Friday, April 01, 2011

3 strikes and I'm officially grumpy

I do feel like I'm whinging a bit much these days but it's my blog and I need to get this stuff out.

At 9 am this morning I was already a victim of April Fools Day.

I drove into work and there were parking spaces blocked off, marked "reserved for exco" and one of the two main lifts also had a sign on it.

There is history here - at my first job (17 years ago) the rule was that if the CEO got in the lift, the rest had to get out so he could ride it up to his office all alone.

So obviously I thought, "stuff that" and got in the lift.

Strike 1.

Then I open my email and find one from my boss. Yesterday he announced some staff movements (two of them will be in a newly created team) and so this morning there's an email to them (copying the rest of us) that some members are unhappy that they still share our workspace and would like them to move urgently.

Background - we are VERY close and wonderful together!

So I email him back and say, "whaaaatttt?!" and that I have no issues with them being here and love them, etc, etc.

Then.... I find out it's a darn April Fool's joke.

And I feel like an idiot.

A little less so right this minute because 3 of us were caught out.

Strike 2.

And last, our baby fertility group has been bothering me a lot lately. Only a few people seem to want to come and of course, I'm the current organiser so I take these things personally.

D tells me people obviously don't want the support and I need to deal with it. I start to get over this (BIG for me!!!) but ...

Eventually someone else organises it and some more actually pitch.

Which really makes me take it personally.

Strike 3

I'm officially grumpy.

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  1. Can so see why you are grumpy
    I too am not someone for April Fools day.

  2. I am lucky - nobody seem to remember it here.

  3. I was off yesterday, so I see how you're feeling. I finally fixed where my post was about my rough day yesterday. I need 3 SAS analysts in Mumbai. Know anyone, LOL?

  4. oh, that just sounds very cranky-making!

    I think D's comment was really wise - people are pulling back as they need less support. It's really, truly, honestly, NOT about you - it's about changing needs, and geography. Nothing more!

    have a lovely, peaceful weekend!

  5. I don't like being tricked. I'd be pretty grumpy too.

  6. Sometimes you just feel grumpy. I say, go with it and do something a little sinful...maybe something sweet? :) Thinking of you, Marcia, and hoping you find some OHM over the weekend! :)

  7. My best friend and I have share a saying for times like these.

    "Just bleed and get over it."

    Not the best but I think it makes the point. Things are out of your control, there is nothing you can do but move on. As for April Fools, it's only one day a year. I don't understand it but it must mean something to someone.

    I hope you can relax and recenter yourself this weekend.

  8. I HATE being pranked - I take it personally too.
    D's right - it's not about you and try not to look for reasons to link it back to you. You are a fantastic organiser and I think it is a thankless job. Maybe hand it over to each person to organise when it is their turn?

  9. you were caught...that is way funny. I hope things have gotten easier.


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