Monday, April 25, 2011

Going on holiday is hard work

It's 10:18 am and I've just finished my breakfast!

The children's clothes are packed, mine are packed and after I type this post, I'll pack my laptop, Kindle and all the chargers (cell phone and camera).

Then I need to pack toys for the kids and all our food.

I said to D earlier that it's SUCH hard work going on holiday but actually, it's the children who complicate things.

I can't afford to be all blase about things like I am with my own stuff.

I packed my things in 10 minutes last night - the children have had lists and lists of things.

Best I get moving while they're still napping :)

Hopefully there is iBurst connectivity in Dullstroom otherwise I'll just blog using my SIM card and have to catch up with commenting on the weekend.

We went to a FABULOUS wedding yesterday - I have SOOO much to tell you - I cried so much, met people I hadn't seen in 9 - 10 years, etc, etc.

But how was your Easter weekend?

PS the babies had chocolate for the first time yesterday and look, they (and I survived) :)


  1. Happy Easter. A wedding, bliss, i cry, a lot, at weddings, i'm sure i look like a sad spinster (as my husband is always away, so i have to alone) & must look way too emotional. I'm away with my 4 children, i lay all the electronics in the hallway charging the night before, looked ridiculous but nothing is left behind. We are just away interstate so dropped the puppy at the kennels but brought the fish, really!! Love Posie

  2. No kidding! We went to my parent's house which is normally a 4 hour drive, but you know how babies make it a much longer drive. Anyway, SO MUCH STUFF to bring!
    Hope you had/are having? a great trip!

  3. I nominated you for a blog award. In case you get bored!

  4. Had to laugh at the title of this post. That is EXACTLY why we don't do holidays with kids. We did it twice and are STILL scarred. My DH and I spoke today and we are thinking of trying again. In March 2012. Should give us all enough time to grow hair on our teeth and lots of patience. It just feels like there is no holiday with kids and that you have to still do the same old stuff that you usually do at home - only in a different environment.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your holiday. I LOVE weddings like that. I always cry. Easter weekend was lovely. Ate, slept, bonded with family, went to church, caught up with blog reading, read 2 books etc etc.

  5. Have a wonderful time!! I hope this trip is at least a little relaxing. : )

    Glad you all had a good Easter!

  6. Glad you had a good Easter! Ours was so relaxed, I love it.

    Did you over think the packing for the children? They need a lot, but not everything. My new solution is to budget some extra money, so if I've forgotten something I'll just pick one up if it's necessary.

  7. You know what? Even visiting family for a night, is hard work with children. The packing, the planning of what to take, ect. It is hard work.
    Enjoy Dullstroom.

  8. This is why staying at home is easier :-p

    But it does get slightly easier the older they are cos they can then bring you their clothes to pack!


  9. Yea for chocolate!!! Our girls eat it very occasionally - just a little bit - but they're quite fond of it. :)

    And I SO know what you mean about takes me days to prepare my lists...and there are some things that can't be packed until right before we leave, like high chairs. I hate feeling so last-minute (in addition to feeling like I have to pack the entire house), but I know it will get better as the girls get older.

    And I always cry at weddings! I really think about those vows very seriously, every time I hear them, and it's such a momentous occasion.

    Can't wait to see pictures from your trip! Hope you have a fantastic time!!!

  10. Yeah for chocolate! I too find the packing very hard work - I plan so well for the kids. The rest is easier.

  11. Hahaha, don't get me started on packing! I used to be the kind of traveler that could throw random things at my bed, squash them all into one suitcase and be ready to hit the road 5 minutes after the notion struck me to go somewhere. Now it's a bag for clothes, two actually - one for me one for Nicola, bag of bath goodies and toys, bag of meds just in case, bag of normal toys and books, bag of nappies, bag of food...ect. You get the idea.

    I honestly don't know how you manage to fit two little people and all their stuff into one vehicle, some days I feel like I need to get a trailer just for one!


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