a new guy heard me he thought I was crazy. My response? "If I don't tell myself nice things, who will?" Yip, made my point. Do you tell yourself nice things too?
  4. Sometimes I'm amazed I actually function in corporate. I really don't like taking orders from anyone and I hate chasing up people to do their darn jobs. Still, this is why I'm employed (let's call it my tenacity... :)) and most people don't mind it. I personally would hate people badgering me but hey.
  5. Most days I do love my job... and when I don't want to do something, I force myself to do it and then reward myself with a mug of tea and some blog reading.
  6. They (my team) all use the word "awesomeness" because of me. Ha! I regularly say things to them like, "oh, that is SO part of your awesomeness". I suggested that we have "live your awesomeness" as one of our team values and they went for it. It tickles me pink :)
  7. I honestly work with a fantastic bunch of people. We can all be brutally honest with one another and we never have that horrible tension going on. Well, there was one incident with the new person but she and the other guy sorted it out and we are all a happy family again.
So... it's late and I'm only giving this to 7 people. With quick intros.

Sarah from Bio Girl. Sarah was the first IF/ IVF blog I followed and Sweet Henry was born
Louisa from 123 myself (that's how I found her - I was checking URLs before buying this domain) with adorable daughter, Nicola.
Heather is a gorgeous, clever IT manager person (that's about as technical as I get) with the most gorgeous little boys and a beautiful daughter. Heather and I are both ESTJ :)
Lynette whose word of the year is breathe - I love her word and her beautiful spirit. She's also a scrapbooker who lives in the city where I was born.
Hayley who is the epitome of stylish. We keep threatening to meet up because she actually lives near me (near by Jhb standards)
Cat who is actually crafty (yes, I'm jealous). Had a beautiful party for her little girl recently (it's me that keeps pointing people to that party post!) and the most fabulously stylish but low key birthday for her twin boys.
Kendra - started following her blog recently from crafty blog hops- go look at her office redo - GORGEOUS

How are you with these award things?

Are you on top of them? Or a slacker like me?

P.S. Coming up - biting, discipline and pics of those darn tins. Also I now have a "crafty things to do" list - yes, you can laugh.


  1. I write with the exact kind of pens at work cause they are so good to write with :)
    I talk to myself at home where I need to keep myself sane with all the busy things like kids.

  2. I am a total nut about my pens, too! I use Pilot P-500 Extra Fine point. (I can write nice and neat and really little if I need to...perfect for cramming a lot of stuff on my lists...HA!) I buy them in packs of 7, but I only allow myself to take out one at a time. I use that pen in its entirety before I get another out of the pack. If I ever "misplace" the pen I'm using, it's a bad day...I will turn the house upside down until I find it. And my hubby will ask, "Um, why don't you just use another pen? There are more in the drawer." Hello???

    And yes, I completely know I'm a nut! :) :)

  3. I love that you affirm and praise yourself. I should try to do that too.

    I am not so much a pen person but I LOVE pencils. It must be the old HB ones that need sharpening. I just LOVE sharpening my pencils. Our PA orders HB especially for me. And I have boxes and boxes of them at home. When I do need to use a pen (for documents/exams etc) then it needs to be one with a very fine point as my handwriting is atrocious.

  4. Thank you very much! :-D

  5. Okay, since this isn't my actual blog I can say it: Blog awards always disrupt my train of thought for the blogging week... I know it is hard to tell, but have a blog plan for each week and I am totally thrown by a "se7en million things about me post!!!" Not to mention I hate to inflict them onto my fifteen dearest blog friends... so I always try to pass them on in a vague way to any one who wants them... No. Blog awards leave me nervous and gasping for air!!! Link love I am all about and I am totally happy to be linked to and to link to blogs I love... no extra work for anyone... just sending friendly traffic either way.

  6. Thanks so much for the award! You are so sweet!!

    I am also a pen snob. Once you go gel there is just no going back to ball point!

  7. Ag thanks my friend - I am also a slugger with awards, but I make a list of posts to do in my ever present moleskine, and I mostly get to them sometime.

    As to pens - I only use fibre tip pens, I hate gel pens My favorite: Artline 200 Fine.

    I love tomato cup a soup too.In fact, love tomato soup - my mom has a great recipe.

  8. I loved reading about "parts of your awesomeness" at work;-D

    I also jealously guard my pens...I have a hoard of them in my scraproom and my grand daughter can just not leave them alone!

    Thank you for the are so sweet;

  9. how do you even remember that i gave you an award???

    i love #3...i do that for myself too!

  10. Rebecca, it's the curse of a good memory. Sometimes I wish I didn't have such a good memory.

    yes! You do that - I love it!

  11. Oh yay, yay, yay....thank you so much!

    So sorry to only be replying now....been a bit hectic here.

  12. Congrats on your blog award! So thrilling for you even if you're terrible at accepting them. You're filled with awesomeness!

    I laughed at the pen comment. I'm a pencil gal all the way. And I'm picky about them too. They have to be smooth, fluid and not too messy.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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