Thursday, April 14, 2011

I have a meeting in 32 minutes...

so this is going to be quick!

Tell me, what is the protocol - do you stir your cappuccino and then lick the cream off the spoon?

I don't lick teaspoons ever but maybe I'm wrong as all around me I see this licking the cream off the spoon....

Am I being too prissy? :)

Then I really must tell you about work.

A couple of things have changed:

1. I am finally at peace about my salary. Well, let's quickly clarify. Everyone in the world thinks they should be paid a bit more (I believe this too).

It's just that before I felt like I was being "shafted" (do you use that word) and was severely underpaid and had issues, etc.........

I had a discussion with my boss a few months back and basically (because it is a long story) in terms of our company's benchmarking, I'm underpaid but in terms of 90% of people doing similar jobs in SA, I'm not.

That explains why, when I get the newspaper and look for jobs, all the interesting ones (to me) are offering less money than I currently make.

So it all makes sense now.

2. We've restructured things in our team and there was an opportunity to do far more salesy/ deal-making things than what I'm accustomed to.

I jumped on it. Without a smidge of experience.

My view is "what's the worse that can happen?" and "there are tons of other lazier people in the world doing this and my passion and enthusiasm has got to count for something, right?"

No seriously, if I suck at it, then I have a discussion with the boss and I am confident enough in my abilities that I'll find something else within this place.

And then I'll know that sales is not for me. And that is that.

But I'm starting to think, "oh my word, what have I let myself in for?"

I'm going to ask for some proper training and coaching in the skills (because my personality does thrive on the goals and targets aspect of it) and hopefully I am at least okay within 6 months or so.

Otherwise, it'll be time to move to something else unless they create something specifically for me here.

Are you adventurous with tackling new things?

How are you doing today?


  1. I am adventurous in tackling new things, only if it interest me. I am happy that you are now at peach with your salary and that new things are on the horizon for you. Good luck.

  2. I lick the cream off the spoon! I will use a straw or my finger if necessary...I'm not about to let a drop of cream go to waste! ; )

    Glad things are going well at work. Hope the new challenge works out!

  3. Deanna, you're so kind to not outright say, "yes, you're a priss" LOVE it!!!

  4. I love how you exactly listed 32 minutes.... totally shows how we have to manage our time down to exact minutes! It is a skill! :)

    I am not a coffee or cappuccino drinker, so not sure what I would do. Makes me wonder?!?

    Glad you have your feeling in order about your job! I hate having doubts about where I stand, so I totally get it! Good luck on this new adventure! You will do awesome! Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  5. I lick the spoon. :-) Why wouldn't you? It's only been in your coffee.

    You'll do great with sales! Don't panic.

  6. I love the precise time! :)

    I can't do coffee and have never had cappuccino! I only really drink milk, and adding cream is a bit redundant!!

    I say lick it, you only live once.

    Way to be courageous! New positions, go you! More effort than I would have put in. Tonight I assembled the girls' new wagon and we went out for it's maiden voyage. I've spent the last hour in bed planning out how to attack my floor project while watching a documentary on South African crime tactics. How thrilling!

  7. Oh I lick that spoon.

    Go for the new challenges - I always have to give myself a bit of a pep talk first, and then I am ready for the go.

  8. Maybe it's because I first of all don't like cream? Maybe I just don't do licking spoons (except for after baking).

    I don't know???

  9. Yum - add sugar first then use the spoon to 'eat' all the foam off first... then drink the cappuccino or late.
    Re the tackling of new things - I think I've got more woosie as I've got older lol. Enjoy your new tackle!

  10. Im guilty of licking. On the job front I think the only way one will not be underpaid is if you own the place.

  11. I lick the spoon. Especially if it's something sweet LOL

  12. Also- I love your new blog design!

  13. Clearly I am also prissy? I don't lick no spoon. Ever. That is for kids.
    I think that the sales thing will be really good for you. Don't worry about it. Really.
    I'm not shy to try new things. But I always have to give myself a pep talk first and tell the voices in my head to shut up!


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