Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My poor boy is sick

Today when I got back from my outside meeting there was an email from D telling me that V phoned him as Connor is sick.

He'd been complaining that his knee is sore and told her he wants to go sleep.

BIG alarm bells as my Connor goes FULL out the whole day.

She checked his temperature and it was fine but an hour later it was 37.6 (37 is where we want it) so she gave him some Panado.

Poor thing.

I got some new Panado melt-in-the-mouth tabs at Clicks in the afternoon on the way home.

Connor was just laying still on his bed, red little cheeks.

He said to me, "Friday (Fi)... hug" so I gave Friday a hug and then I said, "Connor, do you also want a hug?" and he nodded.

Oh my sweet boy.

He also asked for medicine so I gave him one of the new things. They made it perfectly for kids because even though he didn't want it, it melts so quickly that before you know it, it's dissolved.

And I had his milk ready to wash down any aftertaste.

We prayed and lights went off. No kids were crying and jumping out of their beds which is a miracle.

But still I miss my active little boy.

How was your day?

PS I've been so office-bound lately that I LOVED driving to the client, meeting about their business needs, and then driving back. Jhb is SO gorgeous in winter - bright blue skies - and it's just so nice to get out and meet new people.

PPS The day started off so well when I got wind of some nice things said about my coaching on twitter. I beamed :)


  1. Shampies man :( Poor little man!

    My day was spent studying *blergh

  2. Poor Baby. I hope he is back to his old self in no time. My day was surprisingly productive. I got loads done at work (maybe because I actually planned my day for a change instead of just winging it) and I came home and cleaned my house from top to bottom. I am now supervising my Tween who is doing yet another project. What a lovely way to start your day!

  3. So sorry Connor is sick! I hope he feels better soon. My day is not over yet. It's only 3:30 PM here. Had a good day, I think. I'm thinking of going to run some errands once I drop Phoebe off at a class.

    I did vote for you today!

  4. Hope he gets better soon! Poor boy!

  5. Poor little guy! Hope he feels better soon!

    And that's awesome about the nice words on Twitter. Definitely a good way to start the day! :-)

  6. I agree. Pretoria is just as beautiful in the winter with also the bluest sky that you can imagine.
    Thank you for putting the voting button on top of the post. Makes a good reminder.
    Good luck with you sick boy.

  7. Poor little man- I really hope he feels better soon. BTW - voting every day.

  8. I hope he feels better real soon. Nicola's been sick this last week too...we have german measles and it's not pretty (40'C temps and all that goes with it).

  9. It's crazy when the boy part of your twins gets sick b/c the house is as quiet as if you'd had two girls! At least this is how it is in my house.

    Those red cheeks always get me going! Poor thing...


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