Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am clearly a genius

D's team at work have been having issues with finding a good manager.

Of course I could easily do it :) but I don't like the culture there.

Anyway, he was talking to me about why they can't find someone suitable (new ones come in, stay 3 months and they're off again) and I said, "oh, they should just get R"

R used to work there a gazillion years ago, managing another team and then left to have a baby and do her own thing.

But I remembered her as she is very similar to me in management style.

Well, what do you know????

He just sent me a mail.

R is coming back to be their new manager.

I sent him an email back saying, "I am clearly a genius" and he replied, "And don’t forget the strength of your humility!"


But don't you love when things like this happen?!

Now if only I could foretell the next big business idea... then I'd really be a genius :)


  1. Clearly, my dear, you are and he should just acknowledge it!

  2. And I think you clearly deserve a referral bonus! : )

  3. When will our men ever accept the fact that we just know stuff that they don't?!

  4. LOL. Yes you are. And D is just very witty...


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