Monday, April 11, 2011

Instead of losing the kg like I wanted to...

I gained 0.8 kg!

I was so, so tempted not to go weigh on Saturday but I talked myself into going because I know I need the accountability.

The ladies did not look very impressed with me (trust me, I was also not very impressed with me either) and talked to me for a long time.

It was no surprise to me that I'd gained weight since I started because I was trying to do things my way.

Well, my way hasn't been working which is why I joined in the first place.

For those of you who have never been on Weigh-Less (lucky fish), this is how it works:

  • they give you a formula (5 complex carbs, 3 protein, etc, etc)
  • you have to eat everything within the day
  • you have to drink 2 L of water daily

I hadn't had all my water (have lapsed to around 1.5 L daily) and I was not eating the entire formula.

Oh, and I was still eating easter eggs, biscuits and sweets. Not a lot, but a treat a day adds up.

And, most important and crazy when you think of the type of person I am, I was not organised.

Last time round (5 years ago) when I lost my 5.2 kg or whatever it is I had to lose, I was extremely organised and I had the most consistent results in the group I was at. Not a big achievement because we were all major slackers but still :)

This time Weigh-Less has made it easy and organised everything for us. BUT that doesn't work for me because I hardly eat the foods on the menus provided. I don't like ham, pork, red meat and lots of those veggies.

And there is a TON of food to eat daily.

Last night at a few minutes to 12 when I was finally packing my lunch (I know it's bad but I was hooked on a personal finance site), I set everything out on the counter.

I would have gone to fetch my camera to take a few pics but it was late and I was lazy.

Basically instead of all my food fitting easily within my current lunch bag, I now take a big bag (tote) to work FILLED with food.

It's quite crazy to see me walking in every day with my bag of food.

The thing is, it's the right kind of food.

So here's what I'm doing differently this week. I'm sharing it here so I can come check back and remind myself and also it may help the 3 people reading who are also on Weigh-Less.

  1. On Saturday morning when I got the bad news, as I was walking to my car, I gave myself a pep talk along the lines of "there's nothing I can do about the past" blah blah (this stuff works for me!)
  2. I came home and took out a paper weekly planner and planned every meal for the whole week.
  3. Then I checked our pantry and fridge and made a shopping list.
  4. I went shopping for TONS of fresh fruit and veggies, so much so my fridge is far too full.
  5. On Sat afternoon I made a ginormous pot of soup with 1.2 kg of veggies (onions, carrots, butternut, broccoli and tomato) and 400 g lentils. That made 8 individual servings. 1 serve = 1.5 veg + 0.5 protein. I battle getting the veg and protein in so I'm basically having a bowl of soup every day.
  6. On the water front, I've been having herbal tea like crazy because it's cold and I want to be warm and we're restricted to 3 cups of decaf tea/ coffee daily. That has helped.
So far so good.

After two days the scale showed a 0.5 kg drop over the two days. Let's hope this continues because I have to lose that 0.8 this week.

There we go - my Weigh-Less story from week 1.

There is a lady in her 50s there who joined the week before I did. She's lost 1.8 kg both weeks. Inspiring but I will admit I am slightly jealous. She told me she doesn't cheat even a tiny bit. She sticks to that formula 100%.

I don't have self-control like that.

I had 2 biscuits tonight after supper and yesterday I had a slice of cake!

As you can see, I'm about 95% correct with the eating, with the odd treat thrown in here and there :)

Where are you on the scale? Are you a strict "stick to the rules" girl or do you enjoy treats?

P.S. Is it just me or is the blogosphere very quiet over the last couple of days?


  1. Sorry that you picked up weight. You have a great plan and I just know that you will lose this week.
    You don't have to eat the veg that they prescribe. Just substitute and have extra butternut or whatever veg you like. Love the soup idea. Am going to try that. I generally don't cheat (except maybe just after weigh-in) but when I am PMS'ing then I can't help myself. Also, I realised that I am not ready to have a controlled cheat just yet because I just don't know when to stop. I had fish & chips last Saturday. During the week I ate roti and curry and I ate chocolates. I find that it just becomes easier the next time around.
    Oh, and I leave a lot of my food at work so I don't have to carry so much everyday. My porridge stays there as does my fruit and salad and and my rye biscuits. I just basically take carb and protein serves in every day as well as a yoghurt if I'm having one.
    We also have a lady like that in our group. She even weighs her fruit! Now THAT is something that I won't ever do...

  2. I suck at dieting...the moment I think I'm not allowed something that's all I want, even if it's not something I enjoy usually. So I just eat whatever I feel like, but try to keep it to a little at a time.

  3. Nicky Lawford12:10 am

    I am just the same, eating right MOST of the time with other "bits" every now and again. Only problem is that we bought a scale on Sat (ours is in a container in SA) and it turns out that I've put on 2.5kg in 2 months - HOW I ASK YOU? Well I have started doing something I always said I wouldn't - eat the kids left overs. I so miss fresh veg (Ghana flies almost ALL it fresh prod in and it still doesn't look great) and Weigh-less! Stay with it M - I need you to guide me...Nicky.

  4. This is sooo not what you want to hear but.... I've never dieted. I don't own a scale. I've never been to a gym. I generally eat healthy but I love to bake. We have fresh baked cookies every night and I certainly don't deny myself. I do try to limit though.

    I try not to focus on a number. Weight constantly fluctuates and I just go by how I feel and adjust accordingly. I actually couldn't tell you what I weigh at the moment, but I think I will find out tomorrow!

    It has been quiet. Here the weather has been fantastic and blogger was being fishy for me. I hope you can get this weight off and move on.

  5. Weigh-less works but you have to stick to it!!

    Even following the basic formula doesnt work - you need to do the measurements/weights!!!

    Good luck for next week!

  6. I have found from my own experience that the only way to have any measure of success with a diet is to be organized so you're not left thinking about food.
    I stick the the rules but do allow myself the occasional treat. I'm on a mission as I have a tight goal for this Friday's weigh in but except for a few extra glasses of wine, I think I may have made it!

  7. It is quiet! I used to stick about 99% on it and it worked. And remember - those who need to loose most tend to loose faster.

  8. I am strict to stay on track but once every 2 weeks I do allow myself a snack. I am very strict with my exercise and there I don't go off track.

  9. Keep on, keeping-on, Marcia! It's sometimes hard for me to get enough healthy calories in a day, especially if I exercise hard that day...but it's what our bodies need to operate efficiently.

    And yes, it does seem to have been quiet lately. Maybe Spring Break in the US? Or at least spring-time weather and folks are out and about?

  10. Just stick with it and it will pay off! You have made the right decision to get organized, you have to be when you are dieting. Otherwise, when you are hungry or disorganised, you just grab the quickest, easiest thing to eat. I'm going to make myself some soup too!


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