Friday, May 13, 2011

The one good thing about Blogger being down

is that I left work this afternoon at 3:25, with only 1 email in my inbox and all my work up to date.

And a clear Google Reader.


That's because I couldn't post and the gazillion other blogs I read couldn't post too.

Of course I also couldn't comment on the older posts so please know I've read but I'm not going back to everything just to comment :)


1. Because of that, I went to get my hair done. Okay, that's not strictly true.

This morning I'd just had it with my hair and I phoned her while walking from the basement parking up to our office for an appt.

2. I'm also going to a women's thing at church tomorrow with a friend. Can't wait. We're having something to eat afterwards and a nice chat.

3. The other thing I did for me this week happened yesterday.

We have a two-hour meeting every two weeks which always runs over. Always.

And that means instead of having time to attend to one or two things, I run between meetings and end up feeling stressed because I'm not actioning anything.

So yesterday, at 2:10 I excused myself and said I had some things to attend to before my next meeting at 2:30. I did have to contact a few people so I didn't feel bad leaving; instead I like that I maintained strong boundaries.

And tonight I'm going to curl up with my Tony Parsons and get properly stuck in.

Some other tidbits...

I start working with the personal trainer again next week . It's going to take some getting used to because it'll have been 7 weeks and I am lazy.... and it's now winter whereas before I was exercising in summer.

I hope to get to goal weight by the time the babies turn 2 (nice milestone to aim for).

I am nowhere closer to deciding on a birthday party theme (Mandy, D was not keen on the book theme unless something specific like Alice in Wonderland, etc.)...any other ideas or blogs/ websites are welcome.

What did you do for yourself this week?


  1. I was also very productive at work this week because I had limited airtime and so did not spend time tweeting or on FB. What a difference this made! I actually went home every day feeling really good about my productivity. I also made an effort to get to bed by 10pm to read. I'm actually going to switch off my computer in a bit so I can keep this up. I also bought myself a CD. The first one since last year and I have been listening to it all the time. Beautiful music makes me so happy!
    Am not weighing tomorrow because my DH is working and it's awkward with the kids so I will be sleeping in.
    Enjoy your function tomorrow morning. could even do teddy bears as a theme. Seeing that they are so fond of Thursday and Friday?

  2. Blogger being down killed me, and my bank account. Instead of reading I shopped. All purchases were necessities but it was a lot of stuff all at once. I'm sure DH will just LOVE seeing all the packages arriving at the house! Mwhahaha!

    I'm doing a very loose theme I believe. Two isn't much of a milestone, and they still don't quite "get" the meaning of a birthday nor do I want them to grow to expect lavish parties and gifts. So with that in mind the girls have taken a likeing to fish. Back yard cookout, close immediate family, with fish decoration. I am going to pick up some beta fish for the table and stick some flowers in the bowls. A fish cake, and lots of fish treats. Everyone can swim and relax in the yard.

    Do you have anything they jointly like? I think teddy bears might work so long as it's not too frilly and foofy.

  3. I did so much today at work! Gosh, makes me wonder. Oh and I did the party comment at the wrong post - sorry.

  4. Work was very productive for me this week too. Maybe it was something in the stars. I left work yesterday with a very clean email inbox and my weekly status report delivered on time.

    I do hate it when Blogger is acting up though. Our boys 2nd birthday theme will be Elmo, as they do love him so. And I have a cake pan shaped like Elmo, so we'll make the cake ourselves. Now I just need to get DH onboard that it will be at home and get the invites out.

    For myself, I think today I want to get a bunch of stuff done at home: cleaning, organizing and cooking and baking, yum!

  5. I wish there was a teeny, tiny version of you that I could rest on my shoulder to keep me in line with boundaries. You could be that voice in my ear that says "now Paula, don't feel guilty... politely decline and walk out". I'd be all "thanks Mini Marcia! You saved me again!"

    I always admire your ability to keep yourself in the forefront when necessary.

  6. I second what Onesie mom said! Please let me know if they sale little Marcia dolls! Have a great week!

  7. When blogger was down on Friday, I too left work at 15h00 because my Google Reader was clear and also with none emails. Today however, I have to work through 86 items.


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