Thursday, April 28, 2011

The wedding (part 2)

Part 1 here

The wedding was absolutely beautiful.

Lots of different things which I loved:
  • they cut the cake straight after the ceremony and after having a piece each, left us to finish it all while they went to take photos - LOVED this and the cake was a delicious, thick chocolate cake (I had a small piece)
  • only music was a violinist and a saxophonist (too cool - how is it that saxophone players always look so sexy?!) til the DJ started the dancing music
  • throwing of rose petals only happened after the cake thing as she didn't want flowers in her hair (I love this most of all because K appears to be so shy but she knows her own mind!)

All my crying...
  • K was raised by her grandmother and I started crying already when the grandmother walked into the church. K also looked like she'd been crying a bit.
  • The ceremony was so beautiful - simple but stunning and sophisticated - they wrote their own vows and spoke them with such purpose and passion. LOVE!
  • B's mom said in her speech, "it's easy to let go when you know it's the right girl at the right time. K, I'm delighted to welcome you to our family and I promise I will be a good MIL" :)
  • B's speech was SUCH a tribute to K (I cried and cried - I'm such a love language person) from when he first met her in Std 9 (Grade 11). They'd been best friends for years and years.
  • They did a video of their photos - from baby photos right up to latest holidays - it was BEAUTIFUL and I want a copy!
  • First dance - oh dear, the looks they exchanged. I do believe the wedding night was good ;)

Yes, I was a total sop.

Such young love, so perfect for each other (he is very serious and analytical - such a good, decent young man, and she is serious when she needs to be but so fun-loving and full of life - they are going to be fantastic parents one day) and I just LOVE watching that.

Now here's my stroke of genius: I've invited them to supper when they're back from honeymoon just before they jet off to London.

This is always what I miss about weddings - to properly engage with the couple because at the wedding it is useless to talk meaningfully. So this is going to be fabulous!

I know they won't remember a thing anyone said to them and rightly so :)

I must say, I enjoy weddings much more these days I actually have kids and don't have to avoid all the "so when are you two having children?" questions.

I also love the fact that we got married 16 years ago when the whole getting married thing was still cheap. If I had to get married now, I'd just elope :)

Do you like weddings? Do you cry?

What's the best part for you?

Did you have a big wedding?


  1. That's a gorgeous photo! And I love that they cut the cake before the pictures...I think it's so rude to make people wait - sometimes more than an hour! - to see the bride and groom and start enjoying the reception.

    We had a very small (but elegant, I think) wedding. I'll probably blog about it this summer, on our anniversary in June. For one, that's just me...I wouldn't have wanted to spend the money on a huge to-do. Also, it was only a few months after my mom passed away, so I actually wanted to be more intimate, even a little subdued.

    I love hearing about your history with this awesome! And I know you'll all enjoy that dinner together so much. :)

  2. Happy holidays to you!!!

    Oh we also had a beautiful wedding this weekend!!! My ten year old has a best friend in her twenties - I know they just connect!!! Anyway she got to be the flower girl at her best friends wedding and it was lovely!!!! The speeches went on forever and I wish some one had recorded them because even though they were terminal (!)... they were saying such lovely things... this guy had two brothers who just stood up and spontaneously said what a wonderful brother they had... amazing very moving!!!

    I loved our wedding, it was the best wedding I have ever been to - don't remember a thing anyone said and it took about ten years before I even discovered what the pastor's sermon was about!!!! Just never heard a thing the whole day!!! Here's a link to our wedding story - I blogged it a while ago:

  3. I actually hate weddings. I know, I'm horrible.I don't see the purpose. Why all the fuss?! The dresses, the reception, all the people and food and EFFORT! Not to mention the ever growing cost. I'm the person in the back wondering how long this marriage will last. Of the last three weddings we've been to only one is still going strong. Welcome to America!

    We had a smaller than small wedding. I actually never had any intention of getting married but IF changed all that!! So our wedding was just me, DH, and our two best friends. A mutual friend married us after a day on the beach and we all had dinner at a local restaurant. It was a breeze to get seating since we were married on a Monday! Pure genius! My dress was a white sun dress off the clearance rack and I didn't wear shoes! No flowers, no fuss!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the wedding.
    I do not cry at weddings - I smile a lot though because of how happy it makes me when people get married. A three way bond - God, husband and wife. So beautiful.
    The best part of a wedding to me is the preaching of the priest. All of them are so different when they preach.
    We did not have a wedding in a way - we got married in front of his and my parents in the home of the Reverent. In a way it was so much intimate.

  5. I simply ADORE weddings!!! Did they get married at Avianto? That's where we got married! And we also cut the cake straight after the service and people got to enjoy the cake while listening to the string quartet outside while we had photographs done! I sat glued to the TV today watching the Royal Wedding! I am an absolute sucker for weddings! :)

  6. I love weddings. It depends who it is but yes there are tears - the dance with the dad always gets me purely cos my dad wont do it!

    First wedding wasnt big and I dont think my second one will be either but it will be so much more special!

  7. I was so afraid this would be about the damn Royal Wedding and I'd have to click away...thank God it's not!

    I love weddings...getting dressed up...dancing...seeing people. I do cry when the bride walks down the aisle b/c it totally brings me back to when I walked down the aisle. Love it!

  8. I have mixed feelings about weddings. I love them and I loathe them. I love them because of what they symbolise, I loathe them because of what they have become.

    I personally feel that people are too concerned about the wedding day and forget about the actual marriage which is meant to start the very next day. I always cry at weddings because the service is usually beautiful and I also cry because I wonder if they truly understand what they are letting themselves in for. Perhaps my feelings on this are subjective – they probably are – because I have found marriage to be the hardest thing (and the best thing) that I have ever done. It hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park.

    I prefer small and intimate weddings. I had a big wedding and truthfully, I didn’t enjoy it because it wasn’t a reflection of who my DH and I are. It became all about our parents and their guest lists and friends and their ideas of what our wedding should be like. I was about four months pregnant at the time (bet you didn’t see that one coming!) and exhausted and hormonal and I honestly couldn’t wait for it all to be over. My DH and I have been thinking of renewing our vows in the next year or so. We hope to have a small intimate ceremony with only immediate family and a few close friends. Exactly the way we would have wanted our wedding to be.

    My favourite part of any wedding is the part where the bride walks down the aisle with her Daddy. Usually she is emotional and excited and a little overwhelmed at the same time. Then at the end of the walk he lifts her veil over her head and kisses her tenderly. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. Makes me cry every single time. Must be because I am a bit of a Daddy's girl. My second favourite part is watching the groom see his bride come down the aisle. That moment, that image is absolutely priceless...

  9. I almost always cry at weddings and truly, it's the vows that have me choking. We had a smallish wedding compared to our friends at the time - about 80 people.

  10. I enjoy weddings especially if it's a couple I really think will make it. Generally I don't cry.

    I had a biggish wedding (120 people), if I ever get round to it again I'm definitely eloping though. ;-)


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