Thursday, May 12, 2011

Love tanks

We had our supper last night with the couple who got married.

They had a wonderful time on honeymoon, are here for a bit and jet off to the UK tomorrow night.

Their tickets back home are already booked for 16 Dec which is nice because it’s not a vague “oh, see you sometime in the next year, but see you in December” farewell.

I was telling them exactly what I loved about their wedding and I said to him that his speech was so beautiful and how, being a words of affirmation person, I loved every single word.

Then I had to give a quick rundown of the 5 love languages.

They loved it!

He is like me – words of affirmation and acts of service – and hers are gifts first and then physical touch.

I gave them their gift yesterday and since it was two envelopes, I tied a gorgeous bow to make it look special.

She squealed when she saw it.

He loved reading our card :)

We decided that they are perfectly matched as he can read all the cards and she can open the gifts :)

I ended up giving cash since there were a few small inconveniences with delivering the John Lewis voucher plus a disc of all the pics I took at the wedding.

They loved hearing my story of how the signage at the venue said “K & B”, with her name first and HUGE, and how the security guard said to us, “are you here for K’s wedding?” and how I said, “yes, K AND B” :)

I took their wedding invite, cut out the pic of them and put it in a photo frame in the dining room, ever so casually, so they could see it when we had supper. They loved it! It happened to fit perfectly in a standard 10 X 15 photo frame which thrilled me.

Anyway, we had a lovely evening and they even got to see Connor (and Friday, the teddy bear) who came to see us when his medication was wearing off.

K sees the kids every few months as we have lots of coffee dates together in the afternoons when she’s done with school (she teaches) and she was amazed at how he’s grown. B hasn’t seen them for about a year so he was shell-shocked!

My love tank is also full:

• D said some lovely things to me on Mother’s Day. I told him to write it down because my memory is bad and I don’t want to forget.
• The twitter comment yesterday…
• And on Saturday at our infertility group get-together, I received the most beautiful card from one of the ladies. A thank-you card for speaking in March and how she was so blessed by hearing my testimony. She also said she believes I am called to bring hope and light into the lives of women who are struggling to conceive and that my going through all of it is my platform. How lovely. I receive it!!!

How full is your love tank at the moment? What needs to happen to top it up?

PS I have been searching hi and low for binder rings for some crafty things I want to do – I don’t think we make them in South Africa.

So is there a kind person from the US out there who normally goes to a stationery store and is willing to send me a pack or two? If yes, please contact me so we can arrange payment? I would be eternally grateful.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the wedding! That's so sweet of you to do all those nice things for them.

    We missed the wedding I was looking forward to attending because Jeremy was working constantly after the storms. No zoo either. : (

    My love tank is doing okay...mostly looking forward to the vacation coming up, so I'm in a pretty good mood regardless!

    I don't know exactly what binder rings you might be looking for, but I'll be glad to find them if you can explain it to me. Maybe there's a link on Amazon to something similar?

  2. Does SA lack all the tiny details of life? No binder rings?! No hooks! Goodness! I'll gladly get you some.

    The love tank is pretty low I'm sad to say. Maybe DH will notice me a little more after work settles down. I did get a little boost in buying a vacation package this morning, I really think he'll like it! I'm not sure if that makes it more for him or me, but oh well.

    Hope you weren't to upset over just giving cash. Sometimes it is easiest, especially with their moving situation. Dinner with friends sounds amazing right now. I am excited to have dinner with my cousin tonight! No rushing off for bath and bedtime and three adults for three kids! It will be blissful!

  3. Binder rings? You mean the actual rings that go in the binders?? Let me know specifically what they are and I'll see what I can do!!

    I love that that one of the ladies in your group gave you that sweet and thoughtful. It's a nice feeling to be appreciated and know that you're making a difference for others!!!

    My love tank? Kinda running on empty here...not even worth discussing with my hubby because he's just so tuned out on most days. It's like banging my head against a brick wall when I talk to him about it. Very frustrating.

  4. My love tank is very full at the moment. Can't stop laughing at Mandy's comment about SA...

  5. So glad you had a great dinner with your my book, there's nothing like connecting with people to bring a huge breath of fresh air.

    I love how you think about people in certain ways...I really enjoy glimpsing how your mind works. :)

    And how special to have gotten such a thoughtful card. :) :)

    And - despite really challenging days on Sunday and Monday - I'm still overall feeling good from my connection with Hubby on Friday night. No TV...just hanging out at the kitchen table over take-out sushi...great, relaxed conversation...just what I needed.

  6. They sound like sch lovely people.

    Birthday theme? The Princess' second bday was a teddie bears picnic theme. It old work well for boys and girls.All the friends can bring their own bears. If you are interested - pop me a mail. The party packs were little "picnic baskets"

  7. You are such a lovely hostess. All that attention to detail would have thrilled me if I was your guest. I usually add the Five LL book in as part of the wedding gift that I buy for all couples getting married. It is a hit every single time!
    Awesome that your love tank is full. Mine is so full that it is spilling over. They definitely sound like a perfectly matched couple!

  8. I need some crafty stuff so I'd be happy to get you some binder rings. Let me know what size and how many.

    Btw - my love tanks doing great! Hubbub has been on vacation at home and he's been SOOOO helpful!

  9. All my tanks are empty at the moment - it's been a rough week. Nicola has german measles and she is MISERABLE!

    If binder rings are what I think they are I used to get them from Waltons to bind big documents at work.


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