Monday, May 30, 2011

So my kids are growing up

I think this was week number 9 or 10 (of course I'm counting) and the kids just run into the children's ministry now.


When my MIL and I collected them they looked like this:

Apparently they had a face painter who made them look like lions.

They looked adorable.

The pics were taken hours and hours later as my camera's battery was flat so I couldn't capture the cuteness at the time and had to send D with a charged camera later.

I took a quick cell phone pic after deleting almost all my messages but don't have the cable here to show you.


D transferred car seats and off they went with MIL, Connor screaming.


Just the start to the afternoon.

The two of us did a quick pitstop at Mr P Home Greenstone (to buy a green chair) and then home.

We had a lovely afternoon making food and got through half a movie before D left to fetch them.

I would have gone with him but decided to clean the house, cook and organise. I even had time to do the budget.

Do you know how much fun I had?

It is BLISS without people around when you want to get things done.

Honestly, it felt like Christmas :)

So he took their supper and bath stuff, and he and MIL fed and bathed them.

He arrived home THREE hours later with two sleeping babies.


And even cuter is seeing your husband carry sleeping babies in from the car to bed.


Apparently the kids were PERFECT angels (!) for my MIL and they all had a fantastic time.

I know it's good... but I feel a little sad like they're growing up and doing stuff apart from me! *sob*

We then had supper and finished watching The Back-Up Plan with JLo and the Australian guy.

You could see it was a movie because those two were far too happy and blissed out after having twins (and having s*x!).

I must tell you about supper. Which was Chicken and cashew nuts.

I found the recipe here and for the sauce I used a sticky chicken sauce with tamarind and something else I found at Pick and Pay for R26,99. It's enough for two meals.

I used 100g onion, 400 g chicken and half a bottle sauce with some garlic and ginger. Served over rice with broccoli.

DIVINE - better than a restaurant. And so easy it's almost criminal.

We're having friends over on Sat and I'm making it again!

(my plan is to eat the worst things closer to Sat and then eat properly a la Weigh Less from Monday)

So what is your current most favourite food to make? And how was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend :)
    That chicken looks delicious. My favorite thing to make these days are whole wheat pasta with ground beef, Ina Paarman's Sun dried tomato and hummus.

  2. I'm doing my "famous" mince tonight with lots of veggies and lentils :)

  3. Oh my, you had a wonderful day - wish I had a granny like that near. And yes, they do grow up so fast.

  4. Weekend was lovely and lazy until last night. My latest favourite thing to make = your lentil potato curry. Love it!

    Your recipe sounds delicious. Am going to try it this weekend.

  5. Holiday weekend! It was really nice save for all the hours I spent at work. Apparently Mother Nature is going through menopause because we're in a bit of a heat wave and it's not even summer yet!

    I'm not sure I have a favorite thing to make. I have lots of things I make regularly, things that are often requested, and things other like but none that I particularly love making.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday! Love the lion faces...they are growing up!!

    My girls now RUN into their class at church, and they talk about Veronica, their teacher, all week. Some Sundays they nearly cry because they want to go home with her. I love that they love her!

    It's back to the real world for me tomorrow, so I'm still way behind on catching up on everyone's blogs, but I'll get there eventually. : )

  7. Yum the chicken cashew nut recipe looks devine! I'm going to try it tonight. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comments, that means so much to me to hear from you :-) your twins are adorable! our boy is due 11/7, I really cant wait but at the same time trying to enjoy these last few weeks with Shane and being able to sleep when I want :-)
    xo Sarndra

  8. so we're new followers and lovin your blog, ESP the about me on the side "they're winning but I'm still in the race" haha! well WE are twins and it's the best thing ever, congrats on gettin preg after all that infertility. I (Kelli) have 4 kids naturally but kristi tried for 7 yrs and recently adopted, her sweet baby is now 11 months old. so I'd say we have a lot in common (:

    have a great Tuesday! xoxo

  9. I love when everyone goes away and lets me clean, organize and do the budget. I wish I could have one day every week to do that. I think that would be awesome!!!! And they do grow up very fast. Tommy is starting to talk in mini sentences "Daddy home" "Thank you, Mommy" Love it!

  10. Little Lion faces are the best!

    So is alone time...jelly jealous.

  11. I am all about chicken at the moment. Our local chinese take away does a fairly decent cashew chicken and it's enough for dinner for Nicola and I, as well as lunch the next day for me.


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