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The Wedding (part 1) and some infertility experiences

First of all, thanks for all the lovely comments :)

I have not even read, let alone had the chance to comment (except for a quick one on Rebecca's post) but I'll catch up (kind-of) this weekend when I'm home and at least leave a comment here and there.

Today has been lovely but D and I have decided that Dullstroom is not very child-friendly. And the water sucks. Other than that we're having a good time :)

The place is full of these red trees (what are they called?) and the kids love them.

Tomorrow we're going through to Sabie to have lunch with a blogger friend travelling down from Mozambique. I can't WAIT! I have a big bag of goodies for her - I went a bit crazy because I know she loves organising too :)


I've mentioned before that D and I used to pastor an area in our church many moons ago.

In 2000 and 2001 to be exact.

At the time we had 3 adult groups, 2 youth groups and a children's group in the area.

The two people who got married on Sunday was the children's group leader and a guy who used to attend the one youth group. The youth group met at his parents' home.

They were about 16/ 17 at the time - too cute!

Anyway, they were (and are) both lovely people to have in our area. Faithful (which is HUGE to me!), reliable and 100% committed to God.

We only pastored for 2 years because I hated it. I still don't know if it was the area, the way we did the pastoring in those days or what.

Anyhow, we then moved into my true passion, Passion Driven Ministries. After about a year, I was asked to take over the consultants' ministry and I happily agreed. As you know I like to be in charge of things...

I ran courses to train up consultants (people who helped the church people discover their passion, God-given gifts, etc. so that they'd know where best to serve in the church) and also actively consulted with people myself.

In the 7 years I was involved, I probably assessed (that's what we called it) about 500 people 1:1 personally - I just loved it so much. I still do. If you would ever like me to do this with you, you need only ask. I LOVE IT!

So after finishing school, those two (K & B) went to varsity and eventually came on my training and both became consultants.

I must confess I was quite the taskmaster because I really saw our work as so important - we had two hours to impact someone's life forever... (or that's how I saw the vision God gave me).

If we were slackers, people could end up in the wrong place, hating their ministry. But if we did our thing properly, they would be fulfilled, have joy and serve in their purpose.

During that time, two other couples met and got married. Isn't that cute? All through this ministry.

I got very close to each of my consultants and am happily still in contact with about 80 - 90% of them.

K & B are very, very precious to me - maybe because they were so young when we first met and we pastored them, or maybe through the consultants, who knows?

We've kept in contact all through the years - they both (individually sometimes but often together) have come for supper lots and when he's in the UK, we Skype, esp if he sees me online. She has lived in SA all this time except for her month-long trips over there and his month-long trips back here :)

So, long story short, at their wedding, aside from family, there were lots of church people. We used to pastor some of them actually.

Now here's the thing.

I had the opportunity to share my infertility experience with two different couples.

One of them was the other youth group leader, now married to a girl who used to be in his group :)

They've adopted a little girl because they're infertile and shared their frustrations with me about how racist people are (the little girl is black and they're white) and how a lot of people think adoption is 2nd prize (something which makes me see red!).

The other couple is still firmly in denial which I get because I was once there too. They are young and have been trying for 4 years.........

D said to me afterwards we were meant to be there because of those two instances.

Absolutely! And for the wedding, of course.

(part 2 tomorrow!)

Do you also believe that you can be in a certain place at the right time for a reason?

Any other questions about the ministry thing?


  1. I very much believe that sometimes I'm put somewhere for a reason. This isn't a somewhere, but one night a few years ago, I had a dream about my old high school best friend. We hadn't talked in years, but I called her the next day, and left a voice mail of, "I'm calling because I dreamed of you and you know my dreams mean something to me." She called me back and sure enough, she was beginning the process of a very difficult divorce and she appreciated being able to talk to friends at that time. We've been making sure we keep in touch more often now!

  2. I most certainly believe that. There was numerous accounts in my life before where things have happened on a specific time and then to realise that it actually the right time to have happened.

  3. Great post...I absolutely think that you are put somewhere for a reason...even if you can't see it at the time.

    I also hate when people talk about adoption like it's 2nd prize...blah.

    Thanks for checking in with me, BTW!

  4. I think those trees are japanese maples.

  5. Ditto to Rebecca, that looks like a huge Japanese Maple.

    I totally agree that we are in the right place at the right time. Everything happens for a reason!

    Can't wait to hear about the vaca!

  6. Oh I do believe it - that is exactly how we met.


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