Friday, May 20, 2011

Five on Friday

1. I guest posted over at Dolli-Mama yesterday on I got my mojo back. Go read and please comment :) - everyone else that has guest posted has tons of comments. Eeeek.

2. You know how we all have good intentions about keeping track of our babies' likes/ dislikes/ milestones/ favourites, etc? And then how 90% of us don't actually do it (I am very firmly entrenched in that group)?

Well, here is the answer. One Rad Mother is a genius. Seriously. I'm in awe.

3. Men are not designed for party planning. Or maybe it's just my man. Do you know we had a 30-minute discussion last night addressing just two areas - theme and venue - and we are still undecided?

Do you also know how frustrating this is for me? I make decisions very quickly and then take action, and this is just about driving me batty.

We now have a party planning date for tomorrow afternoon. I can't believe I'm writing this. As Rebecca would say, kill me now!

4. The babies got put in time-out about 3 times in 30 minutes this morning. They got into the bin in my bathroom and emptied out all the stuff ALL over my bedroom. D was awake but in the shower; I was asleep.

When I woke and saw the stuff on the floor, I went, "Kendra!" because I know she's the instigator and wherever she was in the house, she got such a fright she started crying. And D and I both laughed.

5. As you know, Connor is VERY attached to his bear, Friday. Wherever you see Connor, there you'll find Friday. It's safe to say that it is his most treasured possession. So this morning (this is why you have to write down these things; they happen all the time) he hands Friday to me and then told me he wanted my phone. It was sweet of him but the phone is still off-limits :)


And for me?

I cancelled my personal training session for this afternoon. I consider this taking care of myself because I have not been able to walk properly for 3 days now. I'm still walking on my tippy-toes to relieve the pressure on my calves. Sigh.

I came home with a headache last night and instead of rushing around cooking, I did sweet NOTHING and just lay on the bed for an hour, reading. Bliss. I've now finished another book :)

And then I did no business work for 2 days besides client stuff due to (3) above.

Can you believe I can't WAIT to get home to tidy my study? I just function best in an ordered environment (don't laugh, Jayme) and it's going to make me happy!!!

What kind of home environment do you function best in?


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  2. Finishing a book is always an accomplishment. And, check your email - I'm serious about the picture(s)!!

    P.s. Thanks for the shout out!!

  3. I had to laugh at the emptying of the cupboards. Miss B does this also but it allows me time to get ready in the morning. Then, she has fun putting it all back.

    Enjoy organizing your study! We organizational freaks understand how much fun this is! I can't wait for summer to do this. My space is driving me crazy.

  4. I commented on your guest post!!!! It was great!

    Party planning is about to shift into high gear for us as it's not this weekend, but the following. I will be sending out simple Evite invitations. The theme is Elmo. The venue is our house. The invitees are just our family and our close friends that live 5 minutes from our house. They are like family to us.

    I also need a neat and organized environment to thrive. I can't stand disorder and piles of stuff everywhere. Makes me crazy and then I have to go run around and put stuff away.

  5. Hurry up and post about Father's Day and Birthday! I can just steal your plans LOL!

    I can totally relate to needing a neat space. I can't focus on anything else to my environment is orderly.

  6. Oh the party thing - we always have issues with that and somehow we sort it out. Better to have an involved dad than one who does not care?

  7. I'm so jealous you are able to sleep through your kids being awake. Maybe that will happen to me someday:)

    Also, there are a whole lot of women out there who also stink at party planning. Her name is Chicken and I call her the wusband.

  8. I don't know if I'd function better in an orderly environment because I don't think I've ever been in one LOL

  9. I function best in an orderly environment. Maintaining the orderliness though is a work in progress.

    I think it's sweet that he wants to be in on all party stuff. My DH usually leaves it all up to me - he says that I am clever with this kind of stuff and that he trusts my judgement and just wants to be the driver/fetcher/carrier/furniture mover etc on the day.

    I like our arrangement but it also annoys me at times. Would be nice to share ideas with someone who doesn't agree with your decisions ALL THE TIME!

    Going to WL tomorrow. Time to face the music. My nerves are shot!

  10. I think organization would help....if I ever get organized :(

  11. I like my environment to be clean, but not necessarily orderly. A dort of controlled chaos is okay. This only goes for at home, at the office I like things to be spotless.

  12. I love that you took a hour to relax by your lonesome to read! Good for you! :)

  13. Putting aside all the chores and responsibilities so I can lie in bed is definitely one of my favorite ways to create me time. Unfortunately, I don't do it nearly enough (it happens most often when I'm not feeling well). Sorry to year you've got some aching legs. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  14. i laughed my way through this entire post! i applaud you for canceling your personal trainer session. and by the way, i suck at party planning...

  15. Party planning is a pain!
    Thank you again for guesting! Your post was great!
    and that sounds like an awesome week! Yeah you!


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