Friday, May 27, 2011

Giveaway time!

So, I hit 100 followers on blogger some time last week.

The Wordpress people don't show up, neither do those in the Google Reader but I love and appreciate all of you reading my crazy ramblings VERY much.

Thank you!

I see on the crafty blogs (which I am addicted to) they keep celebrating each 100 followers so I thought I'd copy this and do something nice for 10 of you. Gosh, I hope 10 of you comment :)

Here are all the details:

Leave a comment on this post and you'll be in the draw for a Kitchen Organising Pack (designed by me, a professional organiser in my other not-so-private life) which has menu planners, grocery lists, project lists, etc, etc. to help you organise your life a little bit better.

If you tweet/ share on your own blog, you get another entry. But you have to come leave another comment otherwise I won't know about it.

This giveaway is open until Sunday 12 pm Eastern (6 pm South Africa time).

Over to you!

By the way, would you like me to showcase some of my favourite blogs now and again?


  1. Ooh, I am here first! Love you Marcia and yes, why not feature favorite blogs?

  2. Congrats on your 100 followers :) - pity the others don't show! Featuring favourite blogs is a good idea -- it's always fun to see what others are reading.

  3. I would love it if you showcase some of the blogs you like.

  4. Yes, congrats on 100 followers...and ooh, pick me! :)

    I'd love to see some of your favorite blogs - the crafty ones, in particular.

    And I'd love to have you enter my giveaway, through the weekend...I'll gladly ship to you! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend, Marcia!

  5. Happy 100 followers!

  6. Please show us your favorite blogs!!! I'm looking for new ones these days. Congratulations on 100 followers!

  7. organize my kitchen would be GREAT!! :) Congrats on 100 followers!!

  8. Congrats on 100.
    Just to let you know, you are in my feedreader so I get each and every post :)

  9. Yes! Tell us who you love. I've found the best blogs that way- clicking over from other blogs because of recommendations :)

  10. Oh wow what an awesome prize!!! I love organising things and spaces!

    I am always looking for new blogs so new blogs always welcome!

  11. Looks like I picked the right day to find your blog! :)

  12. I would LOVE to get my kitchen organized! It is one area of my life where I am SO NOT ORGANIZED!

  13. Goodness me! Of course my kitchen needs more organising. Pick me!

  14. Congratulations on reaching your first no time at all you will be celebrating the 200.

    I would love you to feature your favorite blogs.

  15. BTW - have tweeted the giveaway this morning.

  16. How cool is this, I'm really bad at organizing.. And I'm off to tweet this too :-)
    Would love to see who your favourite blogs are!



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