Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Come on in

if you're reading this in your Google Reader, click on over and come see my new blog design.

Do you like?

I love it and Becky has been just fabulous - as you all know I can be a bit... um, how shall we say this... exacting at times.

But she got it!

Thanks so, so much, Becky :)

I love the freshness and it makes me feel happy.

Lord knows we could do with a bit of happy in Jhb at the moment seeing as Pikitup hasn't collected the rubbish for two weeks............... but that's a story for another day :)

I'm off to read my book!


  1. LOve it! Looks great!

  2. Very cute happy design!!! Hope you have a fun weekend away!!!

  3. looks great! Love it!

  4. Love it! So fresh!

  5. I do love it!!!! Looks awesome!

  6. Oh it does look so fresh and beautiful.

  7. Nice, love the colours!

  8. I just love the new design. Great work and choice. So light on the eye. Very nice

  9. It looks lovely. :-)

    Pikitup hasn't been to our street in 5 weeks now. It's not pretty at all. There are a couple of complexes in that road too, but they got thier own truck in to take it away (thank goodness). My landlord has started carting it off with his trailer on his own now too.

    I don't expect they'll get going again until after the long weekend - unless they're planning on working through the long weekend to get double time for all those public holidays, and make up a bit of cash they lost by not working?

  10. I LOVE it! And luckily for you Pickitup is done striking...


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