Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I can't stop staring at the pretty

I know I'm a very, very sad person but I can't stop clicking over to my blog and staring at the happiness :)

It is exactly the feeling I'd envisioned when I thought I wanted something simpler, sleeker, fresher.

It feels clean and uncluttered which is so me.

I was telling my work colleague earlier that I'm bringing back pretty to my home.

She laughed and said that only happened to her when her boys were 7 and 5.

I told her that I feel so frustrated when I leave my house all organised and in order on a Sunday night and Monday when I get home, things are put literally anywhere.
  • Toys do not belong on my kitchen table.
  • Notebooks do not belong on my dining room table.
  • Babies' clothes do not belong anywhere but in their bedroom or the laundry.
Quite honestly, I thought it was my high expectations of others which I'm working on (see 36 things list) but I'm not the only one.

Another colleague said she's had the same cleaning lady for 20 years and she STILL hasn't got it right with her.

She regularly finds toys on her decorative wall unit... :)

Anyway, that's why I decided to label everything in my house to within an inch of its life.

But I'm tying the labels on with ribbons to make them at least a little bit pretty.

Of course I wouldn't change a thing about the babies but I longingly think of the days when I was the only one messing around in the cupboards and knew if things were out of order, it was all me.

Now there's two other people messing around in my cupboards. Grrr.

On the bright side it doesn't take more than a few minutes to tidy up but still, frustrating to find it that way.

I don't know why people don't get that it's more work when you don't put something in the right place once and for all.

I'm going to give both V and Nester a good talking-to because really, I have better things to do with that extra 20 - 30 minutes a day, like read.

When did you bring pretty back to your home post kids? Do you freak when people mess with your cupboards?

P.S. Last night I was making tea in the kitchen and heard a thud.

No screaming but I went to the bedroom and found poor Connor had fallen out of his bed onto the pillows.

He was still fast asleep (and bad mother that I am, I first tried to take a picture but couldn't find the setting to put the flash back on - is that good or bad? - but picture a cute boy in red pj's lying sprawled on pillows next to the bed) and I then moved him back onto his bed which then woke him a little bit.

I'm telling myself it's all part of that letting go thing :) but it gave me such a fright.

PPS I still haven't decided to move or not to move the other blog back to blogger. I am such a wuss. I tried Windows Live Writer but it gives me an error at home when I say "run".


  1. This is so nice to read. I thought I was the only one, longing for the days, that it was just me and hubby who messed around in home and it was much more organised then. I also love my kids but jeez, just like you, the toys is on my kitchen tops, toys are EVERYWHERE, clothes everywhere except the bedroom closet. Argh!
    Thanks for posting this - I don't feel alone anymore, in this (un)organized world of mine at home.

  2. See I find I can take the ladies messing in things and leaving a mess, I consider that part of parenting and unavoidable. It's DH that I am still working on! HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!

    I do love the new lay out. I say if you're having so many problems go back to blogger-and get a Mac!

  3. Mandy, I don't mind the babies messing in the least - it's the big people and it's not D - he hates things out of order too!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blog look, Marcia!!!

    I've had a brief conversation with someone about a blog redesign...the next step is that I owe her some input in response to questions she asked me. I haven't remotely had the time to work through those questions / find links to examples of what I like, though. I'm hoping some time this summer I can get to it.

    I "take back pretty" little bits at a I get rid of certain baby equipment, as I get something ticked off my list, like organizing my pictures. Honestly, I think it will be quite a while before I have the majority of my house back...but at least I can see countertops now since the girls aren't on bottles anymore! :)

  5. I am waiting a bit longer - my boys will break anything they can get hold of. I think about 5 is a good age.

    An you know my blog is supremely simple in design and I am nto going to change that in the future too

  6. Love, love, LOVE the new look! I wasn't sure whose blog I had clicked on for a minute! : )

    I am pretty used to some of the clutter at home...I create a lot of it myself, actually. I have come to the realization that maybe I should just accept it for what it is...we are always going to be a bit of a mess. As long as the laundry is done and everything is relatively clean, I can deal with a few out-of-place items.

    I wish you could have taken C's picture on the floor! Glad he's okay and still likes his new bed. : )

  7. I like your new pretty blog :)

    While I am quite sure that I am not nearly as organised as you are, I am looking forward to some order! I do hope that time will come soon.

  8. I know exactly what you mean. I spend about 20 minutes everyday doing what I call a "reverse scavenger hunt". If you want to feel better I have three kids (thankfully one is in school every day until 4 PM), sister-in-law who watches the boys and my DH works from home when he's not traveling. I actually walk around the house at night when I can straightening up and putting what doesn't belong there in the basket and put them back where they belong.

    And with a 10-year-old girl, let me tell you... when Kendra starts borrowing your earrings, hairbrush, face wash, etc. and not returning it to where it belongs!!!! Ugh! But I so love her!

  9. I'm pretty sure if I took pics of my house, like my cabinets and pantry and closets and heck, even my living room floor, you'd have an aneurysm LOL

  10. My son is nearly 9 and there is no pretty still :-/ there are soccer boots, cricket bats, scooters and make up everywhere!!!!!!

    I do try make my space pretty though :)

  11. Like Cat, I am waiting a bit. I try to make my space pretty. And my bathroom and bedroom (both out of bounds for kids)is not-negotiable.
    My DH mentioned the other day that perhaps I need to take on a making-pretty project. He is of the opinion that it will do me the world of good and that we will both feel better about our surroundings. He's probably right. Need to research how to do certain things cheaply.

  12. Thanks so much for the kind words! I love the design too! :) :)


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