Monday, April 18, 2011

6 years

This morning's presentation interesting.

5 of us were supposed to present and when I arrived a few minutes late (rain = terrible traffic), there was only one other guy plus the person who was evaluating us.

So we went ahead.

The other guy was scheduled to be first and he took sweet forever. We each had 15 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions - his took 1 hour.

Eventually I couldn't stand it anymore and had to take out my diary (planner) to occupy myself.

What do you do when you're bored out of your mind? No, really, I want to know.

Eventually it was my turn and I made it in the time allotted.

The guy said we both did very well (but secretly I think the other guy was way too b-o-r-i-n-g with all the insurance-speak :) so that is that - I get my certificate.

One presentation down, one to go.


In a strange twist of fate they sent out a mail a few weeks back asking if any of the management want to be mentors to other people. There is free coaching in a business context up for grabs too.

Of course I jumped on it immediately. I've coached my own staff at my previous company but that's it so this is right up my alley and I can't wait to start.


And... today is my 6-year anniversary at this company. It is the longest I've officially been at any one place. Previous stints were 5 years 2 months and 5 years 1 month :)

I think I deserve a medal!

Okay, that's me for today. I have 22 minutes left (just for you, Andrea!) to return some phone calls before another meeting.

How are you doing today?

What are you doing for Easter? Have you finished decorating? ;)

Do you go to church, etc?

PS We are SO proud of our boy! He woke this morning without any falling out of the bed the entire 11.5 hours, asked for his bottle, and went back to sleep til 7. Then he woke, realised he has freedom and bounded out of bed ready to play. (I've tied ribbon to close their wardrobes as he is far too keen on helping me "organise" their clothes and linen)

PPS Interesting - our weather is like Scottish weather at the moment (misty, grey and cold as heck). My one friend, Roz, is there now and another work friend is going on 1 May. Maybe it's a sign??? :)


  1. I doodle and draw - guess it is an occupational "hazard" of sorts.

    And good going for Connor staying in bed.

  2. When I am bored out of my skull, my thoughts start to run in my head. I think about anything and everything. Or I start looking around, looking at my environment. Sometimes it is quite interesting to actually "look" how they build buildings :)
    Congrats on Connor staying in his bed and enjoy being a mentor to your co-workers.

  3. I usually pull out my phone to entertain myself when I'm bored. There is nothing the internet can't solve! It's totally rude but I can only give so much!!

    Today Emma has an appointment followed by some Daddy-Daughter time so I'll be watching Claire and HAM. As for Easter, we're not church people. I'll be checking on my floors (which will hopefully be dry by then) and possibly taking the in-laws out to dinner. The girls are getting baskets from my mother and we did get them a new outdoor toy. I don't see much point in celebrating a religious holiday when we're not religious but it is killing DH that they are going without. When holidays became gift giving events I don't know! This will be a constant struggle in our family!

  4. I wish I could pull out my iPhone when I'm bored, but I know that would be rude. So I usually just let thoughts run through my head and take a few notes.

    Wow! They are sleeping in beds!!! We still haven't taken off the sides of the cribs, as Liam climbed out once a few months ago and has not repeated it again. I'm thinking we'll be doing it soon, but I'm afraid the boys will try to play as they do have some toys in their room. I might have to take them out.

    We don't really decorate a lot for Easter like I've seen some people do. We do the Easter baskets with some candy (not overboard on that) and maybe a toy, movie or this year Phoebe is getting a watch. We really only decorate for Christmas. We do have a basement to put our decorations in, but I've seen some people go overboard on decorating for holidays, LOL.

    We do go to church. We're trying to get the boys used to sitting still during mass. It's only a little under an hour and it's tough. My arms get a good workout grabbing toddlers that want to run around. It is cute when we tell Tommy to look at the priest and he says, "Peeest! Peeest!" too cute.

  5. Dont go over board with the decorating...just a few small things...but havent even started yet...better get cracking soon.

    Yay for Connor staying in bed :-)

  6. I tweet if I can or I make lists of things to do then it looks like I am taking notes or whatever!

    Easter we are working on shop stuff - shelves and what not and I have organised a small braai for my birthday :)

    YAY Connor

  7. Happy 6 years! That is awesome! I actually hit 6 years next month.

    Haha! Love the 22 minutes!! You crack me up!

    So awesome about the beds!

    Happy Monday!

  8. When I'm bored I usually either check my mail and twitter from my phone, or I doodle, or I make wish lists...or I take a walk if I can, cause sometimes that's the only way to stay awake.

    We don't decorate for Easter unless you count the hiding of the chocolate eggs? ;-)

    This year we'll be on our way to Gordon's bay on Friday. Wooot! i can't wait. Usually we just take it easy and try to stay off the crazy roads, but I must be honest I am really looking forward to this family holiday.

  9. I tried to get the girls to "decorate" Easter eggs...I bought a bag of plastic eggs and tried to direct them to put small stickers on the eggs. I think the eggs were too much fun by themselves, as they didn't get very far with the stickers. I'll try again later in the week. :)

  10. 1. I think your blog looks really pretty.
    2. Happy Anniversary!
    3. I hate boring people...I probably would have been reading blogs secretly on my phone!
    4. I don't decorate for Easter...does that make me suck?
    5. We're going to my sister's!!!!

  11. My boredom/waiting time is for forum & blog catch up... but doodling if sans PC.
    I'm reading this late so - my today is I'm at work while almost everyone I know has the day off! :)
    We don't do the seasonal decorations thang for now. This weekend will be piano-ing @ the Fri service, then chilling with a beach visit or two & a braai with friends & DVDs at home. Sunday morning we're going to try and make the beach service/meeting at 6am, which we've missed every year!

  12. awww...your big boy is being soooo cute.
    I usually make notes when I am bored. I always have a notebook and usually plan blog posts or work out a budget or write up a to do list.
    Well done on the Mentor thing. So up your alley. Awesome that so much is happening for you in your workplace at the moment. And congrats on your 6 years at the company.We don't decorate for Easter. We do Church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Big family lunch and just generally have a family day. I have never ever gone away on an Easter weekend.

  13. Bored ... read or daydream. My phone is useless as a time waster - though I might label or clean off something. Most likely - I fall asleep. I'm that tired. Can't even drive to town without dozing. (I'm not the one driving ever.)

    Easter ... THIS year, we stayed at church for our entire Anniversary Sunday. Only the second time - as Mamaw is getting too old to have it at her house. ... But we do church, then a big pot luck meal, then the kids hunt candy, and then we do a second service.

    We don't decorate eggs much anymore.

    But if we do a family hunt, we'll hide upwards of 700 eggs - usually Mamaw fills them up - and then various ones of us add to her supply. Yeah, we collect, store, and reuse them, but then, they will cost only 10 - 25c a dozen after Easter at the sales, so we can stock up. (ahem).

    Personally, we don't store much for any holiday.


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