Saturday, April 02, 2011

The truth about me time

I've had a very, very busy March.

Much busier than I like it, quite honestly, with all the talks, socials, etc.

But that is all over and I couldn't be happier.

The truth is that when one thing in my life is too busy, other things suffer and my life feels out of balance.

Not a lot but I've worked SO hard over the years at getting that balance and yet, as you know, it's a constant juggling act.

So I hate when it feels like I'm regressing.

Thank goodness I can do a few minor tweaks and get it all on track quickly.


What works for me is being intentional, saying no to the right things and doing the rest as smart as I can.

Doing my work well, and giving it absolute focus so that when it's down time, I don't feel guilty about doing nothing.

It may not always sound like it but I'm an expert at doing nothing and lazing :)

So in March, my Wednesday night dance class and my reading suffered a bit.

I only read 2 books for March and finished the one I was aiming for to be number 3 this afternoon during the babies' nap.

The last time I was at my dance class was 16 Feb!

But what did I do for me this week?

1. Well, I had a manicure on Tuesday. Half of it is already off because of bathing the kids..........but it did look pretty for 4 whole days.

2. I finally opened a savings pocket from my one bank account with the turquoise bank :) and transferred money into that so it doesn't bother me in my main bank account. Done.

3. I also went through one of my shelves in my study, found some notebooks that I'd bought and didn't even use so took those back to CNA today and got........... R170 back in cold, hard cash. There was a bit of back-and-forth since they'd been bought more than a month ago but I stood my ground - I had cash slips and clearly the stuff had not even been touched. Eventually, she caved and refunded me. And now I need to stop spending.

4. But best of all, I joined Weigh-Less today. The group leader said to me, "are you the one who phoned me?" Yip, that was me. I probably sounded determined because I asked her my list of questions and told her I'd be there. I was unshowered but fresh-smelling (hey, it was early for me - 8.30). So according to me, I need to lose 5.4 kg (she would have been happy with 4.4). That's 12 pounds.

I've already cheated with one marshmallow Easter egg (I don't even like Beacon chocolate but those eggs are delicious) but on the bright side, I'd forgotten how MUCH you eat on Weigh-Less. When I made supper earlier, I looked at the mound of food and thought, "impossible" but I got through it.

I'm aiming for a 1 kg loss in week 1. I know I can do it :)

But enough of me, what did you do for yourself this week?

P.S. I have a quick post to do on another blog and then I'm off to bed with a new book. Heaven!


  1. I haven't had a manicure in ages, as I know the polish would be wasted after a day. I still need to get one, cuticles could use some TLC!

    Good for you to refocus...I love reading how you analyze and work through things in your life. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. You did have a busy March!
    I love that you are so aware and conscious of when things are out of whack. And that you put a stop to it before it gets out of control. This is a skill that I am still trying to master.
    Awesome that you have joined Weigh Less. I think you should take it easy this weekend and start on Monday. Just count the CC and drink lots of water this weekend. I find that it is easier to Weigh Less in the week because there is more structure and I am too busy to think about cheating. You can totally do it!
    Oh, and this week I browsed in the bookshop (bought nothing) and I tuned my feet with a DIY pedi. Also managed to catch up on some reading. Must say that I have had a much better week than last week.
    I am also about to get into bed with my book. Happy reading!

  3. honestly? Not much! Got 2 hours at the library on my own today, so that's something.

    Very jealous of your manicure - must have been heavenly!!

  4. ps good for you with weigh less! And hooray that there's lots and lots of food!

  5. I think you are the busiest Mom I follow! ;-) But you handle it so well!

    I still need a manicure and pedicure in the worse way, so I am very jealous!

    Great ME time! Good luck on your weight less journey. I an still working on getting and staying on track!

  6. Good for you for getting a manicure. Well deserved!

    Good for you for joining Weigh Less. I have no doubt you'll reach your goals in no time.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Gorgeous to meet you, you're so sweet for considering me a rockstar, i just cruised into parenting, singles, twins, all very easy for me. I'm finding them more challenging as they get older & have more homework & their own opinion, it's full on. My husband lives interstate (for 3 years) so it's all up to me. Love Posie

  8. I had a back and neck massage and a mani and pedi. Thought I deserved it after getting a months bookkeeping up to date:-)

  9. Good going on the weigh-less!

  10. That suck that your manicure only lasted 4 days - is that the norm with manicures?
    With the whole week that the kids weren't home, last week, everyday was pure indulgence for me - me time galore :)

  11. I didnt do much! Its been alot crazy around my parts recently with the main focus on getting the shop stuff sorted and Kiaras party out the way on Saturday!

    I have the same issue with notebooks but I actually start writing in them - so have piles of pretty notebooks with a few pages used in each!

  12. 12 lbs. Sigh.

    I need to lose like 5 times that. I am jealous that your goal is so close and in sight.

  13. Mmmm, can't think of anything off the top of my head. This is something I actually need to focus on a bit more.


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