Saturday, April 23, 2011

Intentional cheating

Pic of my boss's socks - taken in a team meeting :)

This week I had a fairly busy week. It's always busy when the week is shortened and especially so when you're going on leave for 11 WHOLE DAYS!

Woohoo :)

We have such a lot of public holidays - Easter weekend, Freedom Day and Workers Day that if you took 3 days, you'd get 11 in total.

So of course, everybody and anybody will be on leave :)

Thankfully I have nothing serious on my plate for when I get back. Clients have all been briefed and I'm not even going to check my email.


I did two good things for me this week:

1) I've been organising and planning my food a lot more. It's paid off because this morning my scale again said 1 kg lighter than last week but when I went to Weigh-Less, their scale said 1.2 kg down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm over the moon. Clearly all the soup and herbal tea is working and I'm actually savouring any real mugs of tea (a real mug of tea is one with milk :)).

For the record, I'm no saint. In fact, I've probably cheated every day but I'm a lot more conscious about cheating.

Does that even make sense?

Let me explain.

I had some quiche and mini cheesecakes for someone's birthday at work. After two bites, I stopped eating the quiche as it just wasn't worth the cheat. The cheesecakes totally were worth it, though.

But I thought if I'm going to cheat then I need to thoroughly enjoy the food :)

I did the same thing today with a biscuit. Took a small bite and thought, "um, no. not worth it".

2) And then today I went to have my hair done. Long, long overdue but I had to dye my hair first before getting it blowdried properly.

Do you know how unattractive it is to have a 2 cm strip of grey at the roots?

While I was there, I was brave and asked her to cut some of the end off. Usually she cuts way too much for my liking but I took a deep breath and just went for it.

I don't want to get too excited but I'm in a good phase with my hair at the moment. It's growing nicely and I'm loving it.

Which helps with the bravery.

I'll ask D to take a pic...

And that's me - now I have to assemble the babies' Easter things.

I'm not into making gift-giving occasions out of every holiday but my mother specially EFT'd money into my account and told me to get something for the babies.

This is not like her normally so it means a lot to me.

I got pajamas for them because they (especially Kendra) love them. If it were up to me, I'd keep them looking like babies forever and have them in babygrows til they're 5 :).

They each got a pair of flannel hand-me-down (I love hand-me-downs, especially if I'm close to the people!) pjs and they look so cute in them.

So they're getting pajamas and a few Easter eggs from us.

What did you do for yourself this week?

Did you do Easter gifts for your kiddos? What did you get?


  1. I love that you're working to really savor your "cheats"! That takes a great state of awareness...good for you, Marcia!

    Our girls are getting a new board book each, and a plastic tea set, divided between their baskets. I know they'll love it. They pretend to make coffee and tea all the time for us, and they love to sing "I'm a Little Teapot". :) Oh, and I might enjoy playing with it, too. :)

    I also bought some Reese's eggs. I'll give most of them to Hubby, but I will probably let the girls try one. I kinda think they'll like that, too. :)

  2. Those are some great socks!!! I am so totally jealous of your 11 days!!! Good for you enjoy! Yay...on weight loss!

    Great ME time! I love getting my hair done too!

    I hope your little ones enjoy Easter! I actually got my 2 some Toms shoes for Easter! Too cute! I decided that their 3 sets of grandparents would get them enough candy and Easter toys ! ;-)

  3. We also got our babies PJs for their Easter basket, along with their first toothbrushes and puffs. Practical but cute!

    Great job with the meal planning! A little cheating is definitely allowed :-)

  4. I'm working on my easter post now!

    I used to have a serious sock fetish, I love those! I love that you are really sticking with this weight business, it is soo much more than I could do.

    Our Easter baskets look surprisingly like Mandy's...

    Enjoy your vacation and know that I'm extremely jealous of all the R&R you're getting! 11 day! Amazing!!

  5. I agree on cheating having to be worth it. With me it is the same, for q different reason though - a "treat" needs to be worth the insulin I need to take for it.... and certain things are so worthy (like my own Easter egg... milkybar yummy). My boy will also have a treat, and got some treats, including toys from the grandparents and a close relative.

    Enjoy your holiday! I cannot wait for our time away. We leave Tuesday and will the staying at a place on a farm in the countryside.

  6. I appreciate your thoughts on cheating. AND WOO HOO about the moving on the scale!!!

  7. Hi! I've given you a blog award :D Come and grab it from my blog:

  8. Hey, congrats on your weight loss. Our WL meeting didn't happen on Saturday - probably a good thing. Am so going to do the soup thing this week. Either that or step 1 again. I love that you can control your cheating. I battle to do this so I try to completely avoid it where I can.
    We don't get Easter gifts for our kids. They get a treat. Only after we have cleaned up. I can't stand a messy place on Easter. Easter = new beginnings = clean house etc. I tell them that we can't expect to see glimpses of resurrection in a messy house. And yes, my DH does think that I am weird.

  9. Congrats on the 1kg loss. That is great.
    I did not give the kids any Easter gifts, we from now on is going to concentrate on what that day really mean and to stay healthy as well

  10. Nicola got loads of Easter eggs, a full new winter wardrobe (not really an Easter gift), and a seaside holiday (also not really for Easter).

    I think I need an extra big bottle of rescue drops after all of that. And a little quiet spot to have it in.

  11. I am like you - if something is not good enough and it's not "good food" I leave it. If it's good - I have it.

    We do some eggs and then a small thingy, generally from Woollies - the boys got easter egg cars and the Princess a cat tea mug with egg in as she is now into, hold your breath, having tea!


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