Saturday, May 07, 2011

In exactly two months' time

my babies will be TWO!

I'm really going to have to stop calling them babies...

On a side-note, my baby boy has discovered the joy of freedom. In the last week he's come to our bedroom clutching some pumpkin from the freezer (he goes exploring before he comes to find us in the mornings) - maybe he was hungry???

The other night he arrived at my bed at 2:30 am wanting to play. I had to walk him back to bed twice, the second time he told me he was "scared" but I took the opportunity for some hugs :)

So here's the thing - I need to start planning a party!

I have the photographer booked but that's it :)

I need some ideas please.

I like easy, cheap ideas and either unisex, or things that will work for boys and girls. No characters.

I'm thinking of having it outside so I don't want decor that's too fussy because my aim is to only have one table.



  1. Best you start locking your freezer. Mine made me a meal the other day. Frozen peas (which he managed to open, apple core and flings. He stirred all the ingredients together in the pot and brought the whole thing to me with a fork.
    Am not that good with party stuff because I tend to outsource. My son was once invited to a Hat party. We had to wear a hat and they also made and decorated hats as a craft. I thought it was a nice unisex theme. You could take it even further and do the whole Cat in the Hat theme. We also went to a polka dot themed party once. It was for a girl and everything was all pink but you could do different colours. The cakes were polka dot shaped and there were loads of balls to play with, a lot of balloons and the kids decorated little cupcakes as an activity. I quite liked that one. How many kids will you invite? I always say that less is more. And one table is more than enough. Happy planning!

  2. Are your 2 fans of zoo animals? If so a zoo themed party would be cheap, fun and easy! Individual animal cracker boxes would make cute party favors. you would be able to use primary colors too!

  3. I struggled a bit with the girls' 2-year party, as they weren't exactly "babies" anymore...and wouldn't be content to just "visit"...but they weren't quite old enough for many activities, either.

    The 2-year parties we've been to have mostly been play dates, so to speak. I love the idea of tying things together with a theme of some sort...invitations, food, decorations...and go with the flow from there.

    We built our theme around a book (My Garden). I love Andrea's idea of a zoo theme, too. In hindsight, I might have done something like that for the girls, as they're wild (no pun intended...HA!) about animals. And if you wanted to do a small activity, you might be able to lead the kids in a round of Old MacDonald or something, and encourage them to "strut like a chicken", "moo like a cow", "trot like a horse"...

    Whatever you do, have fun with it!!! Your babes are only turning TWO, once, so enjoy it to its fullest!!!

  4. Thanks so much for saving me the trouble of writing this post! LOL!

    I had decided on a safari theme. A local conservation hosts a safari drive and I planned on booking that. Think everyone arrives, we drive around, see the animals, have cake, and call it a day! Great idea till I read the fine print of riders having to be at least 36" tall and no babies or mobility issues.

    So now I am torn between animals and fish. The girls have a strong love of both at the moment. I love the animal cracker box idea!!

    Here July is the peak summer month and I debated a pool party but the idea of everyone in my pool and leaving a mess in the yard would drive me nuts. All the wet towels and people tracking through my house is enough to make my head spin. I certainly can't have a party in the middle of the summer with everyone staring at the pool!

    I'm also anti-character. What about a book party? The guests bring new books as gifts! Their cakes can be decorated like an open book. I'm sure you have plenty of books you can sit out for decor. Even throw a few photo books out of the babies over the last two years as their biographies!

    This age is so difficult. They're not quite read for a kid party, but too big for a baby party. I think you can totally still get away with a cook out with some balloons. This may be your last year that they don't know the difference!

  5. I can't believe they're almost TWO!

    I love the idea of a zoo theme...there's so much you could do with that. What about trains or something like that?

    I agree with MandyE that most parties we have been to lately are like 'play dates'...just make some toys available and let the kids play.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. Almost 2? Wow! I stopped calling my children "babies" when they were 3 years old - no rush :)

  7. They will always be your babies. ;-)

    For Nicola's first I did a heart themed party which worked very well (for 40 people - I was almost dead!). I actually didn't want to do a 2nd party and would rather take her somewhere nice instead and only do a proper party every second year or so...but I have a sneaking suspicion that I might get roped into a proper party planning adventure again. Kicking and screaming if need be from the sounds of it.

    I was toying with the idea of doing (if I HAD to do something understand) with rain, sun, rainbows, gold (chocolate)coins, and flowers. As you can see I'm not sold on the idea yet and lack a bit of focus.

    The animal theme actually sounds perfect! I don't think you'd get much more unisex than that.

  8. I have something to say about this, but I have to find the article first...I won't forget (as you keep popping up first in my reader)!!!


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