Friday, April 15, 2011

Wordpress, work and ME time



I have had such problems this week with my organising blog on Wordpress. I can only upload 1 pic at a time (is that right or is it something I'm doing?) and pics that I was uploading weren't showing on the post, but were on my dashboard.

My tech person eventually sent me a plug-in which works as long as I don't copy and paste the pic somewhere else. Mighty WP doesn't like that.

I switched to WP because at that time, Blogger didn't have the post scheduling things and I didn't have time to write new ones daily when the babies were little.

Anyway, I am THIS close to changing back. I just want to type a post easily, upload 4- 5 pics at a time, have the spacing look good, etc.

Sell me on WP somebody please!


Yesterday my plans to work late bombed.

Well, I worked late but due to headache + lack of mojo, I only managed to do the outline of my presentation in the two hours I'd allowed.

That means Stress!!!

This morning I was going to work from home getting it all done but my kids were not letting me be so I trudged in to work.

Two hours later, presentation was all done.

I took a short break and then worked on a business case.

I just wrote and wrote and wrote. Absolutely no editing and overthinking.

This is key for me.

When I start to think too much the writing thing stops.

So on Monday after the presentation, I'll tidy up and prettify the business case (make proper headings, make sure the thing makes sense in a logical fashion, etc, etc) and then it is DONE!


Me time

1. I've been sneezing and had a runny nose the whole day. The minute that business case was done, I put on my out of office and was out of there.

That's self-care for me.

I came home to my beloved Degoran, water and bed. V kept the kids entertained so I could sleep for 2 hours and only woke me to let her out.

2. I had my full body massage on Tuesday and it was decadent. I have decided to get these from now onwards. Because of the cost though, I'll have to stretch them out a bit longer than every two weeks. You were all right - it was all done very professionally and yes, bra off but panties on.

3. I bought a Kindle. That's a post of its own but so far? loving it.

4. I had two non-cheating days on Weigh Less this week and am so proud of myself. Today I nearly made it but had half a small box of smarties. I figured rather Smarties than Woolworths "soetkoekies" (sugar cookies). Tomorrow is the weigh-in and I shall report back.

And now, I need to give feedback to the blog designer who is giving this blog and the organising one a makeover :) and then retire to my lovely warm bed with my book.

How have you taken care of yourself this week?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Try using Windows Live Writer (free download) with'll love it forever! ;-)

    It's the easiest way to load photos firstly, and secondly you don't have to online to compose posts...only when you publish. It's awesome, trust me.

  3. You amaze me with your regular massages....I need that more than ever right now because money is tight....and because money is tight, I tend to put them off. It's a vicious cycle. I need your sense to rub off on me. Truth is....we find the money we decide to find....right?

  4. Oh finally - love you got yourself a kindle... if you love yours half as much as we love ours then that will be well worth it!!! Now I will have to post a list of a whole lot of ebooks I am reading on mine at the moment... buckets of great blog books!!! As for WP... I use an editor that I load up to WP so the best of both worlds. I was using marsedit but the photo's were driving me nits I just recently changed to ecto - mot perfect but I love how easy it is to use Hope you are feeling better soon and have a fun weekend!!!.

  5. I so need a massage!! Congrats on your kindle purchase....hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

  6. WP... I tried it as well when I first started and gave up. Blogger is so much easier for me. I'm too tired and bagged at the end of the day to fiddle with stuff like that. Make it simple! Hope you can get things figured out.

    So jealous of the massage!

    Have a good weekend.

  7. Sorry to hear you are feeling sick. Hope you are way better soon.

    Ooh, and a kindle - yeahness.

  8. I'm on blogger. I hear wordpress is better, but I don't want to take the time to switch over and learn everything again.

    Love the massage! Sounds amazing!
    And a Kindle? Girl, that's a good week!

  9. I prefer WP because of the fact that I can schedule posts. I have too many thoughts running throughout my head, that I need to schedule my posts in advance.
    WP is also easier to navigate for me - more user friendly in my opinion.

  10. I am really so bad with this self care thing? I must plan it better. I can't even remember what I did last week for me!
    I have no idea on the WP thing. I must spend some time on my blog figuring all this out. I just need to make some time for it.
    Hope WL is still going well. Rather do jelly babies or wine gums instead of smarties.

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