Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Considering myself tagged

Julia wrote a post yesterday and I had so much to say I thought I would consider myself tagged :)

These questions are from her blog.

1. Does your partner/spouse read your blog?

D doesn't read any of my blogs but does subscribe to the one where I only write about the kids.

He has no interest in reading any blogs but he does know this one exists and what kind of things I post on it. I often write here and then I'll say, "so I wrote on the blog about time-outs, etc, etc and the people said X" That's enough for him :)

Now and again, if I come across something that I know he'll love love LOVE (usually on parenting), I'll send him the post from my Google Reader.

On the one hand, I think he'll enjoy some of what I write but on the other hand, it is nice to have MY space so I can write about him. Teehee :)

2. Am I being unfair to write people off who don’t speak to me in my love language? Even though I have spoken to them about what it is that I need from them? Even though I make an effort to speak to them in their respective love languages?

Well, I have lots of issues with friendships but the same Suzanne from yesterday's post said something a while back that really put this into perspective for me.

She said there are different friends for different things. Some are just to have fun at a movie with, some to go shopping, some to go to Scotland :), some to talk serious stuff and share your life dreams.

I have since just accepted each one for what they are and know that some are to go see chick flicks with and not for serious talking :)

So I think, Julia, that maybe these girls aren't your "love language" friends. Set the intention and pray and ask God for some LL friends. That's exactly what I've done.

3. Why do people not respond to you or call you back when they say they will?

Maybe they're not "phone" people?

I'm not an SMS person but I am an email one. If you SMS me and I'm at a computer, I'll reply by email unless it's urgent.

I go “mental” if people don’t phone me back, especially in service industries.

Call them out on it. Yes, a bit embarrassing but worth it to resolve it. Sometimes people don't realise they are making you go nuts.

4. What is the best type of holiday for a Toddler and a Tween?

A beach holiday is surely good for anyone, right? :) Or is that just me? Or something with animals since they're boys?

5. Why do some people put empty milk cartons and stuff back into the fridge when they are done? Why is it so difficult for some people to clean up after themselves when they peel potatoes or whatever?

Now this is something that seriously drives me nuts. We have a rule in our house that when you approach the bottom third of anything it goes on the shopping list on the fridge.

V has learned that I do not go to the shops mid-week, ever. And she is now planning much better :)

I have a particular issue with V - she will use baby toiletries - Vaseline, powder, shampoo, etc. and leave 1 drop in the bottle. Literally.

Bear in mind that I have a cupboard stocked with things and all she has to do is finish using the thing and take another bottle from the cupboard.

But no, I will have to empty the container.

And yes, I have told her so before. Yesterday I gave both her and Nester a talking-to. I told them I am tired of my house looking like a train wreck.

Toys only belong in the babies' bedroom or the lounge area, not the kitchen or my bedroom, so if they see things out of place, to move it back.

And so on...

We'll see how effective this talk was :)

To answer your question, though, I think it's because they're lazy and don't want to get another box of milk from the cupboard :)

Oooh, that felt good!

I'm tagging 7 bloggers - MandyE, Rebecca, MandyH, Laura (Harassed Mom), Gina, Blackhuff, and Amanda from LilyPad just because I'm curious :) but go ahead and consider yourself tagged.

Do any of these things drive you nuts? Or are you cool as a cucumber? If you're cool, what do you say to yourself to keep calm?

P.S. I forgot to acknowledge one other award and am mortified. My post is edited.

P.P.S. I was up to date with my Google Reader by about 7 pm last night. When I logged back in later, there were 34 posts and then I deleted 7 blogs :)


  1. My husband also knows about my blog and what I blog about but just like yours, he have no interest in reading mine or any other blogs.
    I too am a email person. I like to put words on paper/electronically rather than words over a phone.
    Cool post

  2. Loved your answers!
    My DH has no interest in reading mine or any other blog though I do email him stuff that I know he will like. Now and again.
    We always do beach holidays (and we live practically 10 minutes away) and I was hoping for something different for a change. LOL..I hope your staff took note of what you said and that your house doesn't look like a train wreck tonight!

  3. My husband stopped reading my blog when it was about infertility. He started thinking that was all I was thinking about, as I didn't talk about it to him. I didn't want to talk, so I would just write and get it out of my system. Now, I still don't think he reads it, but he knows I don't talk about him on my blog, which he has voiced as a concern. I don't get that, as I adore him and wouldn't have anything but nice things to say about him.

    And on the train wreck house. I think ours is OK, but it hasn't been as nice lately, and I dreamt last night about my house being a train wreck. It was such a nightmare!

  4. I will get to this promise :) I did see it on Julias blog and wanted to do it :)


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