Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Much better

Well, I had session 2 with the personal trainer today and it was much better.

We worked on my abs and upper body but only after I gave her a talk about how I have TWINS and have to RUN around after them and how I cannot expect my HUSBAND to do it all if I can't walk blah blah blah.

I know some of you think I'm being dramatic but I literally could not walk. I was limping on my tippy toes, holding onto furniture, right up until Saturday.

See, I was a bit miffed because she worked me so hard even though she knew I hadn't worked out for 7 weeks.

But I was more cross with me.

I should know better and stand up for myself. I do so with everything else.

I think I was just trying to show off that I could do everything she wanted me to do.

Can you believe when I told this to my boss he laughed at me?!


We are both very competitive so he gets me.

Anyway, so I feel much better about this whole exercising deal.

I'm to email her tomorrow to tell her how I feel :)

On the eating front, I am so sick of tuna I could puke!

You have to have so much of these things to constitute 1 portion of protein.

E.g. 1 whole can of tuna is 1 protein and 90 g of lean ham is 1 protein (the pack I buy is 125 g so just imagine leaving 3 pieces and having that entire pack for lunch. Ugh!)

Good thing I still love my baked beans but I've jazzed them up this week by cooking them with onion, tomato, coriander (yum...) and some curry powder. One can makes 3 portions (1 Protein, 1 Veg) the way I did them and they were DELICIOUS on toast today.

But back to you...

How assertive are you with this kind of thing? Would you have said something to her, or not?

Thanks for voting :)


  1. I probably would have been hurting too. I was in such pain after my first time back at yoga class. I didn't know I was pushing myself so hard until later. Hope you don't hurt tomorrow.

  2. I am way too scared to get a personal trainer - they will kill me.

  3. I would not have step up to my personal trainer because in my opinion, they are there to push you hard.

  4. In yoga we have a philosophy of non violence - first and foremost against your own body. In any shape or form - pushing yourself into pain is not cool ;-)

  5. Um...she would have seen that I am totally unable to keep up. So. In actual fact, I would not have needed to say anything. I would have passed out and it would have forced her to stop...lol

  6. I think you were being perfectly reasonable. I can't really say what I would have done...I'm not good at taking orders so it's very unlikely that I will ever have a PT. ;-)


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