Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1 false start, 4 hours and 35 minutes


We eventually set off at 12:25 yesterday but we had to return some DVDs first.

We'd just dropped them off and come back in the general direction of the highway when there was a funny sound from the back seat.

I reached over and said, "what's wrong, baby?" and there was vomit all over the baby girl, her little dog (stuffed animal) and my hand.

We were able to pull over and clean her up a little but since we were about 10 minutes from home, we went back to clean her and pick up a few nice to haves that we'd forgotten.

And, of course, put the vomit-soaked clothes (and dog) in some water.

On the road again, there was much screaming, cries of "sore! sore!" and so on.

A little bit of sleep but not much.

We kept pulling over to try and ease the "sore" (K was sitting in a body vest and the seatbelt was the cause of the "sore"), feed, change, etc.

It was crazy.

I honestly thought the travelling would be easier the older they get but noooo.

Now that they can talk they can tell us everything they're not happy about.

And seems like there was plenty!

Eventually we pulled into Dullstroom at exactly 5 pm. 4 hours and 35 minutes later. 2 hours longer than it should have taken us.

Picked up keys and drove back up the road to this place.

While D was unloading the car and trailer, the kids ran loose (probably so glad to be FREE again) and I prepared their and our supper.

We fed and bathed them and they were finally in bed and sleeping just before 8 pm.

Remember our normal bedtime is 6-ish.

D and I were knackered and I could barely finish my supper as the headache from hell had started pounding.

I intended to blog but just about managed to crawl into my pjs and into bed.

Today we had a very lazy start (after they both woke before 5, they slept for a bit) and only had breakfast at 9. We did some walking and sightseeing and eating in Dullstroom and took LOTS of pics of cute things.

The problem with holidays is always, "so many places to eat; so little time" :)

I'm so pleased that I'm getting to the place where I don't have to have everything pretty I see. That's a change for me.

The journey to simplicity is working!

There are loads of cute buildings, and beautiful trees and skies, and I find people doing a double-take to see what it is that is so picture-worthy. And then it is "just a leaf" but to me, so, so gorgeous.

My boy was entranced with all the "red, orange and yellow" leaves and so was I :)

Behind me on the bed, D and K are reading and C is still finishing his afternoon nap.

I don't have iBurst connectivity so I'm typing this and I will use my SIM card to quickly go on and post it.

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. We are taking our 13th flight in a few weeks. And no, it definitely does not get easier when the are older!! Traveling with toddlers is not relaxing to say the very least! At least I have AB to chase BB around! Enjoy your holiday!!

  2. I'm looking forward to enjoying the warm weather finally! Thanks for sending it our way when you were done with it.

    I also have to buy more summer clothes for the girls. Ugh...

    Enjoy your vacation, can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. Well I am sure it will turn out to be perfect after that start ;-)

    Love Dullstroom!

    I am still in that place, where I need to have everything I see that is pretty :-)

  4. Sorry for the rough start...hopefully smooth sailing from here on out! :)

    I am looking forward to being off the rest of the week! We are taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Texas! Its a huge indoor watermark! Wish me luck!

    Keep enjoying your vacation! Take care!

  5. Ugh. I just posted a comment and blogger ate it. Most annoying.
    Sorry that you had a rough start - thank goodness you were still close to home. I do hope that the babies were tired enough to go to bed at their regular time tonight. Can't wait to see your pics and I hope that you are having a great time.
    Tomorrow I have brunch with my friend followed by a brisk walk, I am working on Thursday and Friday and on Friday evening I have dinner party to attend. So much of eating these past few days - I am almost too anxious to go and weigh myself, but I shall face the music on Saturday morning. No plans for the weekend as yet. If my plans fall into place then I'm going to buy some winter clothing for the boys. AND a winter uniform for my Tweenie. Mind you, I have not needed to go into debt for this transaction so I HOPE it works out the way I plan. Hold thumbs.xx

  6. Despite the rough start it sounds like its been good :)

    LOL you get used to the moaning!

  7. Hope Kendra was feeling better the rest of the time. Traveling with toddlers can be such a hassle. Poor things. They just want to run around. What I'm looking forward to this week is getting to the weekend. Work is very stressful and I dreamed of work all night last night. Woke up not refreshed at all. Ooohhh! I am getting my hair colored on Thursday after work. Just touching up the roots, but I get to be alone and have some "me time".

  8. Travelling with kids don't get easier until much later, I hope. Mine is not better at all and they are 2-7 years older than yours :(
    Glad you arrived safely and enjoy the vacation.

  9. Oh Dullies is just lovely. DVD in the car - that is THE ANSWER. I promise. Best money you will ever spend.


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