Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dog tired of budgeting and .......tattling

Since I'm sure most of you are also probably sick of reading soppy Mother's Day posts, let's change the subject completely.

I've been doing the budget this evening.

Reconciling holiday spending and the last week's too.

I am thousands out (impossible as we haven't really gone crazy anywhere with the spending) and even though it's making me feel crazy obsessive like this, I know nothing is going to be clear when I'm this tired.

The other annoying thing is that it's not something you can just send a colleague (like I can with a normal excel sheet) and say, "please check me on this - something is not adding up" :)

I'll have to have another look with a fresh set of eyes tomorrow.


In other news, my son has started "tattling" on ME!

Not even on his sister but on me.

D says to me, "Connor told me you took the orange pen away from him and didn't want to let him play with it"

I literally was floored.

He was right.

"How on EARTH did you know?"

Apparently Connor ran crying to him.

"Daaaadddddddy! orange.... :) "

Yip, I am the mean one because I said no when he wanted to play with my orange pen.

Things are about to get really interesting around here!


  1. Laughing out loud about sappy MDay posts...I just can't look at FB or my blogroll anymore today! :) I appreciate it all...but I just can't... :)

    That's too funny about Connor tattling on you!!! Hopefully you and D can decide on how to respond to such "reports" and nip it in the bud pretty quickly.

  2. I love that C is getting you in trouble! HA! I just wonder how to get that in check!? Does he know that he is tattling? I dread tattle tales!

    Their speech really does amaze me.

  3. Totally agree on the sappy Mother's Day posts...there's only so many ways you can say "I love my mom" and "I'm glad to be a mom". : )

    LOVE Connor's tattling! Oh, the stages we are getting into with these little ones. Mackenzie was pouring water on the porch the other day, and we asked her who made that mess. She responded very clearly: "Addison". What?!!

  4. Yeah! I didn't do a Mother's Day post!!! I was busy at a steeplechase horse race all dressed up with the fam! I'll be posting pics soon. I just was dog tired last night.

    The tattling is so funny! Phoebe now that she's older tries to tattle on her father. I've told her if she wants to get him in trouble call his mother, as I'm not his! Too cute!

  5. Oy. I feel your anguish with the budgeting bit. I hope that things were clearer today.
    LOL at Connor being the tattle tale. Joel does the same. My DH ignores him or doesn't respond the way he wants and then he comes back to me with tears in his eyes. Then he actually expects me to comfort him.

  6. Hahahaha, once they start tattling you have to be really careful about what you discuss in front of them too I guess?


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