Friday, April 22, 2011

Babies 1 - Parents 0

Connor woke coughing before 5 on Thursday morning.

Kendra also had a slight cough so they both got medicine properly from Thursday after breakfast.

Because of that (and the holiday next week in a COLD place), I offered to stay home with the babies while D went to church.

Well, they refused to sleep at first and eventually K slept all of 30 minutes and C slept for 50 minutes til he fell out of his bed.

I must confess that during those short morning naps, I elected not to get showered and dressed but instead to attend to my house and set things right.

I felt like I was in heaven decluttering, organising and being productive.

Especially knowing it would stay this way for the next 11 days :)

I got a load of laundry done, 4 kitchen cupboards sorted and all the recipe books and flipfiles (folders with plastic sleeves).

I also cooked two meals - one for tonight (tuna and rice bake) and one for tomorrow (bacon and butternut bake).

BUT... the babies were in top form.

Running around like crazy, throwing tantrums every time I said no (I don't just say "no" - I do all the redirection and that type of thing first but they're stubborn like their parents...) and I wondered a couple of times if someone had slipped them some sugar.

As I said to D, "imagine if we gave them sweets?!" We would be KNACKERED!

I'm convinced it's the Demazin they're on.

According to the box it's supposed to make you drowsy but I noticed the last time that they were very hyperactive and it's the only thing I can think of.

Of course this afternoon they wouldn't sleep either.

I have a number of half-read books on my bedside table (for those who are friends with me on goodreads, when I have a long list of currently reading, it is true :)) and this crazy behaviour inspired me to finish There's a perfect little angel in every child.

I fell asleep but I'm about 10 - 15 pages from done.

This weekend I want to get another book finished because GoodReads told me I'm 2 books behind my goal - love it!

D just came to tell me that we have to get something else from the pharmacy tomorrow LOL

Babies 1 - Parents 0

How was your Good Friday?

PS I had 1.5 hot cross buns today. The children picked all the raisins out of the buns, ate those and then told me, "more bread" :)

PPS Pikitup ended their strike! Today just before 12 I heard the trucks coming down the street and I literally RAN outside to check that all our stuff was there (in pjs!) - freezer left wide open where I was busy organising it :)


  1. Have just had toasted HC buns with cheese and a cup of tea. Good Friday was busy. We all slept late (even the kids!), then went to my parents for lunch - divine pickled fish, seafood paella, salad and buns. Was meant to go to Church after this. Decided against it as Joel was being exceptionally difficult and I wasn't going to sit through a long service with him. Came home, napped for an hour, did a HUGE CLEAN UP, washed my hair and now I'm doing some computer catch-up. is the Demazin. I find that the bronchiodilator meds all have that effect on my toddler. Glad they are better.xx
    Tomorrow I'm planning to do nothing except read ALL DAY LONG!

  2. I hate good Friday. Not because I'm not religious, but be cause I'm always sucker into working. Do you know how many people are too lazy to make their own fish for good Friday?!

    Hope everyone is in top shape for vacation. I'm a crazy, yuppy mom who doesn't do medicine. I don't take it, and they haven't had any yet. Thankfully they haven't really needed it yet! And to think I was always so worried about them being constantly sick from bring preemies!

    Hope you have a great Easter!

  3. Our girls seem to get hyped up when they take's supposed to make you drowsy, but not so at our house. I avoid it at all costs!

    I was reading something in the last week or so that there's no research to support that sugar in itself hypes kids up. KNOCK ON WOOD, I have to say that I don't notice a difference when our girls have ice cream here and there. Of course I don't give them very much, but I'm really glad I don't have that concern...'cause you know Mama likes to have the excuse of the babies to indulge in a little frozen goodness from time to time! :)

  4. Spent my Good Friday driving, driving, and more driving. Not as much fun as you might think.

  5. Demazin can make them hyper. Had the same experience.


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