Monday, April 04, 2011

Quick question on wedding gifts

We're going to a wedding on Easter Sunday.

He lives in London and she's currently in South Africa and will obviously move to London with him after the wedding.

They've asked for cash since they don't want to be transporting stuff on the plane but I really don't like giving cash so I was thinking of a gift voucher.....

(they both love photos - he is like me and takes tons of pics of doors and windows :) In fact, I asked for some prints of some of his pics and framed them. They are now on my desk to inspire me - I'm looking at those gorgeous, turquoisey shutters now)

I wanted to give them a gift voucher to this place so they could get a nice framed canvas or metal canvas until I saw it's $45 shipping (same price as the gift voucher I wanted to get!) to the UK.

So now it becomes a bit unreasonable.

Anyway, so do you wise ladies have any good wedding gift ideas along those lines? (I'd want to spend about $50 total - R350)


  1. Gosh. I have not a clue.
    I also don't like giving cash but I tend to give it when the couple requests it. I usually put it into a nice card or something. A couple that I know that got married last year also asked for cash. They ended up buying a tumble dryer and a dishwasher and some other appliance with it. I thought that this was so clever. At least they weren't sitting with 20 coffee mugs...
    I hope that your other commenters will be more helpful than me.

  2. I have started giving Willowtree figurines...for the last wedding I attended I got them "The Promise". It is small enought to be taken with their hand luggage when they leave.

  3. American Express gift cards! They are my go-to. Sure they have a small fee, but they are good internationally.

  4. you could go for a gift voucher to a UK store? Somewhere like John Lewis? (it's a big department store that's everywhere).

    Otherwise.... i think it really has to be cash! Moving from one country to another is painful enough wihout having to worry about transporting gifts! I know it sounds crass but I think their reason for wanting cash is pretty unquestionable :)

  5. I like the voucher idea especially one that they can order from anywhere.

    I also dont like giving cash - it really is very impersonal!

  6. How about a voucher towards a massage the morning after the wedding or a lovely breakfast or something;-)

    It's my favourite gift to give at the moment, vouchers for services. Good for the environment, and the person always feel good afterwards :-)

  7. I do not like giving cash too, but really, maybe in this case it is the best? To me a gift voucher is just an impersonal than cash - I mean really, it is just cash in another form?

  8. I'd give cash...when we got married, there were certain things that we needed $$$ for (furniture, mortgage payments, paying off relocation fees) and it was wonderful when people helped us out.

    However, if you're really stuck on the gift voucher, I'd find a place in the UK...aren't you glad you have us to butt into your business and tell you when to do? ;)

  9. How ironic... I just yesterday finally got around to buying wedding gift for UK based friends marrying end of April. They said NO gifts, but had a gift registry at John Lewis. So I went online and it was SO easy. Had they asked for cash, I would not give, (I know, I just can't bring myself to - it goes against my grain) I would have bought something really small for them to fit into their luggage.

    But I have to share the rest of my online buying story. I ended up buying the most expensive gift I've ever bought (apart from my husband's wedding ring!) I bought nearly 300 pounds worth of lovely kitchen knife block, then later I was thinking .... Oh My Word, I forgot to multiply it by 10 to get Rands...
    I told K and he said I should ask other friends to chip in for the gift. But that would have been a mission and a lot of friends to make up a big amount. Luckily I read the terms and they have a cancellation policy for long-distance purchases - must be for silly people like me!


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