Saturday, April 30, 2011

This week's self-care & books up for grabs

Well, as you know, this week we were in Dullstroom on holiday.

Being on holiday with kids is only a change of scenery but surprisingly, we all had a good time.

Despite the snotty noses and coughing.

And the vomiting. (K vomited a total of 4 times on holiday. Thank goodness for D because I am NOT good with the bodily fluids)

I think this age makes the difference.

I don't get easily phased by the tantrums as I have a heart of steel :) and the lovable part is just adorable.

I found myself saying to D all the time, "I can't BELIEVE how cute they are!"

They hug, kiss and are so tender with one another and with us (most of the time) and it's beautiful to see.

I may have had a tear in my eye a couple of times.

When one is crying, the other will go running to find that one to try and pet them.

(Claudia, I used one of your tricks and now find myself saying, "gentle hands, Connor, gentle hands")

Back to the me time:


1. I read TWO books in two days. No, I can't believe it either. To be totally honest, I was about 40 pages into the John Grisham and a chapter into Crazy Love.

Still, TWO. Which means I've read 6 books for the month of April.

Speaking of reading, I'm still getting used to the Kindle and can only read samples on there before my eyes start burning.

2. Due to the non-internet thing, I literally checked to see if any sales came through and then I was off the computer. Bliss because I got to sleep more than enough despite the babies going to bed an hour later.

One night I organised my entire My Documents and backed up my computer. Also bliss because it's the kind of thing I have to put on my goals list and make my coach make me do it :)

3. I also met up with my 3rd blogger friend (I have 10 on my life list) - all 3 have been Americans :)

4. And today D and I went for an anniversary lunch and then I went shopping for a new duvet, new continental pillows and new curtains for the babies' room. I am a comfort gal through and through so I'm going to enjoy that duvet and pillow the whole of winter - YAY!

So that's me - as usual, a day late :)

How did you take care of yourself this week?

PS I have 6 books to sell. They are all new books, read once by me, a book freak!

Please offer me anything you like (plus postage - around R20 within SA and about double that overseas) and I'll get it off to you on Tuesday when I'm back at work. Or if I'm likely to see you soon, we can do the exchange then.

1. I'm not neat but I'm organized
2. The gifts of imperfection
3. We should do this more often
4. Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife
5. Stop fighting about money
6. There's a perfect little angel in every child :)


  1. So....two books in two days is like being a rock star reader. WISH I could do that :)

  2. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the two books. I'm getting greener with envy by the second. I'm lucky if I can read one book in two MONTHS!

    I admire your tenacity in turning off the computer. You get a big gold star!


  3. I am sorry the kids have been under the weather! That's no fun! I do the same thing with commenting on my kids cuteness. Sometimes I admire them and can't believe I had something to do with creating that little sweetness! :)

    That's seriously some awesome reading time! Good for you! I think it is awesome you spent sone time with one of your blogger friends! How fun! Glad you and hubby celebrated your anniversary with a nice lunch! Always fun!

    Have a great Sunday! Take care!

  4. Semi-sick kids on vaca, BLEH! Glad it wasn't a drag though. Did you find things to do with them in Dullstroom?

    I'd very much like to start reading again. I wish I had the focus. I'm pretty sure the last two years at home have turned my brain to mush. I should be lucky I can still form sentences at this point!

    I did take time to take care of some house things. That brought me some satisfaction. I hate chores falling to the wayside.

  5. What books are they? I am always looking for books!

    I have not really done much for me in a while - shop is taking all of my time BUT we open tomorrow! WOOOT

  6. It is great to catch up on your glad you had a good break in Dullstroom. Before you know it you will be having blissful holidays with your little ones and they will be getting easier and easier.

    I considered getting a Kindle...but I love the feel of a paper book in my hands too much. I read "Room" and "Blind Fury" during our time in Plett. I loved both books for different reasons;-)

  7. So glad you had a good break. It really does get easier the older they get. You are doing so well with your reading. I really need to get my act together with this. All that I have done for me was read, eat cake (because I felt like it) and watch Gossip Girl. Oh, and I wrote up about 12 blog posts which I may or may not publish.


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