Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh gosh, wet babies in winter

Remember the post about the Pampers loyalty being possibly misplaced?

Well, we tried everything:
  • Huggies Dry Comfort
  • Huggies Gold
We were getting better results with Huggies Gold but still not great.

Then my brilliant friend Michelle told me that her E used to leak when he was ready to move to a bigger size bodyvest.

Apparently the bodyvest pushes against the nappy when they pee. The pee then escapes through the top and so... wet vest... wet child.

I moved her to bigger vests and all was well in Kendra land for many, many months.

And after those two packs of Huggies nappies finished, I went back to my beloved Pampers.

They're just so much softer and the babies' skin is so lovely :)

But over the last month or so, the leaking has started again.

And it's winter.

So she's waking up at 4 am again. Soaked through.

D and I have started going in at 10/ 10:30 to change her nappy just before he goes to bed (sad to say, he is much more diligent than I am) but it's terrible.

She cries because who wants to be woken from sleep? Although she's gorgeous - all pink cheeks, big brown eyes and slightly sleepy so very huggable.

Here's what I've done:
  1. moved her to a bigger vest again (btw, I can't find vests for Connor - haven't been to Woolies yet but will have to go look).
  2. reduced her water intake at supper (4:00) to maximum 75 ml (poor thing because she LOVES water, like me) because she gets 150 ml milk at 6 pm before bed.
She's in Pampers 4 and they still fit her properly.

I am going to get a bag of Pampers 4+ on the weekend just to see if there's any difference.

Any ideas? Do you have leaking babies? What do you use?

PS The kids slept for 3 hrs 40 and 3 hrs yesterday. I am amazed and feel like a new woman. I finished a book, made a good start on another, cooked, tidied, etc. It nearly felt like life pre-kids :)


  1. Gosh, I have said before that we moved to cuddlers (cheaper but worked for us)on out doc's recommendation. They are bulkier and not so soft, but it's better than a wet baby. Give it a shot. I have also heard good things about Pick N pays nappies.

  2. Tommy is usually the one that we would have issues with leaks. The last time, we decided to move him to the bigger size and that did the trick. We thought the 4 fit good still, but we see that the 5 fits even better. Good luck!

  3. We were having major leaky issues, and I'd tried everything in the way of different diapers. I finally cut back on the girls' milk at night. They were having about 12oz right before bed, and now they're down to about 8oz. That did the trick!

    On one hand I hated to cut them back like that, but they didn't really need the calories or the calcium - as they get plenty during different times of the day - I think their nighttime milk is really just a part of their evening routine, so the move to fewer ounces was seamless.

    Good luck, Marcia! I feel your frustration...been there!

  4. Wish I could help! I stuck with cloth diapers and have never had leak problems. Do they offer anything in the land of disposables to double the absorbency? At night time I add a doubler to the girls diapers ( an extra piece of cloth) just to be sure they don't leak.

    I came across this the other day and thought of you. It's a wearable blanket sleeper but with feet!

  5. Have you begun to think about sitting them on the potty? Marshall started going before bathtime, in the evenings, around 18 months old. It was no regular potty training - but did diminish his wet this seemed to take the pressure off potty training later {and might save some $ in diapers).

    P.s. Thanks for your comments and reading - I am now a follower, too. We can be cross continent bloggy friends :)

  6. I alternate between huggies dry comfort and cuddlers. I prefer Cuddlers for night times. Cuddlers are very bulky but I don't have a problem of a soaking Toddler. He no longer takes a bottle at night but drinks lots of fluid (mostly water) in the evenings which I have cut down on. Seems to make a big difference. When I did experience that I actually just went one size up even though it didn't really seem necessary. Haven't tried the pnp nappies as yet(they don't seem to make them in Joel's size) but people seem to be raving about them. Maybe something for you to try.Good Luck.x

  7. I'm new here, but leaky diaper problem? We have used Luvs and never had a leak through unless we gave them to much liquid before bed. They have been the only ones that worked for us. =)

  8. What size nappies is she wearing? I was wisely told that their nappies leak when they need a larger size. So far that rule of thumb has worked for us, as soon as Ava's nappy starts leaking its usually a sign its time for a larger nappy!

  9. I change Nicola's bum somewhere between 12 and 1 while she's sleeping then we don't have a problem.

    It's a pain getting up to do just that, but it's a lot less effort than changing the bedding every night.


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