Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm hiding out in the study so the kids will sleep

Our church only has one morning service today and next week so off we trudged to church (very late but as I say, better to get 1 hour than nothing at all).

The kids missed their morning nap (yes, they still take two short ones) and we got home just after 12 as I couldn't resist some Crazy Store shopping (like the Dollar Store but a bit more expensive).

Kendra fell asleep about 5 minutes from home so took a long time settling down in her cot again. She sings and sings until she gets tired - very cute!

Connor fell asleep immediately - he is exactly like D. They don't sleep easily elsewhere but once they hit their beds, off they pop.

Kendra and I sleep anywhere.

So I had a cup of coffee and then tackled my wardrobe.

As you know, N messes up the order in my cupboards and with the winter/ summer clothes switch, I've been literally itching to tackle it.

And I did.

Happy to say it all looks gorgeous now.

I just remembered I came in here to get labels and a permanent marker to label the shelves.

I have also decided on a theme for the party - it's a bit boring but suits me actually and best of all, is totally in line with the "living a simpler life" goal on my 36 things list.

Let me just look into getting invites out and then I'll tell you more. It might change again because D says to me this morning, "I honestly can't believe you're going with such a boring theme" :)

I don't know why he has such a problem with boring? It may be boring but hopefully it will be super-easy!

Anyway, so I saw this on Cat's blog:

Favourite song - sadly, I had about 49 downloadable audios to listen to for my business so I've made CDs and that's what I'm listening to at the moment. Current CD is on the 7 biggest marketing mistakes :) riveting stuff... not!

Favourite ShopStudio Blue - I love the sleek, simple furniture and then Exclusive Books

Favourite chocolate - anything Cadbury's, but the plain old Dairy Milk is still the best.

Favourite cookies - most homemade types would suit me. The plainer the better. Sugar or oats or ginger

Favourite food – my mother's chicken lentil curry or otherwise Thai Mussamen curry from Chef Pon's Asian Kitchen in Cape Town

Favourite meal that I make –Pasta. I make lots of pasta with whatever is available. I like to get creative in the kitchen and checking the fridge makes me get resourceful with what's there.

Favourite flower – yellow chrysanthemums

Favourite colour to wear – deep reds, hot pinks, bright blues, greens. Those colours apparently look good on me according to my friend (and image consultant)

Favourite shoes – I don't really have favourites. My summer sandals probably make me happiest because they're all bright colours. Oh wait, I had this pair of red suede shoes once. When I moved up to Jhb, my mother posted a box of stuff. That was the box that went missing.

Favourite drink – Water with a slice of lemon

Favourite lens – huh :) the ones I wear to see through

Favourite place to walk the dogs – no dogs

Favourite place to take the kids – sadly, I still am looking for a nice place but currently any park will do so they can run wild

Favourite coffee for every day at home - Ricoffy Decaf (not much of a coffee drinker) but my favourite tea is Joko (the round ones)

Favourite coffee shop – nothing at present although years ago I used to like a place at Killarney Mall called Aromas :) I'd often meet clients there for in-person coaching sessions

Favourite pizza place – Mimmos

Favourite places to take photos – cities and mountains.

Favourite place for holidays – the beach

Favourite yoghurt – currently Woolworths fat-free white peach

Favourite man – depending on who's behaving, D or Connor :)

Favourite website – google reader - is that cheating?

Favourite TV programme - Amazing Race. Love it!

Consider yourself tagged!

Even if you don't feel like doing the whole tag, share some of your favourite things with me in the comments. Feel free to link to your post if you accept the tag.

PS they're still sleeping! 2 hrs 20 for Connor; 1 hr 45 for Kendra. At this rate I might drag myself to the first service every week :)


  1. You changed your button to a picture on the cirlce of Moms voting thing. I almost missed you in my morning vote!

    But don't worry, I got you!

  2. You see - we like to travel, hence Amazing race. And you Hunter have the exact same chocolate taste. You can not make him happier than a plain slab of Dairymilk. Or maybe Whispers.

    Oh and cherish those naps - mine are over it now. I have one napping only.

  3. I better go to Chef Pons Kitchen. I used to work close to it and would you believe that I never once thought to go and eat there?
    Must agree with Cat. Do cherish those naps. I have to force Joel to nap during the day. Also love water with a slice of lemon and I LOVE the beach - not just for holidays. I actually want to live there...

  4. ps...simple themes are the best. I must be honest though. I have never hosted a theme party. We just come together, eat cake, play games and have fun. Kids don't even notice that there is no character or whatever to speak of.

  5. LOL love your list!!
    I love Dairy Milk chocolate.
    As for curry... have you eaten at the Indian place, Sitar, in Cresta... their curries are just divine!

  6. We haven't had a good nap day with running to see grandparents and power napping in the car. I'll see if I can find time for the favorite things list. I do love my iPhone!!!

  7. Favourite song - I still love most of all Linkin Park Feint

    Favourite Shop – Mmmm...I don't really shop

    Favourite chocolate - anything with nuts

    Favourite cookies - peanut butter, or chocolate chip, even better if they are together in a peanut butter choc chip

    Favourite food – all kinds of chicken, haloumi cheese, squid heads...not all together

    Favourite meal that I make – at the moment nothing I make tastes good to me, but I used to be quite fond of my chicken pie

    Favourite flower – frangipani

    Favourite colour to wear – black I guess, I certainly own a lot of it, also blues, reds and greens - no yellow! ever.

    Favourite shoes – Boots if I have to but I am more known to go barefoot. If I feel comfy at your house it'll take me roughly 2 minutes to park my flip-flops somewhere out of the way and go barefoot there too.

    Favourite drink – coffee...or red wine...nothing healthy anyway

    Favourite place to take the kids – the botanical gardens, lots of space to run

    Favourite coffee for every day at home - Nescafe Classic

    Favourite coffee shop – 2nd cup

    Favourite pizza place – Scooters

    Favourite places to take photos – everywhere

    Favourite place for holidays – the beach

    Favourite yoghurt – I'm not a fan of yogurt but I do like the woolies ones somewhat


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