Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Phones and massages

Two quick things:

Someone phoned me this morning and after she switched to her colleague's phone and we still had the problem, we figured out that it was MY phone giving the problems.

I logged a call telling them (you know with our quick emailing system) "people can't hear me when they phone me".

Wouldn't you know the telephony guy PHONES me and I answered instinctively (I also can't stand a ringing phone) and then he says, "Marcia, I can't hear you".

Well, exactly why I logged the call.

(I nearly slammed the phone against my head)

When I calmed down a few seconds later, I emailed him and told him nicely to please come up here....

Okay, so the phone's fixed if you want to chat.

Secondly, after Rebecca posted about a full body massage, I asked K, my beauty therapist to book one for me and that happens this afternoon.

I'm a bit scared at the .... well... full body part of it (I've only ever had back and neck massages and some others in Thailand, but that was Thailand where you're very scantily clad all the time anyway) but here we go, courage and all that word-of-the-year stuff.

So, have you had a full body massage? Did you enjoy it? Do you keep underwear on?

P.S. The pic has nothing to do with the post but I just love it. It's one of my favourite pics of London.


  1. I keep a g-string on - some places actually give you a paper panty thingy to put on. Enjoy! And that phone story borders on dof.

  2. I dont really like a full body massage, I feel a bit too self conscious. The head and neck ones are divine! I always keep undies on!

    I like the phone story :)

  3. Had to laugh at your phone story - its like something they'd put in a sitcom!

    As for the massage, most every massage I have had is a full body one. I'm not sure if its because here they are so expensive and always in fancy places so you always get the whole body, or what, but its definitely worth it! Then again, it doesn't bother me being bare in front of a stranger (usually female, FWIW) and your bottom is covered with a towel - you can keep your undies on if you want. I also get Brazilian waxes so clearly, I'm not very prudish.

    It takes longer to do a whole body and getting the entire 50-60 minutes is a big part of the relaxing process for me. And who says your legs and feet don't need massaging, too?? :)

  4. Marcia, you are going to enjoy the full body massage. When I was obese a few years back, I had the guts to book a full body massage and also was nervous. But, with people who do perform massages, you can be sure that all of them are professional and they make you feel comfortable no matter how big, small, ugly, beautiful ect. you are.
    You are going to enjoy it - take it from me.
    Let us know about your massage.

  5. I'm laughing about the phone!!! That's classic!!!

    I always get full-body massages. I leave my undies on (but not my bra). Hope you ENJOY!!!

  6. I love a full body massage. I leave my undies on, bra off.
    You will have a towel over any part of your body that isnt being worked on and one over your behind the whole time.

    The telephone thing made me snort!

  7. oh i burst out laughing at your phone story! that is hilarious!

    *throws phone across room*


  8. I'm so excited for you. I've always wanted one but am weirded out by the nakedness. Can't wait to hear how it went.

    I am pro-panties!!

  9. I've been for a couple of full body massages...bliss. Just don't think of it as being naked. If you can still think while it's happening you probably need a different masseuse. ;-)

  10. I've only ever had one massage, and it was a full body one. Heaven on earth. Aaron bought it for me for Valentine's day one year.

  11. You're going to love the full body massage! I'll admit the first time I had one, I was very self-conscious and I had no clue what to leave on, take off, how to get under the blanket on the table.

    I generally leave my underwear on and the therapists I've seen have always been very good about making sure I'm covered well so I don't feel exposed at all.

    Hope you enjoyed it!

  12. Nicky Lawford8:58 am

    Since your pic has nothing to do with the post I thought I'd leave a comment that has nothing to do with the post.....if you LOVE pictures of food so much please check out www.steamykitchen.com

  13. I think you're going to LOVE it!!!!

    That phone thing would have sent me over the edge!!!!!!!

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  15. Can you believe that I have never had a full body massage? I have had the neck and shoulder one and would LOVE the full body one. I need to remember to budget for it.
    I have no idea what they would do but I would think that you wouldn't need to have your bits exposed?


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