Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of climbing, talking and bedtimes

So on Wednesday last week, I worked a bit late.

I phoned V and told her to give them their bedtime bottles if they asked.

When I got home, V told me that she put them both in one cot to drink their bottles and when she returned to get the empty bottles, Connor was back in his own cot.


I laughed (very) nervously and said, "his father is going to freak out!"

I got close to Connor's face and said, "Connor, you are not allowed to climb out of the cots. You need to ask us to come fetch you, okay?"

And he said, " ' kay".

But I was right - D about went crazy when he got home and heard this story.

He is much more overprotective than I am and padded the floor next to the cots with the camp cot mattress (I happen to think putting it there may encourage Connor to jump out).

Anyway, on Thursday when we took the babies for their 21-month check-up with Dr S, I mentioned that Connor climbed out of his cot the previous day.

Dr S said that it may be time to move them to beds and I said, "no, thank you, I'm not a fan of beds".

Connor goes, "FAN! FAN!" and makes the sound of the fan. (They and D love sound effects)

Oh the cuteness!

But I clarified that I love having them contained otherwise they'll run around the house while we're sleeping!

Tonight I was praying with them before bed.

Kendra is a girl who loves her hugs so I hug her tight while I pray.

Connor had been asking Kendra for the book she was reading and she didn't want to give it to him.

So while I was praying with Kendra, my back was turned to him (otherwise he talks to me throughout my prayer) and he climbed into her cot (in SECONDS), took the book and climbed back.

I was so shocked because he's so quick!

And I was praying!!!

Then it was his turn.

I pray long....what can I say, once I get going, I like to do a good job of it :) so I was saying something about "thank you Lord that Connor is an obedient boy" and he goes, "BEE! BEE! ZZZZZZZZZZZ"


"Yes, Connor, that's how a bee goes but I was saying oBEdient" :)

And so ends tonight's cuteness.

When did you move your climbers to their own beds? How do you keep them in bed instead of running around the house?

I want to write much more but I have been going to bed far too late and tonight this is going to change :)

My happy medium is computer off at 10, tidy desk, work papers, pack bag til 10:30 and read til 11 - 11:30 and then lights out.

The last 3 nights lights out have been somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00 which is totally unacceptable. I have been a zombie from 2:30 and couldn't even properly write a business case tomorrow. Fortunately I have no client sessions tonight so I can get to bed nice and early.

What's your usual bedtime?

PS on the bright side, my weight is still the same since Monday so I haven't gained anything but I also haven't lost anything further.

PPS OHHHH, I nearly forgot, the massage was great. I'm only having these from now onwards :)


  1. So I have to admit (to you) that I haven't actually looked at my list of goals...which I had intended to do at the end of March. I just know I'm not tracking the way I would have liked, and I'm putting off actually seeing it in black and white.

    Part of the reason I'm not tracking is that I've been being pretty "lazy" at night. I say "lazy" (in quotes) because it's not truly lazy...I have kept up with all the usual housework, cooking, laundry, etc. But after all the mandatories are done, many nights I've been taking a bath and going to bed relatively early - 8:30 or 9:00 - to read. It's been pretty heavenly, but I've got to find a better balance between relaxing and getting more things done.

    The last couple of nights I've scrapbooked, and it's felt SO good, but I have missed my yummy reading in bed. I've been up until almost 11:30 by the time I scrapbook, and then sneak in a few pages (huddled in my bathroom so as not to wake the hubby).

    I know I need to organize and prioritize, but I guess I'm just hoping for more hours in the day somehow. :)

    Wow...a long-winded answer to your bedtime question, huh? :)

    Oh, and I don't even want to THINK about beds until I have to. I don't care if the girls are four and are in their cribs, as long as they're OK with it. Christina's girls (Our Life with Multiples) just turned three, and she said they love their cribs. I'm hoping for the same!

  2. At a stage we took down the one side of our cribs - I know it was before 2, and turned them into toddler beds (we have those big sledge ones that can do this) because L climbed them in second. They have been in those since and last night we moved them to big boy beds.

    I like to be in bed, and reading by 10. But tonight is going to be an all work and no sleep one.

  3. A & M are still in cribs, and I plan to keep them there for as long as I can! They don't try to climb though, so that helps. I have heard that some kids don't even realize they can get out of a toddler bed without help, so they just stay put...maybe you'll have that kind of luck? : )

    Glad you enjoyed your massage. I haven't had one in YEARS.

    My bedtime has been later and later too. Right now, it's 11 ish, and that includes some reading time before bed.

  4. We put Aaron into a bed when he was almost 18 months, mainly because he was getting too big for the cot and it would creak ominously every time he rolled over.
    We put a soft bed rail up and told him if he needed us he must call us.
    He never wandered around the house, he would occasionally come to our bedroom if we didnt hear him calling.

  5. We haven't gotten to the big bed stage yet...sort of...Nicola sleeps with me, so I guess she's always been in the very big bed. I have a cot, but she rolls around too much and wakes up every time she touches the side - what we have now is working really well for us, so I'm not messing with it.

    I think I might move her to her own bed at about two or so. We'll see...

    My usual bedtime is midnight, and up again at 5.

  6. Oh the cuteness!!! The cuteness!!! Love it!!! Let's just say "You make your bed..." You need to have a way to keep these guys in their room until you come to them... maybe a hook high on the door or something... Just to give you a totally different perspective: Mine all slept like puppies on a huge futon with us and as they get old enough to want their own bed (oh about age 6!!!) they move into their own beds... but they are free to roam the house pretty much as soon as they wake-up and the world is their oyster. But our house is safe enough for our kids to wander around in the day and I can't watch them every second, so it is safe enough in the early am as well... I reckon. They can't get into the dishwasher, the cupboards are closed and they can't get out of any doors. I don't have any kids that have wandered off on their own, everyone heads for the couch and a pile of books when they wake-up and they read until everyone is awake... No-one has ever thought to go off and do anything hideous my biggest challenge with wandering was when my second child was born and I would sit nursing him and the older kidlet was free to wander - I very quickly learnt to shut the door with him in eyesight before I settled down!!! They have to be free to wander around their home at some stage - and I guess that stage has arrived!!!

  7. Are cots different from cribs that we have here? Like a different size?

  8. I'm all for keeping them penned! I will wait as long as possible unless it interferes with potty training. Thankfully we haven't had many crib climbing issues so far. They do push their cribs away from the walls though, makes me wish we had carpet in there sometimes!

    As for bedtime, I keep telling myself my head will hit the pillow by 11 since we wake around 5 am but it's usually 1130-12. That last half hour I'm usually telling myself I need to go to bed!

  9. As a father of a 3 month old girl and 3 year old boy, I can't believe how different they are. The boy cried his eyes out when we put him the cot and he ended up sleeping in a bed since he was like 3 months old. My daughter basically just want to sleep in the cot! lol!

  10. I attended the Toddler Sense Workshop a few months ago and Ann Richardson echo's your pead's advice, she also says that they're ready for beds when they start climbing out of their cots.

    Good luck!

  11. I tend to agree with Sharon and think that if he's starting to climb out then it's time to move him. I moved Ava a couple of months back and she hasn't ever tried to get out of bed. She didn't try and climb out of her cot though, she was just asking to sleep in a bed. I remember with Zoe I was also very reluctant to move her (but had to because her sister was coming) as I was convinced she'd climb out and she never, ever did. Even now she only ever gets out of bed if she needs to wee in the night. I have always been pleasantly surprised with how easily children make transitions and it's often us holding them back. Zoe gave up her dummy without a single disturbed nap or night (Ava didn't have one), both moved to beds without any issues and both also gave up breastfeeding and bottles without a single tear. Even potty training was way easier and faster than I ever anticipated. Ava does have one of those flap-down bed rails (think it's Lindam that makes them) and it's brilliant, I had it for Zoe. For me it's also a great excuse to re-do their rooms and get rid of all the baby stuff - compactum, nursery linen, etc.

  12. That's so funny, but naughty of course! Connor sounds like a real character these days. And yes, you probably need to start looking at beds for them. I agree though with keeping them contained, but sometimes kids don't want to be "contained" I suppose.

    I go to bed at about 10ish and get up at 6:30ish.

  13. Usual bedtime for my kids until they reach High school are 20h00.
    I moved both my kids to their "big" beds when they was 18 months because just like your boy, the climb out of the cot. They were so chuffed with their "big" beds that they enjoyed it so much, that they only climb out of them, occasionally. Other times I just talked hard to them and they went back to bed. I'm a strict mother.

  14. I'm SO glad about the massage!!! That is freaking awesome.

    Matt climbed out once and landed flat on his back. Scared the crap out of him and he hasn't done it since. It petrifies me that I may lose that control when we start potty-training this Spring...they have to get out in the middle of the night when they have to pee, right?

    I try to turn the lights off at 11 PM, but just can't find the switch b/c I'm too engrossed in my book!

  15. That's so funny, but naughty of course! Connor sounds like a real character these days. And yes, you probably need to start looking at beds for them.

  16. My tween boy made the transition to big boy bed from about 18 months. Mainly because he was too big for the cot. It was fine and we had absolutely no problems.
    My Toddler slept in our bed. Even though he had a brand new cot. He just wasn't interested. He is only in his own bed for the last year or so. He actually doesn't like sleeping alone and crawls in with his brother about2.2 minutes after I switch off the lights.
    I go to bed way too late. A good time is 22:30. I am still up at midnight some nights. Must work on this.


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