Saturday, May 07, 2011

Quick question on Shutterfly to the bloggers

Did you guys get your 50 free cards in Nov/ Dec when you did those posts with the 3 links?

I did everything I was meant to, followed up after about 2 weeks, then a month and then forgot until I've just seen another blogger blog about a similar promotion.

So I'm not impressed with Shutterfly.

Also, on another note - how do all you South African bloggers know one another?

When I find myself commenting on one blog, I see everyone knows one another and then I click another, and there's the same thing happening. And on and on and on.

I found South African blogs quite by chance (I know Cat found me and that's how I found LOTS of other bloggers, including my photographer :)) except for Tertia, the SA'n rock star blogger.

I feel like the best kept South African blogging secret :) because no one knows my blog.

Anyway, just some thoughts on a Sat night.


  1. I don't even know what Shutterfly is. Is it OK that I'm admitting this on a public forum?
    I had no idea about blogs. I bought Tertia's book for my infertile friend and decided to read it first before I gave it to her. I saw details of her blog on the cover and I checked it out. IT just grew from there. I am not sure how I found Cat's blog - probably via Angel - I did a google for ADHD Mommy blogs and found her. I'm pretty sure I found you via Cat and I will admit to having read for months before commenting. And yes, you are one of the best kept blogging secrets around.x

  2. I did get my cards...used them for the girls' birthday invites. I use Shutterfly exclusively, and I LOVE them...AND their customer service has always been FANTASTIC. I'm really surprised you didn't hear back from them. I've never emailed them...I always call...but they've always over-delivered on their products and services in my opinion.

    Hope you get it straightened out!

  3. I also love shutterfly. I usually find when I pick up at Tarjay the prints are cheaper. Maybe you should try to call?

  4. Yup. I ordered them at the end of December and got them mid January.

    Give their customer service a call. I love shutterfly.

  5. I don't know about the free cards. I just logged onto Shutterfly to make birthday invites for the twins, and was so frustrated to not be able to fit their names on the card I wanted!

    Happy Mother's Day!


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