Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Body issues, what I'm learning about food and tons of pics

love this pic - it's so me - grey skies, cold weather and warm clothes - LOVE!

walking through a cemetery in Scotland

no Photoshop - the grass at the Blarney Castle is really that green!

beautiful street in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland - isn't it quaint?

me in Scotland (just for you, Roz) - down one of the side streets off Princes Street, Edinburgh

in England somewhere - love the colours

my 2nd bloggy meet-up in Scotland - the lovely Suzanne, my organising buddy :)

D & me at the Blarney Castle grounds

me in Chester, England - love this kind of gorgeous little street

I answered in the comments of that torso pic :) but wanted to quickly write it here in case you don't go back and read comments (I know I don't).

Contrary to perception, I really don't have body issues.

I'm happy with what I look like, even the 5 kg overweight version :)

The thing is... I know what my body is capable of and I really hate to see it not living up to its potential.

Confession - I hate seeing any person not living up to their potential.

I want to run up two flights of stairs and not be out of breath.

I want to chase Connor around the garden for hours on end.

Etc. etc.

And I want to be toned and athletic :)

I can dress to camouflage the bad bits... somewhat... but I just want to be the best possible me.

Does this make sense or do you think I'm talking rubbish?

So this time around Weigh-Less is teaching me a couple of things that I'd forgotten, and some new things.
  1. Two herbal tea bags in a litre of water plus two sweetener is almost as good as water. I make a jug and drink from it the entire night so that I don't drink endless cups of tea (as I normally do). Delicious. Also helps you get to the water quotient in winter.
  2. I have almost gone off normal tea because I'm being intentional about my calories and that extra quarter spoon of sugar (I take 1 equal sweetener (Canderel is too sweet!) plus a 1/4 spoon of sugar in a mug of tea) is just not worth it.
  3. I really, really, REALLY look forward to my real cups of tea/ coffee these days because I can only have 3. Sometimes I don't even make it to the 3rd cup!
  4. Other than the tea/ coffee, I really prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them. I can easily turn down milkshakes, smoothies, juice, etc.
  5. I choose proteins that have the least amount to eat since this is the one I really battle with. So feta cheese over lean ham :)
  6. Soup is my friend
  7. When I'm organised, I'm much happier (I now carry a herbal teabag in my handbag and to meetings so I'm not tempted by our delicious cappuccinos) and cheat less.

And some things I'd forgotten:

  • To not buy food I normally don't eat (like those darn Finn's rye biscuits - gosh, they're like cardboard)
  • How much I love baked beans and tomatoes!

So how do you feel about your body? Do you have body issues?

And have you learnt anything about your relationship with food lately?

PS there's no reason for the pics - I just felt like looking through some of them and thought you'd enjoy them too :)


  1. Earlier today i was thinking the exact same thing: I'd rather eat my calories than drink them.

    And then I had a latte. But it was worth it :)

  2. I learned that food is there to make me live and not me wanting to live for food.
    I'm glad that you are re-learning things again from Weigh Less.
    I have to agree with you on the fact that I now know what my body is capable of - to go away from that now, is not going to do any good to my body. Why not try home exercises perhaps?

  3. I am at the heaviest I've ever been.

    I gained after having the twins, instead of losing.

    I really need to find some motivation to get on track, but so far I haven't.

  4. He he he he, that was me! And quite frankly, I have learned to love who I am, what I am capable of, and not fret about what I can't do. I CAN enjoy creme brule or homemade scottish shortbread! I can have popcorn fights with the kids. I can savor the tastes of yummy food and I am good. =) It's a wonderful feeling being totally happy with myself! xoxoxxo

  5. Mmmm...what have I learned about food?

    It doesn't define me. It is there to sustain me. It is there to give life. I am not an emotional eater (thank goodness!) and tend to eat out of habit and as part of ritual.

    I love the herbal tea idea. I am battling to drink water when it is cold so I think I'll try this. And I love those rye biscuits from Finn crisp!
    And I have to admit I realised that I don't like meat that much. I can totally give it up. But NOT fish. I am from the Cape Flats so I can't give up fish.

  6. Aw, two weeks back from Scotland and I already want to go back...isn't it the most gorgeous place? Well, I am an emotional eater...and I have struggled with that my whole life! But Weighless has made me so aware of what I eat and surprisingly I have resisted food during the emotional times! I have had issues with my body image my whole life...will tell you more when I see you. Well done on your Weighless journey...you are doing well!

  7. P.S. Which Loch are you and Suzanne standing in front of?

  8. Roz, that's Loch Lomond :)

  9. Try tea and coffee without sugar and sweetner. Really, especially coffee is so much tastier without anything sweet.

    And baked beans - love the taste but my IBS hates them.

  10. I can't believe people thought you had body issues...I think you're very honest about not hating your body, but wanting it to be better...as most people do. It's hard to get into a rhythm with your body (I'm kind of talking about myself here) when you haven't been a "gym rat" your entire life. Plus, when the kids are sick, I can't work out. When I'm sick, I can't work out...therefore, I haven't regularly worked out for 3 weeks. Most "normal" people don't have to factor that crap in!

    I love love love those pictures. The green is insane! I'd love to get over there sometime in my life! We'll see...sigh...

    P.S. - I only drink coffee in the morning, seltzer during the rest of the day, and some wine at night...I substitute wine for some sort of dessert as I'm not a huge fan.


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