Saturday, May 14, 2011

Caught out

Spotted while I was doing a walk around at work with an art director scouting for locations

This morning I was walking across the parking lot at our church when my phone beeped.

I checked the message and it said, "Marcia, please come weigh in so I can help you. Maureen".

Caught out.

I replied, "You are SO sweet! I'm at a church thing but I do need help and will phone you. Marcia"

I'm terrible at texting but I had to respond immediately because the Weigh-Less Group Leader figured me out.

I haven't been to weigh-in at Weigh-Less for two Saturdays.

And the week before that I'd put on 0.6 kg. It was the Saturday after our holiday so I chalked it up to being out of your routine on holiday .

The next week I was exactly the same on my scale which means the same on their scale too.

And this morning I was only 0.2 kg lighter.

So I told myself, "what's the point in going?" and "I don't have time"

I never, ever believe people when they say, "I don't have time".

A better thing to say is, "I'm choosing to do this instead of that".

In the interests of full disclosure, I spent some time this morning looking at A's teddy bear bday party (thanks for your Picasa link, Cat).

I could have gone to weigh-in even though I was on my way to church.

I've been having lots of constipation problems and lots of birthday problems.

Birthday problems- these are no excuses. I accept full responsibility.

The table where the birthday girl/ boy puts all the cake and goodies at work is right across the aisle from my desk.

The way I achieve goals is to set up my environment for success. So I don't take any food to work I can't eat. E.g. Julia commented in a post a while back when I mentioned the ginormous bag of food I take to work that I should leave some things there. I can't. If I'm at any point hungry, I would polish it all off since I have very little self-control.

We've had two birthdays in the last two weeks. All with VERY good cake. I've had small pieces but still...cake. I have no problem with things I'm not keen on - fresh cream, lots of icing, etc.

Thank goodness the next birthday is only mid-July!

Then, constipation.

Let's just say I've always suffered somewhat but usually the water and the all bran flakes do the trick.

Not anymore.

I had to buy Dulcolax on Wed because I'd had no success since Sun (TMI!) and yes, it worked on Thurs but I felt so ill I'm considering the rest of the box worth R60 a waste of money. 29 tablets, anyone?

Today my friend told me to try Benefiber so off I went to Clicks again this afternoon and got me some. R85 later, this stuff better work.

There's also one other thing which seems very superficial but here it is:

My jeans are already loose.

The weight I've already lost coupled with the "magic" of the personal trainer has meant my size 34 (10) jeans are all loose around my thighs. So are my work pants and therefore I feel thin. I've even been turning down the waistband to keep the jeans on.

I think I should fit on some of my old size 32's so I can feel a bit fatter and get motivated to lose these last almost 4 kg :)

Here's hoping this week is better and I lose something crazy like 2 kg :) Look at me, over-achiever extraordinaire.

How good are you with self-control and eating the "wrong foods"? What do you tell yourself? What are your tips for "eating success"?

PS I've just realised - I haven't been exercising!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's probably reason 3.


  1. I love that picture. And yes, your group leader is fabulous!
    I didn't go and weigh in today because my DH had to work and I had the kids. Excuses! I could have called my Dad to take me and he would have waited in the car for me with the kids. If I am truly honest with myself then I would say that I didn't go and weigh in because I have been feeling bloated this past week. I am actually very good during the week, though I am currently battling to drink water because it's cold in CT. I keep forgetting to go to Woollies to buy that tea. Will make a point of buying it tomorrow because I am having tea and milk tart with my friend and have to go and pick up the tart at Woollies. My problem is on the weekends when I have to socialise. I really battle so only go to functions/parties if I really have to. We have loads of parties at work and I tend to stay away because I know myself. Once I start I probably won't stop. It does help me a lot to keep most of my food at work. I leave porridge and bread there as well as fruit and I keep salad stuff and yogurts and cottage cheese etc. in the fridge so there are no excuses. The only food I take in everyday will be my protein allowance for the day. I eat breakfast as soon as I arrive at work because if I don't then I will overeat at snack or lunch time. If I feel peckish at any time during the day I drink rooibos tea. Helps a lot. Other times I just play mind games with myself. I tell myself something like " Julia, if you eat that cake, even one bite, you will puke because your body will reject it. Your body needs beautiful, wholesome, healthy food and can't tolerate junk etc. etc." I HATE nausea so it seems to stop me in my tracks.
    You'll get there again. Hope the benefiber helps you along. You are going to be exercising soon and Maureen is going to give you some tips so things will turn around. Hang in there.x

  2. Oh, I so need to work on this. For work, what works for me is to pack plenty of water, high protein yogurt with cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch, and a snack for lunch with protein, which is usually hummus with carrots or pita chips or some nuts. If I don't have a healthy choice around for a snack, cookies and other bad stuff in the coffee shop at work look really tempting.

  3. Oh. I have been good about bagels lately. No bagels for breakfast in a looooong time! That alone helps!

  4. I'm horrible with eating. Horrible!! But unlike you I've just accepted it. So go you for keeping with it!

    Tonight I've just finished 4 cookies fresh from the oven before bed. Topped off with a tall, cold glass of chocolate milk. I do consider my night time snack my only snack, something to look forward to throughout the day so I don't snack all day. My main success is to not buy things at the store. Just to stay away from the junk aisle and when I absolutely have to have them, I talk myself into buying them elsewhere cheaper knowing full well that I'm too lazy to head to another store for one thing!

  5. There is absolutely no way that I could ever manage weigh-less or any other diet. I have no will power whatsoever. Thank goodness I've inherited good genes so have never battled with my weight, except for the 2 kg's I had to lose after having Ava and running sorted those out. Running is also brilliant at keeping one regular.

  6. I admit to doing small bits of treats. Have you ever considered that you might have IBS? I have, btu the diarhoe one. Try working it the other way round - get Probiflora 9 strain and drink it as a preventative. Keep those good "bugs" going.


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